The Escapists 2 – How to Escape the Centre Perks 2.0

The Escapists 2 - How to Escape the Centre Perks 2.0
The Escapists 2 - How to Escape the Centre Perks 2.0

This guide will explain how to escape Center Perks 2.0 with all of the escapes.

Perimeter Breakout (Singleplayer)


  • First, get your intelect up to 50.
  • Find 3 files and 2 rolls of ductape.
  • Craft filmsy cutters.
  • Then craft the lightweight cutters.


  • Get to evening rollcall early, as soon as it starts go to the northwest purple door (on the first floor).
  • Go through the door and run to the fence.
  • Wait intil Lights Out and start cutting the fence, watch out for the spotlights!
  • Walk out of the prison.

Meet the Crew (Singleplayer)


  • First quickly attend morning rollcall.
  • Then get your intelect up to 50.
  • Then find a broom and ductape.
  • Go to the camrea crew lobby(Northwest on the 2nd floor)and go to the desk and open it.
  • You will find a radio reciver and a civillian outfit.
  • Using the broom, ductape and radio reciver craft the Sound Equipment.
  • Go to the northwest corner on the first floor.


  • Put on the civilian outfit and equip the sound equipment.
  • Go to the door and press “E”.
  • Escape.

The Last Post (Multiplayer)


  • Raise your intelect to 50.
  • Search or buy the following items: 3 pieces of Timber, 2 Nails, 1 Hammer, 1 Crate top, 1 Bracket, 1 Wire, 1 Circuit Board, crafting will be at the bottom of the page.
  • Find 1 Postal address. This can be found on the west side of the map, on the upper floor.To get in you need a Cyan keycard. 
  • Alternatively you can avoid this step by going through the vent system, drop into the kitchen and bring a stepladder to get back out.


  • Assemble the crate on the westen side of the map. Press “E” to escape.


  • Crate Base: 2x Timber, 1x Nails.
  • Crate Casing: 1x Crate Base, 1x Bracket.
  • Crate Top: 1x Timber, 1x Hammer, 1x Nails.
  • Crate: 1x Crate Base, 1x Crate Casing, 1x Crate Top, 1x Postal Address.

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