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Terraria - How to Kill the Plantera (Boss Guide)

Created by OpticFibers   ::   Feb 18, 2019    
Terraria - How to Kill the Plantera (Boss Guide)

This is a guide to help you defeat Plantera. It will give you a list of recommended items.


For the basics, you're going to need to have beaten the Mechanical Bosses so that you can have a plantera bulb spawn. Secondly, you'll have needed to get an Orchalcum/Mithril anvil, a Titanium/Adamantite forge, (You need a hellforge to make that), And a bit of a hardmode ore (Enough to make armor, Orchalcum and Titanium are recommended).

What to Have

You should have a stack of healing potions, and access to your quick heal button. A mana flower and Mana potions would be recommended as well, if you're going for a Mage or summoner playthrough, or you have a lot of magic weapons. It would be good if you fought the solar eclipse, and got excalibur and night's edge.

  • Melee weapon: Terra blade (True night's edge {night's edge+broken hero sword}+True excalibur {Excalibur+Boken hero sword})
  • Ranged weapon: Megashark+Endless musket pouch
  • Magic weapon: magic dagger
  • Summon minion: Deadly sphere staff
  • Sentry summon: queen spider staff

Game:   Terraria
Created by OpticFibers.