Monstrum – Useful Tips

Monstrum - Useful Tips
Monstrum - Useful Tips


Note: Credit goes to SpookyBeard

  • Open Drawers. I have seen many players not open drawers because A: They aren’t taught it. B: They think nothing important is kept in them. Wrong. You can find many useful items in the drawers. Such as radios, egg timers, duct tape, keys, glowsticks, etc. 
  • Hide Under Tables. Most new players don’t know that you can hide under tables. Tables are the best hiding spot in the game. (Because you can see all around) You do not have any higher risk of being caught under a table than if you were in a locker. You can even hide in those crates at the liferaft. 
  • All of the current hiding spots: Cafeteria Tables, Tables, Lockers, Beds, Shelves, Crates, Showers Stalls, Maintenance Closet, Cabinets.
  • Don’t carry the lighter… Unless you just want to burn yourself… 
  • Grab audio logs. They look like a phone with a red glowing dot on them.

Useful Tips

  • When you are playing against the Fiend, make sure you are super careful when running up the stairs! The Fiend’s only sign of activity is flickering lights ONLY on the floor he is standing on. So do not just dart up or down the stairs, walk and safely observe the direction you are going. You should also do this before you have encountered the monster so that you dont run into the monster. 
  • When you are in a sticky situation, and are surrounded by egg-sacs, throw ANY item (preferably glowsticks or glass) PAST the targeted eggs. As this will trigger the Hunter to jump out of the eggs, giving you plenty of time to run. If you throw an item PAST the eggs and nothing comes out, then that means the Hunter wont jump out of those eggs. (Throwing an item beside the eggs will not make the Hunter jump out, causing a sudden ambush. 
  • *Hold* Down right click to throw items further than usual, this can be a super useful function when trying to trick egg-sacs into triggering. 
  • Hide under tables, please. I have seen many players die in a room because of “no” hiding spots… When they are sitting next to a table or cupboard. 
  • It is safe to open cupboards when hiding from the monster, the monster will not be able to see you if it is opened or closed.
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