Virtual Villagers: A New Home – All Puzzle Solutions

Virtual Villagers: A New Home - All Puzzle Solutions
Virtual Villagers: A New Home - All Puzzle Solutions

A simple guide on how to complete all of the puzzles in the game.

Puzzle One

The Well:
Place your builder on top of the well; they will remove the log from it.

Puzzle Two

The Hut:
Place your builder onto the pile of rock and stone in between the research table and food bin. They will work on building the hut, which will allow a larger population when finished.

Puzzle Three

The Beach:
Place a villager onto the driftwood on the beach. They will work on cleaning the beach, allowing the villagers to fish when cleared.

Puzzle Four

The School:
Place a master scientist onto the main building on the island. They will convert the building into a school, allowing your children to be born with skills.

Puzzle Five

The Lagoon:
The Puzzle Requires Level 2 Construction.
Place a villager onto the rocks that are blocking the waters. The lagoon is needed to complete other puzzles.

Puzzle Six

The Magic Fish of Fertility:
The Puzzle Requires Level 3 in Farming.
Make a master famer fish in the lagoon until they come up with the strange fish. The fish will increase the fertility of your village.

Puzzle Seven

The Cemetery:
This Puzzle Requires Level 2 Spirituality.
Upon your first villagers death, drag a villager up to the top right corner of the screen. They will create a resting place for those who have passed on from this life.

Puzzle Eight

Natural Mastery:
Study all four strange plants on the island: One to the left of the boulder, one under the lagoon, one under the cemetery, one under the garden. All doctors will be more effective at healing.

Puzzle Nine

The Garden:
Place a villager on the strange patch of dead flowers once you have completed the lagoon puzzle. They will water the path with the magical waters, bringing life back to the garden. Villagers in the garden will experience better health.

Puzzle Ten

The Magic Plant of Life:
Requires Puzzle Fourteen to be Completed
Place the Golden Child onto the plant that’s to the left of the cactus. The butterflies will pollinate it and the plant will grow fruit that will make your villagers healthier.

Puzzle Eleven

The Temple:
This Puzzle Requires Level 3 Construction.
Place a villager onto the ruins down on the beach. Once done with restoring it, you will have happier villagers.

Puzzle Twelve

The Idol:
This Puzzle Requires Level 3 of Spirituality and completion of The Temple.
Place your builders onto the large rock under the lagoon. The builders will chizel out an idol, which is needed for the next puzzle.

Puzzle Thirteen

The Golden Child:
This Puzzle Requires Level 3 of Fertility and Completion of The Idol.
Place a nursing mother into the Lagoon; her child will become The Golden one. You’ll need him to complete other puzzles.

Puzzle Fourteen

The Butterflies:
Place The Golden Child in the garden and the butterflies will start following him.

Puzzle Fifteen

The Treasure:
This Puzzle Requires Level 3 of Construction and Science.
Place a master builder below the food bin and left of the temple. You will not recieve a clue for this one, so it’s a bit of a challenge to find the right spot. Your villagers will admire the treasure once it’s been dug up.

Puzzle Sixteen

The Cave:
Once you have completed all other puzzles, the Golden Child with remove the boulder from the entrance of the cave. The cave will reveal secrets about the island.

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