HITMAN 2 – Pink Army Achievement

HITMAN 2 - Pink Army Achievement
HITMAN 2 - Pink Army Achievement

Pink Army Achievement (Detailed)

Choose the “Stands” as starting location. The rest of your loudout doesn’t matter for this achievement. Choose the difficulty casual so the guards cant kill you as easily.

Head west and follow the arrows to the right. Keep heading right until you reach the entrance, there you’ll find a stand near the entrance. Grab the foto of the flamingo guy. Go through the entrance and head towards the parking lot to your right (To get there go through the underpass and look to your right. There you will find the entrance to the parking lot). You dont need to worry about any camera’s because you are playing it on casual. Go to the parking lot and head straight. Then go to the mascot ahead of you and subdue him. Drag him to the exit located to the east. Keep going right until you reach the entrance to the Kronstadt building. (Dont worry about getting spotted because you will). If you are at or close to the entrance guards will start shooting at you, just kill them. When you are inside drag the body up the stairs. Keep heading south. Go through lobby 1A and go left. (Lookout for the guards that come from the floor above you). Go into the room with a red sign reading: “LIVE EXERCISE IN PROGRESS”. Drag the flamingo infront of the 3
hanging robots and then scan the picture. The robot wil shoot the mascot and everyone will turn into flamingo’s. (If you dont get the achievement wait a little bit it might pop up short after).

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