Duck Season – Achievement Guide

Duck Season - Achievement Guide
Duck Season - Achievement Guide


  • Description: Stuck forever.
  • Unlock: Shoot the dog once while progressing. Don’t call the police. Lose during the fight inside the television.


  • Description: Cannon Ending.
  • Unlock: Shoot the dog once while progressing. Don’t call the police. Win the fight inside the television. Shoot the dog in the face a few times outside the television (keep looking around because he can spawn from several locations).

Broken Cartridge

  • Description: It’s over, you lose.
  • Unlock: Shoot the dog once while progressing. Don’t call the police. Win the fight inside the television. Die outside the television.

Final Fiesta II

  • Description: A better game.
  • Unlock: Don’t shoot the dog ever. Don’t call the police.

911 Emergency

  • Description: Cannon Ending
  • Unlock: Shoot the dog once while progressing (?). Call the police before the 6th game and you can call again before the 8th game. Be sure to talk to them or have them say keep doing what you’re doing.

Nuke the game

  • Description: Shot the sun with the golden shell
  • Unlock: Sometimes your gun will glow gold during the duck shooting sessions. Shoot the sun. You can easily make this happen by playing on ‘Easy’ and rapid firing shooting during the very first game.


  • Description: Dog
  • Unlock: Pick up the Kid Wizard book (bookshelf next to the TV). Toss it at the computer in the background (Alternatively: Pick up Kid Wizard. Pick up action figure. Get huge. Pick up Kid Wizard again and then touch the computer). Look for the VHS tape with the piece of masking tape with the text, “It’s me!” written on it. Pop it into the VCR. (You might need to beat the game once for this to happen?) You will also complete the, “You’re A Wizard” achievement.

What time is it?

  • Description: What time is it really? 
  • Unlock: **I’m not entirely sure how this was unlocked. I think it happened when I was defending myself from the Dog outside of the TV by looking or throwing something at the clock. Needs confirmation. 


  • Description: Tried to get Mom’s attention 
  • Unlock: Throw something at Mom. 

You’re A Wizard

  • Description: Use the Kid Wizard Book 
  • Unlock: Pick up the Kid Wizard Book on the shelf next to the TV. Rub (or pick up with your other hand) the Book on a variety of items. Your action figure. The computer. The magazine with GGG on the cover. The plastic flashlight. Any cat clock. 

Dinner Time

  • Description: Set the Table for Dinner 
  • Unlock: Play through the game until you finish the 5th level. The cat clock should read 5:00 PM. On the coffee table there will be plates, silverware, and cups. Lob one of each onto the dinner table behind the sofa. **Seems you might need TWO of each on the table** 

I’m Not Laughing

  • Description: Shoot the dog more than once in a playthrough 
  • Unlock: Shoot the dog more than once. 

Duck Champion

  • Description: Kill 100 Ducks 
  • Unlock: Kill 100 Ducks 

Two Ducks One Shot

  • Description: Kill two ducks with one shot 
  • Unlock: Yup. 

Cold Blooded

  • Description: Shoot the sitting duck in the duck world 
  • Unlock: When you are in the duck shooting area look to your right and there will be a duck sitting there. Blast him. 

Scat Cat

  • Description: Throw something out the window 
  • Unlock: Anything. You know you did it if you hear a cat make a sound. 

Let’s be Friends

  • Description: Don’t shoot the dog in any playthrough 
  • Unlock: Just don’t do it. 

Rabbit Season!

  • Description:Flip the sign in the game world 
  • Unlock: Get close to the sign with your hand that isn’t holding the gun and pull the trigger on that controller. 

Cat Tails

  • Description: Shoot all the cattails in the game world 
  • Unlock: I had a bit of trouble with this and had to shoot them all several times it seemed. It’s possible I missed one each time I tried previously but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t pop up after your first attempt. 

Home Run

  • Description: Hit the baseball with the bat into the kitchen 
  • Unlock: The first time you can move around the living room you’ll find a baseball and bat sitting on the large wooden shelf to the right of the television. Hit that ball into the kitchen with that bat. You can also use other items in the room besides the ball. The hitbox for this achievement is super picky. Make sure the item doesn’t go flying over the counter. 


  • Description: Watch all the VHS tapes 
  • Unlock: This can be easily done on the day when the dog is filming you. Better yet, use the Kid Wizard book on the computer. Inside the computer world all of the VHS in the game are sitting there on the shelf. In fact, there are WAY more than the 11 you need for this achievement. 

Pro Gamer

  • Description: Beat All Cartirdge Games 
  • Unlock: One game doesn’t work (Dessert Boss). One game is beating Duck Season. One game is beating Duck Season without shooting the Dog. The rest are scattered about. They aren’t very difficult; simple light gun stuff.
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