System Crash – Decks Guide

System Crash - Decks Guide
System Crash - Decks Guide


Here are the 2 decks you Need to Create to basically ruin the Game:

Modified Haunted Law and Order Deck

  • 2x Series D Blaster
  • 2x Body Armor
  • 3x T-Boz
  • 2x Hedge Fund
  • 2x Metro Sec Blockade
  • 2x Take Cover
  • 3x Executive
  • 2x Artemis
  • 2x HE Grenade
  • 4X Metro Sec Enforcer
  • 1 Am Tec Tower
  • 3x Turner
  • 4X Metro Sec Squad
  • 3x Assassination
  • 2x EMP Grenade
  • 3x Shaped Charge
  • 2x Satelite Uplink
  • 2x Metro Sec Captain
  • 1 X-32 Paladin
  • 3x Metro Sec Sgt

Ok. There are some basic things about this deck you should know. Assassinate and EMP Grenade can be swapped out to 4 of 1 if you are facing only humans… or all EMPs if only Mechs. The Deck comes in sort of big at 50 cards… On draw you need to have at least Hedge Fund, Executive, or T-boz. Use some redraws if you need to.

Some Combos that are really neat – T-boz and HE grenade or Shaped Charge.
4 Metro Sec Officers on the field and playing – Metro Sec Blocade and / or Satelite Uplink.
Use Assassinate / EMP Grenade on a weak character YOU control to play a strong agent you have the credit to play in its place (people don’t think to do this! – This is especially useful to use to play a 3rd or 4th Law officer).

When you get to the DLC… You are going to want to add:

  • 2x Canto
  • 2x Lucifer Jones
  • 2X Security Clearance
  • 4x Jessica Razor

Take out:

  • 1x Metro Sec Squad
  • 1X Turner
  • 1X Metro Sec Enforcer
  • All T-Boz

The New Game Mechanic that allows for agents in discard pile to be used for power really only helps this deck in 2 cards… I added those and a card that gets us credits faster. Jessica Razor will make the other player draw a card when you play her… Why? the new mechanic is all about discarding as many agents into the discards… Surprisingly, this mechanic is so abused by the AI will discard cards like crazy! I have won games by them running out of cards to play! They have Rerouted Jessica back into my hand a few times making them have to draw 2 times more!… It helps.

This deck has beaten every encounter in the game except 1! There’s one encounter that has a guy game 5 op a turn no matter what and this deck just cannot be boosted enough to combat that. I tried and tried 🙂 To beat that you need:

Stop And Gain OP Deck

  • 4x Security Clearance
  • 4x Widget
  • 4x Marty Tang
  • 4x Rasharp
  • 4x Software Vunrabilty
  • 4x Open Fire
  • 4x Wurm49
  • 4x Nil
  • 4x joJo
  • 4x Neural Backlash
  • 4x Backlash
  • 4x Aesir
  • 2x Nicolai Surev

This deck is pure OP gain and making it to go faster… The first hand Just needs to have Nil and some credit 1 cards… They all have OP gain or OP shorting for the opponent. You may opt for this deck for many of the battles instead of the other deck. I just don’t like being cheap. If you get Surev out with Nil (or 2 nils) and they are not under heavy attack… It’s pretty much over 🙂

Here’s one more deck that I have been hit with several times by the AI… But I expanded on it to just destroy them for fun!

Hasty Death

  • 2x T-Boz
  • 4x Security clearance
  • 4x Hedge fund
  • 4x Executive
  • 4x Smart Bullets
  • 4x The 9th Circle
  • 4x Aggro
  • 4x Reroute
  • 4x Ghost
  • 2x HE Grenade
  • 4x BlackJack
  • 4x Nem0
  • 4x System Crash

If you have been hurt by the Black jack… you know how this works… You want to get Security Clearance / Executive out early to build your credit pool up fast. Play BlackJack early and his hasted pals will hit on every blank not blocked section. If you have a system crash, Play it before Black jack is knocked out and play him again. Boost any unblocked characters he spawned with 9th Circle, Aggro, and Smart Bullets. As always there’s the T-boz -> HE Grenade combo for when you don’t have system crash in hand. This deck is very easy to win with… I just tested it on the arena… I didn’t really use it as it’s a complete cop out of the game 🙂 Have fun with it.

You can even take out all the T-boz and HE Grenades and opt for 4x Assassinate / Emp Grenades instead and make this even easier! Up to you! It’s your game!

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