Cuphead – How to Get Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement

Cuphead - How to Get Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement
Cuphead - How to Get Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement

Bravo Zulu P-26 is one of Cuphead’s hardest acheivments, this guide will cover the easiest way to obtain it. It will cover what level to play, the attack patterns, and stratagies for each phase of the bose fight

What is Brovo Zulu P-26?

Bravo Zulu P-26 is one of the many secret acheivments in cuphead, to obtain this acheivment you must beat any plane level using ONLY mini plain bullets, this means if you fire the gun while out side of mini plane form you will have to start over, this is also the case with extra special moves and super moves, I cant emphasize this enough, you can ONLY use mini plain bullets. This is one of the things that make this acheivment so hard, the mini plain may be smaller and faster but the mini bullets do less then half the damage of regular plane bullets, the other main down side is that the rarnge of the mini bullets are only about 1/6th of the screen, this means you will basicly have to be in the face of the boss to be doing any real damage. I also recommend that you do NOT bring any health buff with you into the fight, the extra hitpoint is nice but because your damage is already lowered due to being in mini plane, you dont want to lower it any further.

The Best Way Of Getting Bravo Zulu P-26

I highly recomend doing this on “A Threatenin’ Zeppelin’ not only because its the first and most accessible level, but because Hilda Berg’s attack pattern can be predicted almost perfectly.

There are two main trick to doing this fight, first you are safe from the smaller enemy’s bullets if you are below and slightly behind them on the screen this is true for everything but the green planes, when one is on screen i recomend you move to the far left so you have alot of room to dodge, the second trick is that after she does her first attack of each phase or after she sends a twister after you, count the amount of time between the attacks, the amount of time will differ from game to game, but once you know how long is between the first and second attack of the phase, you will know how long to wait for all attacks, excluding the last attack of each phase, before she transforms into her next form she will always do one more attack even if it is not in sync with the discovered pattern,

Phase one (blimp form)

this phase is easy, count out the time between laughs, stay in her face, and only move away when she is about to laugh, the laughter is the only attack which she doesn’t clearly telegraph before hand, so timing is key.

Phase two (Bull form)

stay in her face until she pulls her horns back then move above or below to dodge, once again counting the time will make this much easier, she will telegraph before she lunges across the screen, so you have some leeway to dodge except for the final attack of the phase, the telegraph is short enough you have almost no time to react.

Phase three (blimp form)

this phase is exsactly the same as phase one except she will start throwing twisters at you, these are easy to dodge aslong as you can react to what dirrection the twister is initialy, the other difference is that green planes will start coming much more frequently.

Phase four (cupid form/ Gemini form)

for this phase i highly recomend restarting until you get the Gemini form, tn is MUCH easier to deal with the the blue stars that chase you, no matter how well i was doing i always lost in the cupid phase, the gemini phase is also the easiest phase of the fight, once you know what way the attack is spining you can just sit there and sho the boss, until the attack reaches you then quickly circle it and continue shooting.

Phase five (Blimp form)

the only differnce between this and the third phase is that purple planes will start coming in pairs, they are ust as easy to dodge but it gives you less area to doge the boss’ attacks

Phase six (moon form)

she will telegraph when she is about to move her head forward and start sending UFOs out at you so move back and continue shooting her, to deal with red UFOs move back the quickly move under and pass them, red UFOs only shoot when they are above you, the brown UFOs will start shooting slightly in front of you, simple move backwards to dodge, there will also be stars shooting at you, if you can spot them they are easy to dodge, so always keep your eyes open for them coming at you. this phase more then any other requires patience, it could feel like you have almost won, but it could be a good minute left in the fight, so always play safe.

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