Generation Zero – Complete Achievement Guide (Alpine Unrest DLC)

Generation Zero - Complete Achievement Guide (Alpine Unrest DLC)
Generation Zero - Complete Achievement Guide (Alpine Unrest DLC)

In this guide you can find all achievements and collectables from Alpine Unrest DLC.

Alpine Unrest Achievements and Collectables

Note: Credit goes to BraiweN

Story-Related Achievements

The next achievements are gain by main story quests and pretty straightforward.

Other Survivors

  • Complete the mission “Not Alone”.

We’re Fully Booked

  • Complete the mission “For the Sick and the Injured”.

Outside in the Distance

  • Complete the mission “Nothing but the Snow”.

Secrets Locked Away

  • Complete the mission “The Hellmouth”.

Protector of the Resistance

  • Complete the mission “The Resistance”.

Other Achievements

Here’s Pauli!

Find out what happened to the missing guest of Bjorntunet Hotel.

For this one you need to find the dead body inside the maze of Bjorntunet Hotel. Not hard to get there, but if you’re struggling here’s the tip. Eventually, you’ll get to the middle area like this one:

Get out on the far-end-from-the-entrance, then follow Left, Right, Left, Left. You should find this unfortunate dude:

Just come closer to him and the achievement should pop up.

Room 237

Gain access to the mysteriously locked room of Björntunet Hotel.

The room is locked ’till you get the keycard in the side-quest. To get the side-quest activated follow to the next location:

When you come closer – the quest should popup, just follow the quest and bam.

Adapt and Evolve

  • Destroy one of each Apocalypse Class machine: Tick, Runner, Hunter and Tank.

Really obvious description, just kill one of each new types of machines.

Unorthodox Skiing

  • Get from start to finish on the ski slope in under 40 seconds.

This achievement is granted for successfully completing the side quest. Follow to the next location:

You should see next booth:

You need to use the bicycle (i’m not sure if the leveled-up movement speed can help you get there on your feet), and when you get inside the booth – side-quest will start and the countdown timer begins. Just move the pedals as fast as you can, nothing hard.

Collectables Achievement


  • Find all the audio logs on Himfjäll.

There’re 3 kinds of collectables: Audio Logs, Character Biographies, Vacation Photos. And only one achievement, granted for all Audio logs. Ahm oukey.

There’s a total of 9 audio logs in this DLC. To not overheat the guide with screenshots, i’ll post here only the audio-log number, environmental screenshot, Closiest Location title + some tips, and the coordinates. Use the coordinates to locate the spot (you can find the coordinates of the mouse cursor when open up your map and look in low-right corner).


  • Location: Flottnäsviken
  • Where to find: Inside the green cabin
  • Coordinates: 2903; -878


  • Location: Bjorntunagarden
  • Where to find: Next to the campfire, on the mattress
  • Coordinates: 4372; -416


  • Location: Bergahyttan Hunting Club
  • Where to find: In the cabin with computers, on the kitchen counter
  • Coordinates: 4960; 252


  • Location: Osterhallan
  • Where to find: On the cemetery, on one of the grave crosses with lamp near it
  • Coordinates: 4838; -808


  • Location: Readiness Storage 018
  • Where to find: On the far table inside the main area
  • Coordinates: 3488; -185


  • Location: FOA 4 Bunker Bergfinken
  • Where to find: Actually, this one is inside the bunker. You can get there only after completing one of the main quests
  • Coordinates: 4506; -854


  • Location: Tarnboda Skans
  • Where to find: On top of the roof over the scaffolding, on the mattress next to the dead body
  • Coordinates: 3719; 52


  • Location: Himarvet
  • Where to find: Inside the police station. You can get inside only after acquiring the key in the main quest.
  • Coordinates: 3985; -724


  • Location: Klacksundsfyren
  • Where to find: Near the dead body on the east slope
  • Coordinates: 5672; -78
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