Soda Drinker Pro – Vivian Clark – Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)
Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

For those of you crazy or bored enough to want to get this achievement I can help. I don’t usually write guides so forgive the basic quality but It should (hopefully) explain well enough what you want to do for “Your Completed Guidebook”


This guide will aim to help those wanting the “Your Finished Guidebook” achievement. I will only be covering this achievement as the other 3 Vivian Clark specific achievements should be earned on your way to getting this one. P.S Vivian Clark is unlocked by walking into the level 2 house in Soda Drinker Pro.

The good news with this achievement is that you only need to collect the 120 guidebook pages it doesnt actually matter how many levels you complete. This is not to say completing levels is pointless, in fact if you are confident in your abilities each completed level automatically gets added to the guidebook thus saving you collects. The guidebook is in the lower left of the menu.

Store & Collects

Firstly lets talk about collects

  • Blue has a value of one. In other words this is the basic collect
  • Red has a value of five and is more rare
  • Yellow has a value of ten and is more rare

Now to the costs of the items in the shop

The shop is to the left of where your water droplet respawns. Here you can buy.

  • Guidebook page-75 (Adds one page to your guidebook)
  • Log-30 (Adds a log to the fire)
  • Stopwatch-15 (Allows you to visit a random previously visited world)
  • Tortoise-50 (Allows you to visit the last visited world)

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

Basic Strategy

Now to the basic strategy. What you will want to do is start your game and begin the “Rain” game which automatically happens. You will take the place of a raindrop falling to the ground, you want to grab the collects on the way down. Try and follow the path of most collects and avoid the minigame sprites (rocketship,bird etc). If two streams of collects are close you can slowdown your raindrop (A on controller) and hover between them.

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)
Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

When you get close to the ground aim for the ground itself (to the left of the water swirls is ideal). You should now be put into a crocodile minigame with rockets falling from the air. Run to the left from here and grab a few collects and if lucky you can jump and grab a log. Now run to the right past the switch until you reach the sign. After reaching the sign run left again and try and avoid the falling missiles (it takes a while to get used to). Upon turning back you should find a few red collects and if you were lucky earlier maybe 1-2 yellow collects.

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)
Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

After this allow the rockets to kill you (dont enter the ship sprite in the center its minigame is too slow collectwise). After dying the first thing you will want to do is check your fire level by opening the menu and looking in the top right. If it is 0 then DO NOT ENTER THE FIRE but instead go to the shop (to the left) and buy one log then enter. Entering a level 0 fire ends the game and will waste your collects.

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

After entering the fire you should “evaporate” into the sky, your goal is to fly up and collect moisture to begin the rain game again. To do this you will first want to slow your ascent (hold down on analog stick to do this) then as you go up pay attention to the top of the screen. You want to avoid the sprites that start minigames and hit the dark grey foggy patches to collect moisture and grow in size. Upon hitting ten assuming you have done it soon enough (if you go too high you enter space and the spaceship level) the rain level will start again.

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

Simply continue these steps and buy guidebook pages when you can (leave enough for logs just incase) I have made 1000 collects in under 40 minutes with this strategy. You need 9000 spent total to reach 120 pages but you may along the way or if you wish to do so complete some levels and get guidebook pages that way.

Tips and Final Points

  • The fire can actually go below 0 (if you use a tortoise while the fire is at 0) when this happens the fire will become even more dead looking (no embers) and require 2 logs to reach 1 strength 
  • The first time you enter the crocodile minigame you will find an envelope near the sign, pick it up and enter the rocketship for one page if you wish (after the first time the envelope dissapears) 
  • You cannot pickup or purchase a log for a fire already at max strength 
  • Accidently entering a world isnt the end of the world, just try and more often than not you might find the solution 
  • When “raining” you can as aformentioned slowdown and move between two “streams” of collects although they must be fairly close 
  • When “raining” or “evaporating” be weary of your distance when going past sprites some have deceptively large detection radiuses (rocketship is a key example)  
  • This strategy is good for farming other items (tortoises etc) which can help with completing more levels should you wish to do so 
  • The pages around the fire just show what you have beaten not what you have unlocked in the guidebook 
  • Dont waste too much time in levels you have already completed or unlocked in the guidebook as they wont add to your guidebook total 
  • The guidebook can be completed over multiple playsessions the “GAME OVER” from entering a dead fire doesnt delete your guidebook pages it just resets all items/collects to 0 for your next play and refreshes your stopwatches and fire 
  • As per the above tip make sure to spend all your collects before entering the dead fire or exiting the game 
  • If you wish to do so you could simply wait till your fire runs out, spend all your collects on pages then restart for a full fire. This may actually be quicker but I did not bother to test it as I dislike having to quit and reload. Also if you do it this way the “Stoke The Fire” achievement may have to be earned still assuming you never bought the 5 logs for a single fire. 

Soda Drinker Pro - Vivian Clark - Your Finished Guidebook (Guide)

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