Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Nation Treasure Locations

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Nation Treasure Locations
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Nation Treasure Locations

This is a list of the nation Treasures locations.

The Locations

Note: Credit goes to MrDoubling

  • Achaia – Olouros Fortress (Erymanthos Peaks)
  • Argolis – Fort Tiryns (Ancient Ruins of Perseus)
  • Arkadia – Fort Samikon (Forest of Soron)
  • Attika – Fort Phyle (Parnes Mountains)
  • Boeotia – Fort of Plataia (Ruins of Plataia)
  • Elis – Demiugri Fort (Araxos Point)
  • Euboea – Dystos Fort (Forgotten Ruins of Makris)
  • Keos – Koressia Fort (Ancient Ruins of Kunastros)
  • Korinthia – Akrokorinth Fort (Akrokotinth)
  • Kos – Artemisia Fort (Highlands of Asklepiades)
  • Kytheria Island – Murex Fort (Aphrodite’s Watch)
  • Lemnos – Myrina Fort (Green City)
  • Lesbos – Vrisa Fort (Ancient Pearl)
  • Lokris – Xerxes Military Fort (Red Lake Bay)
  • Makedonia – Olynthos Fortress (Roots of an Empire)
  • Malis – Trachis Fort (Pandora’s Cove)
  • Megaris – Fort Geraneia (Mount Geraneia)
  • Melos – Trypiti Fort (Black Crescent)
  • Messara – Daidalos Fort (Minos’s Legacy)
  • Messenia – Mount Ithome Fort (Bay of Hades)
  • Mykonos – Miltiades Fort (Tavern Point)
  • Naxos Island – Fort of the Aloades (Zeus Cove)
  • Paros Island- Fortified Marble Quarry (Sculptor’s Elysium)
  • Pephka – Fort Lato (Minotaur Hills)
  • Phokis – Desphina Fort (Hill of the Sacred War)

You can go around and get each Treasure to get lost of drachma and obsidian glass

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