Monstrum – Weaknesses of the Monsters

Monstrum - Weaknesses of the Monsters
Monstrum - Weaknesses of the Monsters

This is a guide to weaknesses and strengths of each monsters as well as tips to them.

The Brute

The brute is resistant to things unlike the other monsters as he is unaffected by the flare or fire but can be temporarily disarmed by the fire extinguisher. the brute is some what more agile (when after you) than the others. the brute would be the best monster to play with if the user is trying to get achievements as you would know if he is near you at all times above, bellow, or on the same floor as you are on. a way to tell if you have brute is that brute is not a quiet fellow if you hear a random bang or slam that is not always the brute but if you hear stomping you got a not so friendly brute.

The Hunter

The hunter is the most weakest and slowest monster out of the others. the hunter is more of a fear factoring menace and can be avoided most of the time but not all by not running. like the brute he can be temporarily disarmed by a fire extinguisher. and flare gun is the best method of escaping his clutches as he is drown to the flare. on the + side the hunter is the only monster who does not hang around the generator room when you are in it but he will come out for just a few to look around the place but will retreat back into the vents. the hunter also takes the longest time when dealing with locked doors. be careful when near its eggs as opening doors near them could summon the hunter. you can tell if you have the hunter if you get eggs, squeaks, or slushy movement in the background.

The Fiend

The Fiend he is not as fast as the brute but has an ability to temporarily stop the play if in the fiends view for a certain amount of time. just like the other monsters using a fire extinguisher can temporarily disable the fiend. the weakness of the fiend is that lights flashes when near him so keeping a flash light on you as it will give you an advantage when unsure if he is near. to tell if you have fiend is if there is no squeaking and it is quiet too quiet.


you can set up trap for different monsters. using a jerry can and a lighter can help keep the hunter away from you just set up a line of gas at an area you go to often like stairways or at the container hallways. the steam traps (for you) can be disable by going to the generator power it up and call phone 4 the monster will break down the door and allow you to go into the main valve were you can then turn it off but be careful because only the brute or fiend will stay and wander around the generator room when you are in it. the steam trap (for the monster) by the heli can be a good way to have an advantage on escaping the menaces you just got to remember which way has the steam on. at the stairs you can peep through the cracks and see the monster without being caught. Do not lock every door you go in as you can use the lock in dire situations but if the monster is not near you but after you just close the door and hide as there is a chance that the monster will enter the room but will not even check the hiding spots. always keep a fire extinguisher as i can disarm every monster and it is easy to find.

Tips for Collecting Things

The items will spawn more than once so chances of finding things is good. the containers are a source to find goods but you can avoid them as the rooms at the end of the container hallways (by the stairs) is a good way to find useful stuff as well.

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