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Breathedge - 100% Achievement Guide

Created by Spliffi   ::   Sep 28, 2018    
Breathedge - 100% Achievement Guide

How to Get All Achievement


Spit several times at the robot in the intro. After 3-4 spits the achievement should pop up, depending on the amount and speed of your saliva (+ the percentage of mucus inside it).

Chicken dielectric 

Grill the immortal chicken on any broken power supply line. Needs to be repeated 3 times until the chicken is ready to be served. I recommend paprika & salt as seasoning.


Create the crap imposed by the developers as part of the task to repair the communication device. Hit yourself and make sure you have enough HP left or you will not get the trophy.


Fly to the huge cargo container on the left as soon as you leave the shuttle. Examine all mannequins. Some have a writing on their back! You'll need to find all three "artworks".


There's a broken postal storage with boxes behind the shuttle (quite far away). Near the boxes there should be a pair of underpants floating around. Grab it in case you'll need it.


Find the crime scene right below the shuttle and collect all evidence floating around. Once you've picked up all items the achievement will pop up and grant you that warm, fuzzy feel.

Smol puffs of gas

Craft the jetpack. The scheme can be found near the outer toilet on the right side of the shuttle. Then simply fly & fart around and after a certain amount of leaked gas it will unlock.


Head over to the crashed paint container and examine the body drowned in paint. Rip out the body's right eye with a quick pull and put it in your pocket or throw it far away.

Game:   Breathedge
Created by Spliffi.