Pathologic Classic – The Haruspex Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)

Pathologic Classic - The Haruspex Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
Pathologic Classic - The Haruspex Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)

A spoiler free walkthrough for The Haruspex.

General Tips

Play the Bachelor first
Burakh or the Haruspex as he is also called plays quite differently.
Get used to doing a lot of fighting and running away in the early game.
If you are being chased, enter and then exit a house to lose your pursuers.
He can collect and make herb mixtures.
Use proverb’s map to find the herb locations in town, you can find it on steam.
He can also cut organs out of dead bodies to make “dead porridges”.
As a result his inventory space fills up quickly.
As a rule you should do quests during the day and collect herbs and organs at night.
You can trade the organs with worms.
You can store unneeded quest items in important NPC houses.
You can buy medicines from the Hump-man for 4 organs each.

Day 1

Prices will rise tomorrow, so buy food today if you can.
Talk to the two bird masks.
Sneak past the men (using shift).
Go to the right of the railway station.
Watch the cut scene of Burakh running away.
Talk to Notkin

Quest – Some git is troubling the kids
Leave Notkin and go talk to Gryph.
Meet Lickah at the place marked on your map.
Talk to the small man there.
If you kill him you will lose 10 reputation, (he will drop powder)
but you can get a shotgun fron Gryph and a revolver and ammo from Notkin.
If you let him go he will help you on day 9 and you will get 10 reputation from Gryph and Notkin.

Quest – The surviving factory worker
Go to Laska’s lodge at the cemetery.
Talk to Laska.
Go back to Notkin and Gryph
Return to where you started the game and save.
Fight the bandits, strafe their throwing knives. Loot the bodies.
If you have enough health go to the Stone Yard (otherwise rest)
This is the house in the court yard opposite Eve Yahn’s mansion.
You can give him your blood for a transfusion.
Take the blood to a man at the cemetery.
You will get 30 reputation and a knife.

Quest – Simon’s killer, Isidor’s killer…
Go to Heavy Vlads house from 11 am.
Visit Kapella.
Talk to Isidor and tell him to talk to Notkin.
Now go back to Younger Vlad.
Go and talk to Notkin.
Talk to Gryph

Quest – Father’s home
Go to Isidor’s house. There’s a patrol guard. Talk to him.
Kill the guard.
Go to the Apiary. Kill the 2 patrol men there too.
Get the supplies and the key.
Return to Isidors house and kill the rats.
Talk to Spichka.
Talk to Laska
Go to Mishka’s wagon to the north-east of the railway station.

Take some meradorm (you can trade razors for it from the teenage boys) and sleep.
Meet the Bachelor at Eve’s place at 6pm.

Day 2

Quest – Hierophants heritage
Read Older Vlad Olgimskiy.letter
Talk to Older Vlad
Talk to Alexander Saburov
Go to Ospina’s house (north-east corner) to get the rewards
You’ll get 4,700 coins, Tavro, herbs, herb recipes.
Talk to the Bachelor to get another herb recipe.
Talk to younger Vlad to visit the plants.
At the 4th block of the plants (the Machine) enter the north-east door.
Mix the herbs and then take them to the Bachelor.

Quest – Gatherers’ bride
Talk to Ospina about the herbs.
Talk to the bride at the gatherer near the cemetery
If you let her stay with her love she’ll give you more herbs (6)
If you tell her to go home, her father will give you another herb recipe.

Quest – Brown twyre
Read Andrew Stamatin’s letter
Collect 10 stems of brown Twyre
The herb gatherers sell it near the station and cemetery.
Kill bandits at night if you need organs to exchange, or give them food.
Your reward is 4000 coins and the location of a cheaper shop.
(it is the clothing shop behind the Horns, in the Bridge Square district)

Quest – Obvious to anyone
After taking the above Quest talk to Maria in the pub
Tell Andrey you have found new mixtures, he will stay.
Maria will give you 5,000 coins and a another herb recipe.

Day 3

You can make “dead porridges” from today.
You need immunity mixtures and infected organs (ones from quest rewards are better).
They will give you health damage but will also give you a useful effect.

Quest – The Brand
Read Olgimskiy’s morning letter.
Talk to Ospina, and go to the house she mentions in the Tanners.
Talk to the Butcher on the second floor.
Go back and talk to Olgimskiy.

Quest – Dead tissue
Read Dankovskiy’s letter at 10 am
1) You can visit the cemetery, kill the patrol man and take the blood from the
corpse. The blood is special, so you better take it.
2) Or take an organ from any infected person.
Dankovskiy will reward you with immune tablets of your choice

Quest – Kapella’s worries
Read Kapella’s letter at 15:00
Having talked with Kapella go to Notkin.
If you fight the bandits outside, more will spawn, so talk instead.
If you don’t want to fight ask the Bachelor for help.
Notkin will give you a shotgun, or plus 10 reputation if you refuse it.
Talk to Kapella again to get 3,000 coins.
If you don’t fight the bandits you will only get 1,000 coins

Quest – On the known recipes of the Burakh family
Read Notkin’s letter
Mix any 10 mixtures and bring them to Notkin.
He will take the first 10 you have in your inventory.
So throw the ones you want to keep on the ground before talking.

Notkin is now selling maps of the infected areas for money rather than razors.

Day 4

Quest – Mysterious blood
Read Dankovskiy’s letter at 7:15 am.
Do not finish this quest first because it will automatically end this day.
Visit Lara (you need 70% reputation to talk to her).
Go to Rubin at the razors warehouse.
You can take the blood on the shelf in Rubin’s projector.
You can give this blood to the Bachelor or you can keep it.
Put all your weapons in the trunk by the exit.
Talk to Rubin.
When you leave you will be apprehended.
You will wake up in the prison tomorrow at 2pm
You can avoid this by visiting Rubin at 23:30
Talk to him, then wait for the day to end.
Since the next day has started the police will be gone.
(I don’t know what effect this has on in game quests.)

Quest – The weapon secret
Read Spichka’s letter
Go to the cemetery and talk to the boy called Stub.
He will take you to a house (watch out for bandits.)
Use a lock pick to open the house.
It is an infected house, so be quick.
Go upstairs to the bedroom.
Take the shotgun shells, leave the house.
Talk to Spichka

Quest – Marauders
Read Notkin’s letter at 12:00.
Go to the locked up district – the Tanners district, where Spichka lives
Enter any house, holding “shift” to stealth enter.
Kill the marauders, take the crowbars and loot the house.
You need to find 4 crowbars.
Return to Notkin – get 5 revolver bullets, 5 shells and 10 rifle ammo.

Day 5

If you didn’t glitch the quest yesterday you will be in prision.
You will be hurt, and will have lost a lot of reputation.
Take everything from the dead guard.
Headshot the other guard.
Before leaving you can help the infected for a reputation boost.

Quest – Thrilling heart
Read the Bachelor’s letter in the morning.
Go talk to Ospina or to the pub. You can talk with Vera there
There are three options, the worms bride, Vera or the Herbal Bride.
The Herbal Bride is the better option.
Talk to the butchers at one of the herb gatherers.
Kill the three of them.
Take what you need from the bride.
She also has the fourth herb recipe, and you will get plus 40 reputation.
Visit the Bachelor
Your reward 2000-3000 money and a blue vaccine.

If you can’t fight, meet Vera behind Isidor’s house at 9pm.
Kill her and take what you need.
The Bachelor will give you nothing, you will lose 10 reputation.
But if you talked Anna earlier you can blackmail her for 10,000 coins.

Quest – Younger Vlad’s Well
Read Younger Vlad’s letter.
Talk to Vlad but disagree to raise your reward to 14,000 coins
Vlad will also give you 50 kerosene containers even if you refuse the job.
In the well use the map or always turn left.
Talk to the “person” in the last room.
Return to Vlad for your reward – 7000 coins, and 2 herb recipes.

Quest – Rat races
Read the doghead’s letter.
Catch a rat by sneaking and pressing E
Race it at the warehouse, each win results in a 500 coin reward.

Day 6

Quest – Bull’s blood
Read the Bachelor’s letter at midnight, visit him at 7:15
After 25 minutes you will get Klara’s letter.
Go to Laska’s lodge and agree to help.
Go to the short block at the Apiary.
On your way try and trade things for 50 α-tablets with kids.
Go to the topfloor and talk to Tava.
Give her 50α-tablets, to get a herb recipe.
Go to Raga Burrow behind the cemetery.
Find an infected organ.
Watch the cutscene.
Take the blood to the Bachelor.

Quest – Changeling is looking for answers
Read Anna’s letter at 7:00
Visit Anna, agree to help Klara.
Walk around the Theatre and find the Tunnels.
Be careful as they are full of infection clouds.
Talk to the Prophet.
Return to Klara to get a herb recipe.

Quest – Knocking on the Mistresses’ door.
Talk to Victor or read his letter.
Talk to Maria.
Head to the crypt, take the diary and leave.
You can avoid combat here by entering the crypt again.
Give Maria the diary for 2,000 coins.

Day 7

The Inquisitor, Aglaja Lilich has arrived
You can now make Panacea’s.
Cape repellent and the mask (-25% infection) are sold at shops from today.
You can fight butchers at The Circle of Suok in front of the Apiary.
You have to fight hand to hand, but you will get blood as a reward.
Think of it as training for the rest of the games combat.

Quest – A Hybrid of man and bull.
Read Dankovskiy’s letter, visit him.
Go to the Cathedral.
Go to the Apiary to try find Aglaja.
Go to Taya’s room in the Apiary.
From this day she will be on the third floor of the long block.
Talk to the mother keeper in the open room.
Go to the town council, talk to the guards.
Go to the Hump Man’s house.
Talk to the young men there.
Go and talk to Victor.
Go to the Cathedral and talk to Aglaja.
Go to the Abattoir.
Take the blood sample from the Elder.
Prepare a panacea from the blood.
Return to Aglaja.

Quest – Testing the Panacea
After finishing the above quest.
This will destroy the panacea.
(You can get another one on day 10, and survive by trading powders with the little girls.)
Go to the theatre and talk to the mask.
It will infect you.
Don’t heal yourself yet, head straight to Aglaja.

Quest – Sacrifice
Read Taya’s letter.
Talk to the worms in the short block at the Apiary.
Talk to Taya after

Day 8

Quest – Whose blood is this?
Read Aglaja’s letter.
Go to Taya.
Ask Notkin and Kapella about where Klara is.
Go to see Klara at the Changeling’s wagon, south-east of the station.
Tell her “how the boy’s laughed at the ending.”
Return to Taya and tell her the correct ending
(“…then gardener pulled up the wrong flower…
…a new garden grew, a hundred times better than the previous…”).
Go to the Abattoir and talk to the Elder and Oyun
Visit Ospina
Talk to Aglaja to finish the quest.

Quest – A son isn’t responsible for his father.
Read Georgiy’s letter.
Talk to Catherina
Talk to Taya
You can give up Younger Vlad since he is not your Adherent.
You will still be able to save the Bachelor to the end of the game.
If you choose Younger Vlad, Georgiy Kain will give you 3,000 coins.

Quest – Underneath the ground
Talk to Younger Vlad about the well.
Enter the well tunnels well armed.
Find the book under the obstruction.
Return the book to Younger Vlad for 4,000 coins.

Day 9

The army has arrived. You can buy army supplies at the shops now.
Read Aglaja and the Bachelor’s letters at 7:15

Quest – The Defilers
Talk to General Blok at the Town Council.
Get your exhaustion level very low and then talk to Elder Oyun.
Drink the drink he gives you.
Don’t bother drinking coffee during the quest, drink it after
Strafe walk to move quicker
Visit Eve (go via the railway to save time)
Go to the prision at the Plants and find the Bachelor.
(if you didn’t kill the small man on day 1 he will help you now)
Bring 30 rifle ammo to Khan
Return to the Elder to finish the quest.

Quest – Signal fires
Read Kapella’s letter at 6pm.
Go to the Clot talk to Aglaja and Kapella
(you probably don’t need to go to Spichka’s)
Go to the cemetery and talk to Stub
Go to the first fire near the Abattoir
Get ready for a big ambush.
Afterwards tell Stub to light the fire.
After lighting all the fires head to Spichka’s house.
Talk to the girl outside.
Go talk to Kapella.

Day 10

Quest – Udurg
Read the letters from Aglaja and the Bachelor at 7:15
Get your hunger as low as possible.
Store some bandages in an NPC house chest.
Go to see Oyun at the Abbatoir.
Go to Raga Burrow.
Sleep on the stone at the top. (crouch and press E)
Visit all three herb gatherers and kill the butchers.
Visit the Elder and ask “who is the Udurg?”

Quest – Who’ll feed the doll
Read Kapella’s letter.
Go to Mishka’s wagon and talk to her.
Go to the three stones sticking out of the ground.
Collect the 20 twyre stems.
Take the doll you find on the island.
Give it to Mishka to get blood in return.
Head to the Polyhedron.
Find the dark spot near the bottom of the stairs and press E.
You will find more unique blood.

Quest – The coming of Bos Turokh
Go to Taya and talk to her prisioner (either Older or Younger Vlad)
Talk to Taya
Head to the bone pole.
Talk to the worm leader
Talk to Notkin.
Talk to Spichka.
Go to Laska’s lodge, talk to the girl there.
Talk to Kapella.
Talk to Blok.
Talk to Mishka.
Go to the wagon near Mishka’s home.
Talk to Laska.
Make her promise not to interfere with the soldiers.
Go back to the bone pole.
Talk to the three worms to get unique blood.
Talk to the leader.

Day 11

Sell most of your items at the end of this day and stock up on powders and panaceas.
You wont need weapons or ammo tomorrow.

Quest of the day – Hierophants final ordeal
Read Aglaja and Klara’s letters at 7:15
Go and talk to her, and accept her help.
After talking to her visit Elder Oyun.
Jump into the pit in the room next to Oyun.
If you didnt ask for Klara’s help you will die.
In the passageway talk to Klara.
Talk to Anna, Julia and Lara.
Choose one of them.
Walk to the end of the tunnel.
Talk to Oyun.
Fight the boss.
It will take 20 direct hits to the head to put it down.
You can also finish this quest by;
Talk to Ospina, Younger/Older Vlad or the Bachelor
Talk to Oyun about what you learned from them.
Fight the boss.

Quest – Bos Turokh leaves
Read Notkin’s letter at 11 am.
Meet him at his warehouse.
Go to the bone pole in the wasteland
Talk to the commander of the disinfectionists.
He is standing by the rock.
Go and talk to Captain Longin.
He is in the wagon were Laska was yesterday.
Talk to the Bachelor.

Quest – Spirit, conquered by force
Read Kapella’s letter at 12:00
Ask the Bachelor for the password (Strengthened)
Tell it to the dogheads at the top of the Polyhedron.
Talk to Khan, tell him about Kapella’s request.
Visit Victoria to get your reward.

Day 12

Read Aglaja’s letter.
The last day. Well done for making it this far.

Visit the last theatre performance before 7:00 in the morning.
The Theatre will be closed later.

Klara and The Bachelor will ask you to heal their Adherents.
If you have enough panacea and powders – do so, but don’t forget about your own Adherents.
If you heal their Adherents they will also come to the meeting.

Here are the lists of Adherents:
The Utopians: Eve, Grigoriy, Victor, Andrey, Peter, Mark, Maria, Younger Vlad.
The Termits: Khan, Kapella, Mishka, Notkin, Spichka, Laska, Taya.
The Humbles: Lara, Julia, Gryph, Rubin, Alexander, Catherina, Anna, Ospina and Oyun.

If you cure at least two groups of Adherents a letter from the Authorities will arrive.
Step on the drawing inside the inner chamber. Talk to everyone inside.

Quest – Last decision of the Town
This quest will automatically start at 7pm at the Cathedral if:
You completed all the daily quests.
None of your Adherents are dead or infected

Talk to everyone and then tell Blok your decision…

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