The Herbalist – Speedrun Walkthrough

The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough
The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough

Are you stuck on those last tricky achievements relating to speedruns? Check out this walkthrough and you’ll be able to save grandma in less that 2 weeks!


I’m Bearboots and this is my walkthrough for the speedrun based achievements in The Herbalist. You have arrived to visit your gram gram and lone behold, she is missing! It’s up to you through potion making to help find her. The Herbalist has two achievements for doing this as quickly as possible namely.

This walkthrough is dependent on the cutscene which is achieved after consuming apples for 10 days straight. If you wake up one morning and there isn’t an apple in your inventory to auto-eat, this will not work and you’ll need to start again.

Day 0 – Day 5

When you start a new game you’re asked if you would like to skip day zero (the tutorial if you will), during the tutorial:

  • You receive two gold from selling a potion and
  • You receive the flour you dug up in the barn
  • You receive an apply which is consumed at the start of day one

Whether you play the tutorial or not, you will receive these items so don’t stress about skipping day zero.

Great so from here the next 5 days you’ll follow this formula

  • Wake up and play with the cat once
  • Go to the forest and collect all the herbs and mushrooms in the first field
  • Look through the barn
  • Dig
  • Sell all items from the day
  • Purchase an apple for the next day

The only time you don’t sell an item is if you dig up clay or amber. You need 1 x clay and 1 x amber in your inventory. Also, the only recipe’s worth selling now is if you find sugar in the barn. Combine sugar and an apple to make jam for a quick 22 gold. Try to gather one of each herb by the end of Day 5. If you don’t have four of each, don’t stress you can still catch up! At the end of Day 5 I bought all the bottles in the shop so I could go straight into potion making the next morning.

The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough

Day 6 – Day 9

Below is a picture of what my inventory looked like at the start of day 6. I was sure to pick up one more bottle so I could start potion making.

The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough

From there I figured out what my four good herbs were. I unfortunately needed to use all 8 bottles to do this but you could get lucky and not need to use all 8. Keep your dirty bottles for now, soon we’ll have a sponge so we can clean and reuse them.

The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough

Continue with this formula from day 6 – 9

  • Wake up and play with the cat once
  • Go to the forest and collect all the herbs and mushrooms in the first field
  • Look through the barn
  • Dig
  • Sell all items from the day
  • Purchase an apple for the next day

When you go to sell your items keep some of your good herbs each day. Make sure that you have four of each of your good herbs by the end of day 9.

Buy a sponge at the end of day 9.

Day 10

Rise and shine!

The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough

On day 10 you’ll wake up with 300 stamina! This will only pop if you’ve had an apple every morning since the start of the game. Use this extra stamina to your advantage! Start off by playing with kitty and cleaning all the dirty bottles you have.

From there you need to combine until you have the earth, fire and water elemental. These are all level 3 potions which means they are created by combining three level one potions that are not the same colour!

Combine your clay with the earth elemental – this will give you a plate.

Combine your plate with the fire elemental – this will set the plate.

Combine the two yellow flowers together – this will give you powder.

Combine your amber with the water elemental – this will melt your amber

Combine your powder and melted amber – this will give you paint

Combine your paint and plate – this will paint the plate

Alright – so now all you need to finish this off is an apple and the level 2 clairvoyance potion (it’s the one that has a picture of an eye on it). Dependent on how lucky you were with your combinations, you may already know how to make that potion and can go straight for the finish on day 10! If however you haven’t figured it out yet clean all your bottles, sell all of them except for four, buy an apple or two to keep you going and stock up on your good herbs so you can figure out what that potion is tomorrow.

Full disclosure, on the morning of day 10 I still hadn’t found amber but luckily with all this extra stamina I was able to dig a few times in a row and found the amber.

At the end of my day 10, this was what was in my inventory.

The Herbalist - Speedrun Walkthrough

Day 11 – 12

If you’re still here – hey! You should finish up today. All we need is the level 2 Clairvoyance potion and an apple. Fool around at your potion making table until you get the potion you need. Remember, as this is a level 2 potion, it will be created by combining two level one potions which are not the same colour.

Once you get this right

Combine your clairvoyance potion and an apple – you’ll get an eye thingy?

Combine your eye thingy with the plate – you’ll get a what’s-it-ma-bob

Right click your what’s-it-ma-bob.

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