Pathologic Classic – The Bachelor Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)

Pathologic Classic - The Bachelor Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
Pathologic Classic - The Bachelor Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)

A point by point walkthrough for the Bachelor. With as few plot spoilers as possible.

Day 1

Talk to Eve Yahn downstairs and the two Masks outside.
In the courtyard you can fight the man and the worm to get revolver ammo if you wish.

Buy food and any other items today as prices will rise 10 times tomorrow.

Quest – Pursuing the Killers.
Go to George’s house – the Horns
His house is just up the street from Eve Yahns.
Speak to Victor, George’s neighbor.
Visit Isidor Burakh in the east part of the city.
Afterwards talk to Saburov.
Next speak to Julia in her house called Seine.

Quest – The multilegged fugitive
Talk to Lara Ravel to get this quest
She lives in the Knots in the center of the city, north of the theatre.
find the house called Mold.
It is south of the Theatre near one of the Stairways to the sky.
The house you are looking for is the first one to the south.
Talk to the children inside.
You can choose to keep or sell the powder, but its better to save it for later.
Talk to Lara to get your reward.

Quest – The bloody fugitive
Speak to Anna Angel in her house called Verbae.
It will cost you 2000 coins to finish this quest.
Visit the cemetary.
If you head south east of Anna’s house you can find a waste ground.
After watching the cutscene you can pick up a revolver and some free ammo.
Head south from here, and find the three story houses
in the last one you can buy food if you need it.
Now return to the road and go south. Pass by three greater three-storey
houses (in the last one can buy food) and turn off on the West.
Visit Vlad Olgimskiy.
Outside the house wait for a “worm” to appear and follow it.
When it gets to Olgimskiys house attack it.

Quest – beastlike fugitive
Find the house with bricked up windows near Vlads house.
Inside talk to Vlad. He offers you a quest to murder the butcher.
You can find him in Ospina’s basement, you will get money as a reward.
You can refuse if you want to let the butcher escape.
If you want to help him escape you should talk to Eve and then Ospina. They will give you a golden ring, a bronze bracelet, and earrings as a reward. You can exchange these items with townsfolk for other more useful items.

Visit Rubin at the horns before 9:00 and warn him not to examine the body.
Talk to Grigoriy afterwards.

Day 2

Quest – Opposition
Read Sabarov’s letter.
Talk to Anna about the silent houses.
Talk to Kapella, but do not ask her about the beginnning of the plague.
Talk to Spichka.
Go to Isidor’s house.
Before you enter put on all your clothes and use immune medicine if you have some.
Talk to the woman near the second room, take her key and run out.
Take the key to Saburov.
Talk to Georgiy Kain and Olgimskiy.
Visit Alexander for the revolver and ammo.

Quest – House of Living
Talk to Kapella.
Collect money from Julia Lulia Ljuricheva, Younger Vlad Olgimski and Maria Kain.
Buy 3 loaves of bread, 3 meat jerky and 3 dried fish.
If you need more money, sell some of the useless items like jewlery.
Go back to Lara, then head to the house she marks on your map.
It is west of the Clot.
Talk to the Executor in front of the house then return to Lara.
You will get hazelnuts (3), peanuts (3), walnuts (2) and a lens.

Quest – Let’s run from here
First talk to Eve.
Go to the pub and talk to Andrey Stamatin.
Talk to Andrey after talking to Peter.
Then talk to Eve again.
Talk to Maria, but dont tell her about the brothers leaving.
Talk to Peter and Andrey again.
Visit Gryph and tell him”Andrey is going to the kennel” to get a revolver.
Talk to Andrey again.
Go to the station at 22:00. Talk to the guard.
You can choose to cancel the escape, or to fight.

Day 3

Infected districts will start appearing from today.
You can buy a map of the infected districts from Younger Vlad for 1000 coins.
Today you can also visit Lara, she will give you bread and milk.
In addition you can get a bottle of Twyrine from Andrey at the pub after talking about the dead bodies.

Quest – Body of immortal
Visit Georgiy.
Talk to Vlad Olgimskiy.
Talk to Victor Kain.
Climb to the top of the Polyhedron.
Tell the dog head you are friends of the Kains.
Talk to Kaspar Kain, then return to Vlad Omlgimskiy.
Go to the house Vlad mentions, make sure you are well armed. Loot the house.
Talk to Georgiy for the reward.

Quest – The Imperceptible enemy
Visit Rubin in Gryph’s warehouse.
Talk to Saburov.
Talk to Ospina.
Talk to Vlad at the Clot.
Talk to Ospina again.

Find the three butchers
1 The waste land near the bone pole
2 Behind Isidors house
3 In a yard south east of Spichkas house.

Head to the cemetery.
Talk to Laska, tell her “dissecting the bodies is for a good purpose” to get some powder.
Or let Laska keep the powder and gain 30 reputation instead.
Talk to the two patrol guards near the body.
If you dont have enough money (10,000) you will have to fight them. (you will lose reputation).

Take the blood from the corpse.
Go to Rubin’s projectory.
Examine the blood under the microscope and talk to Rubin to get the visor lens.

Quest – Find and try out a “powder”
Talk to Kapella
Head to the Tanners district and find the closed yard near Spichka’s house.
Talk to the boy called Idler.
Take the powder from him (you will get 50% infection). Use the powder.
Don’t tell Idler to “get out of here”.
Talk to Kapella again.

Talk to Georgiy about Burakh’s innocence.
Stock up on ammo for day 4.

Day 4

Today you can buylockpicks from Spichka for 2000 coins.

Quest – Tests of medicines
Talk to Younger Vlad, buy a map if you want and take his quest.
Visit Lara, Anna and Julia and take the medicines they have.
You should get: immunity tablets, neomicine, feromicine, monomicine,
novocainum, morphine, and etorphine.
Go to the house marked on your map.
Talk to the mask.
Stay in that house for 5 minutes (1 hour of game time).
You dont need to use all the medicine.
Talk to the mask to get some powder.
Talk to Vlad to get a reward of 3000 coins.
Anna will give you a silver ring and 5 β-tablets
Julia will give you an extremely useful cape-repellent

Quest – Sanitary measures
Read Older Olgimskiy’s letter to get the next quest.
Talk to Rubin to get the blue vaccine.
Talk to Lara Ravel.
Talk to Younger Vlad about the water.
Talk to Heavy Vlad.
Visit the Theatre.
Talk to the Tragedian in the Rib district, he is standing near a stairway to the sky to get the key.
Help the man out of the infected district to get the keys.
Visit the Cathedral.
Look for the young man in the Vein distict near the closed pub.
Help him to get a bottle of Twyrine.
Give the keys to Olgimskiy to compelte this quest.

Quest – Robbers’ own
Read Alexander’s letter.
Talk to Gryph.
Visit Braga’s hideout in the Plants.
Enter the warehouse well armed to fight the 7 bandits.
Sneak in and stealth kill a few of them to make it easier.
Reload at the back of the warehouse, it is safer there.
Collect all the loot.
Talk to Gryph for the reward (10,000)
Talk to Alexander for 5000 coins. Or if you refuse, 12 bullets.

Quest – Locked district
Read Victor’s letter.
Examine the house he mentions.
Stealth kill a Marauder and take his crowbar. Loot the house.
Talk to Victor for the reward.

Mini-quest: find out why the water system is destroyed
Talk to Younger Vlad for another quest.
Talk to Ospina. Talk to Lara. Talk to Ospina again. (reward?)

Day 5

Read Rubin’s letter.
Talk to Older Vlad Olgimskiy about the Haruspicus.
Head to the stem and talk to Alexander.
Talk to Kapella then Lara Ravel.
Talk to Gryph and pay him 10,000 to free the Haruspicus.
Head to the Plants, in the third block you can find the Haruspicus.
You might have to kill one patrol man. Take the key and free the Haruspicus.

Go to the meeting place you agreed with the Haruspicus at 21:00.
Take the heart from the body nearby.
Bring it to Rubin.
Examine it under the microscope andtalk to Rubin to finish the quest.

Find Var’s daughter Quest
Read Anna’s letter
Talk to Var.
Take the money he offers you, you dont need to blackmail him.
Talk to Anna.
Talk to Vera the dancer in Stamatin’s pub (if you rescued Burakh)
Return to Var to get 50,000 coins

Innocent People Quest
Talk to Younger Vlad
Go to the Stem and talk to Saburov
Go to the prision, in the Town Council building.
Talk to the executioners. You need 60,000 to free everyone.
Vlad and Victor will give you the money.
Give the money to the exectioners.
Talk to Vlad and Victor to get a 30 percent reputation boost from both.

Day 6

Arsonists appear on this day, if you need to kill them, aim for the head.

Read Rubins letter and then visit him.
Visit Georgiy Kain to ask for Rubins forgiveness.

Quest “Witch-hunt”
Talk to Victor about the Cathedral.
Talk to Heavy Vlad and Saburov.
Take a blood sample from Anna Angel.
You can check her sample under a microscope in Rubin’s projectory or at Eve Yahn’s.
Visit Catherina, try to get Klara’s blood sample.
Visit Saburov.
Talk to Laska in her lodge.
Find Klara at Eve Yahn house.
(If the Albino is dead, she will be at his grave)
Take her blood sample.

Quest “The thing coming from Steppe”
Read Spichka’s letter.
Walk around the Apiary counterclockwise.
Heal before talking to it.

Quest “They want to burn Apiary
Talk to Kapella and Younger Vlad.
Be at the Apiary at 22:00 to kill the Hump-man.
Speak to Younger Vlad for a 10,000 coin reward.

Day 7

The Inquisitor arrives today. Prices will be lowered due to her orders.

Quest – Eve is gone
Read Eve’s farwell note at 7:30 am
Visit Stamatin’s pub. Talk to the two young me.
Blame them for their cowardice to get a rifle and 10 bullets.
Go to the swamps near the station.
Cross the small bridge to the island.
Be careful of the 6 enemies ahead. Loot their bodies for Twyrine.
Talk to Andrey to end the quest. (no reward?)

Quest – Truths, Lies and some thing between truths and lies
Read Aglaja’s letter.
You need to discover who has been spreading misinformation.
Talk to the people near the marks on the map above.
One is a liar, one tells the truth, and the third can’t decide.
Ask each one about his friend and work out the answer.
The liar is behind the Theater.
Take the logs they give you.
Confront the one which you think is the liar, but be careful a mistake will result in a game over.
Talk to Aglaja to complete the quest.

Quest – Mask and OVeralls.
At 10 read Burakh’s letter.
Ask about the costume in the Theatre after completing Aglaja’s quest.
Find the overall on a corpse near the pit opposite the cemetery.
Talk to Saburov.
Talk to Peter.
Talk to Aglaja and then Peter again to get a lens and bird mask.

Quest – Family reunion
Talk to Aglaja
Talk to Maria
Talk to Victor
Talk to Aglaja and head to Peter’s house. Talk to Maria there.
Go upstairs and talk to Aglaja – she’ll offer you a reward of your choice: a
shotgun and 5 shells; feromicine and 2 neomicine; white vaccine (worth 20000 coins).

Day 8

Prices will rise again tomorrow, so stock up today.

Quest – Black market of panacea
Read Younger Vlad’s letter.
Go to the long block of the Apiary
Talk to Burakh.
He’s on the first floor in the room to the right from the entrance.
He also has a quest you can take.
Go to the 2nd floor and talk to the worms. Don’t kill them.
Visit Vlad.
Talk to Mark Immortal
Talk to Lara, Julia and Anna to end the quest. (reward?)

Quest – Mysterious sample
Talk to Burakh in the Apiary. (see above)
Go to the projectory or to the Slough and check it under the microscope.
Return to Burakh to get the panacea.

Quest – Between Apiary and Polyhedron
Read Aiyan’s letter at 12:00.
Talk to the Dogheads at your/Eve’s house.
Talk to Kapella, she will give you 2 feromicine tablets.
Give them to Taya
Tell her they are from Kapella to get some reputation and a free tablet.

Quest – Underground decay
Read Agladja’s letter (in the afternoon).
Go to the Cathedral.
Read the Inquisitor’s letter.
Talk to Younger Vlad about the wells.
Talk to Ospina
Talk to Vlad
Go talk to Taya in the Apiary.
She will ask you to bring Younger Vlad or Older Vlad to her.
DO NOT bring her Younger Vlad. This will cause you to lose the game eventually.
Or you can get her toy bull from an infected building.
It is the same building you went to earlier in the game.
The bull is on the second floor on a bedside table.
In this case Big Vlad will surrender himself anyway.

The Abattoir will open at 23:00 in the evening.
Sleep well before going.
Watch the cut scene
Wake up at 14:00 tomorrow at Blok’s outpost.

Day 9

The army has arrived.
Clothing shops now sell rifle ammo and army clothing.
Prices rise again.

Quest – Messenger
Read Aglaja’s letter.
Go to the Apiary and talk to the Haruspicus on the second floor.
He will be in the room the worms were yesterday.
Talk to Aglaja and tell her there were expenses to get 7,000 coins.

Quest – Miracle of children
Talk to Victor at the Polyhedron.
Tell the Dogheads you need to enter Agate Hole.
The best way to complete this quest is as follows.
Buy 1 rifle from Gryph
take 3 rifles from the guards at Julia’s house after the “Three parks” quest
give them your rifle too.
Give the 5 rifles to Khan.
Examine the Polyhedron and talk to Khan about it. (reward?)

Quest – Three parks: Anna participates
Read Anna’s letter or talk to Julia.
Next you can either help Lara or Julia to commit a murder.
You will get a panacea if you help either.
But, I assume you will not be able to get the rifles you need for Victor’s quest.
Return to the general and tell him about Julia
He’ll send three soldiers to her house.
Return to Julia
Kill the rifle men to get a reputation increase and 2 rifles.
Talk to Julia to receive a panacea as reward.

Day 10

Quest – Seized focus
Read Aglaja’s letter at midnight or at 8 in the morning.
Go to Peter’s house and talk to the soldiers.
Talk to Andrey.
Head to the ladder in the Rib district.
Talk to Peter inside.
Bring him 5 bottles of twyrine for the plans.
Tell him not to do anything stupid, you need him alive.
Give Aglaja the plans.

Quest – Chimeras. Madness of the Kains
Read Catherina’s letter at noon.
Talk to Rubin.
Talk to Victor.
Tell him that shutting people’s mouths is expensive these days to get more money.
Talk to Aglaja to get 7,000 coins

Quest – Chimeras. Pictogram
Read Mark’s letter at 14:00.
Go to the wasteland near the bone pillar.
Talk to the man who looks like salesman.
Talk to Mark.
Go to Blok to end the quest.

Day 11

For tomorrow you will need powders, panacea, food and medicine.
You can sell anything else at the end of this day, for example guns and ammo,

Quest – Base of the miracle
Read Aglaja’s letter at midnight or 11:00am
Go to the pub and talk to the steppe girl.
Talk to Blok.
Go to the station and follow the rails to the end.
Make a save here, just in case.
You can sneak kill the riflemen for reputation, but dont kill their leader next the wagon.
Talk to the leader.
Don’t give him a panacea, instead run away.
Kill him from a distance.
Don’t let him hit you because you will wake up in the cemetery with no items.
(if this happens ask Laska for help.)
Go back to the pub and talk to Stamatin.
Give the plans he gives you to Aglaja.

Quest – Execution
Talk to the children at the Town Council.
Head to the rocks to the south-west from the cemetery.
You will see four soldiers about to shoot.
You dont have much time, so kill them all quickly.
Go back to the council for a reward, some powder and revolver ammo.

Quest – Preparations for crowning
Read Kain’s letter at 12.
Talk to Kapella and Klara to get beads and rings at the Town Council.
Visit Maria.
Head to Nina’s crypt finish the quest.

Quest – Prosecutors
Talk to Aglaja to get this quest.
Talk to Khan. (you dont need to give him the panacea).
Kill the bandit outside Younger Vlad’s house and loot his body.
Talk to Vlad. Before you leave his house save the game.
Get ready for a fight outside.

Day 12

The last day. Well done for making it this far.

Visit the last theatre performance before 7:00 in the morning.
The Theatre will be closed later.

Klara and Burakh will ask you to heal their Adherents.
Klara is in the short block of the Apiary and Burakh is at the Plants.
If you have enough panacea and powders – do so, but don’t forget about your own Adherents.
If you heal their Adherents they will also come to the meeting.

Here are the lists of Adherents:
The Utopians: Eve, Grigoriy, Victor, Andrey, Peter, Mark, Maria, Younger Vlad.
The Termits: Khan, Kapella, Mishka, Notkin, Spichka, Laska, Taya.
The Humbles: Lara, Julia, Gryph, Rubin, Alexander, Catherina, Anna, Ospina and Oyun.

If you cure at least two groups of Adherents a letter from the Authorities will arrive.

Talk to Khan at the top of the Polyhedron.
Step on the drawing inside the inner chamber. Talk to everyone inside the return.

If you saved all the Adherents you will get a letter from the Theatre.

Quest – Last decision of the Town
This quest will automatically start at 7pm at the Cathedral if:
You completed all the daily quests.
You found the liar on Day 6
You checked Klara’s blood before releasing her.
You didnt give Younger Vlad to the Termites.
You didnt let Peter die on the 10th day.
None of your Adherents are dead or infected

Talk to everyone and then tell Blok your decision…….

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