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Rust - Keybinds for Modded Chat Commands (2019)

Created by Atheris   ::   Nov 12, 2019    

This guide helps you saving your chat commands keybinds so that you don't have to write them all down everytime you restart the game.

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Follow These Steps

Go to you steamapps/common/Rust/cfg directory.

Create a .txt file and rename it as binds.cfg, make sure to change the extension from .txt to .cfg.

Open the file and write down your binds, example:

  • bind keypad1 chat.say "/kit medic"\
  • bind keypad2 chat.say "/home 1"\
  • ect.

Save the file and run the game.

Open the in-game console (F1 by default) and type exec binds.cfg, confirm and now all the binds you wrote down in the binds.cfg file are loaded.

If you play on different modded servers with different chat commands you can make more than one binds.cfg file (example: rustoria.cfg, blueberry.cfg, pixie.cfg, ect.), then you just have to load the one you need.

Game:   Rust
Created by Atheris.