Duck Season – How to Play Cartridge Games

Duck Season - How to Play Cartridge Games
Duck Season - How to Play Cartridge Games

How to play the cartridge games in duck season.
What you have to do to win and help with the controls.

Load Game Cartridge

Pick up the game cartridge that you want to play.
Insert it in to the game console underneath the TV.
Note that you will have to manually take out the cartridge that is already in the game console.

Duck Season

Well, this is the main game…

Triple Tiger

This is basically a game of rock paper scissors.
Look at what attack your opponent makes and answer with the opposite to counter.

To win you will have to beat all the ninjas until you get to meet triple tiger.
Beat Triple tiger and you beat the game.

Battle Bros.

Fire to Jump, get to the finish.
The box with the warning sign on it makes you imortal for some time.


Trigger to fire.
Sinatra is the “aim” of your gun, so you stear him by pointing with your hand.

Sinatra is poined to the left or the right depending on what side of the side of the tv he is on.
Think of the tv as having a line drawn right down in the middle of the screen.
If Sinatra is on the left side of the tv he will be pointing to the left and vise versa.

To win you will have to survive long enough to kill the boss.


Deliver the pizzas.
Shoot on the lane of the road that you want to drive on.
Shoot on the houses to throw a pizza at the house.

To win you will have to make spotless deliveries and manage to complete all the levels.

Hover Junkers

Shoot the enemies in the head to destroy there ships.
Shoot the ships multiple times do destroy the ships.

Win, survive until the end.

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