Destiny 2 – How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy (Titan)

Destiny 2 - How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy (Titan)
Destiny 2 - How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy (Titan)

Mainly for my clan, marking what strats and weapons I used for my flawless run.

How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy (Titan)


I will preface with this: This is not, in any way, the most efficient/best way to do this dungeon, It’s just what worked for me personally.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Schizoid’s guide on How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy. This feat took me around 15 tries, but once I started using this strategy I did it on my 2nd attempt. Now, some general information:

  • I have only done this on my titan and I can only recommend loadouts accordingly.
  • I use a variety of forsaken, base game, and shadowkeep weapons.
  • There will be a loadout change nearly every encounter.
  • Orb duping will be used, so if this is later patched or you don’t want to cheese it…sorry.
  • This was made during Season 10, so the dps meta may change in the future. Also on that note: Passive Guard, the artifact mod, I consider essential for the final boss.
  • I use a lot of pinnacle and raid weapons, however none are essential in my opinion.
  • There are very few guns I would consider essential for this guide, you can use what you are comfortable with.

First Encounter: Necropolis


  • Top Tree Sentinel with Helm of Saint-14
  • Izanagi’s Burden w/ catalyst
  • Recluse (or any energy primary you’d like)
  • 21% Delirium

If you don’t have Izanagi’s with the catalyst, I would highly suggest you get that before you do this first encounter. It with Honed Edge deletes Yellowbar enemies health, Recluse is excellent here for add clear because….well it’s Recluse. However, it is not required. I only recently got 21% Delirium, but it is AMAZING for add clear and dps, easily being able to take care of yellow bars if needed, but it too is not required. Use whatever heavy you’d like!

Now this encounter is actually pretty straightforward to solo. The main thing to remember is you aren’t on a timer; take as much time as you need. Your number one enemy in this solo flawless is your own hubris. Play safe, take your time, and you should be golden. I personally always start at symbol “A,” and work my way downward. Attack the rooms from top down so you don’t have to ride those deathtraps they call elevators. Ogres are also a pain in the rear to deal with, so only confront them if you know they would kill you otherwise. Now, for the disciples.

For the Knight, kite all of the thrall into one big group, and use the swords projectile. It should kill most if not all of them. Fighting the knight is extremely easy. Swipe twice, then block. Once you get the timing down, he becomes an absolute joke to kill. Use the swords super if you want to chunk some of his health bar off, and run away to recover health if needed.

The Shrieker is super simple as always. Just walk into the door frame, hold block, and deflect that son of a gun’s projectiles right back at em. The ogres are only an issue like 20% of the time. However, if the Ogres are flinching you to Nessus and back, run away, drop your sword, and take care of them with your heavy. Don’t be afraid to use your bubble if needed at any point in this encounter.

Finally, the wizard. Oh LORD the wizard. In my runs, I would sit outside the doorway and spam the projectile in. Sometimes I’d actively run in there and get a few shots off before bolting back outside. Take care of the Revenant Wizards if needed, and remember: The sword’s super does damage her!

Once you take care of all 3 of them, go to mid, kill the knight, and get your loot. 1 encounter done, 4 more to go!

Second Encounter: Ogre Maze


Use literally whatever you want here, just make sure have something to deal with the knights and big groups of enemies. Shotguns, especially the CQC with vorpal, or anything with trench barrel, works well for the knights.

I really don’t have much to say about this encounter. It’s the exact same deal as it is normally. Play it safe and you should be just fine. Sometimes the ogres like to hang out next to one tunnel for a LONG time, but they are honestly pretty easy to juke. Just, don’t get caught in the lasers. I like to open the doors right to left, but again it really does not matter what order you do them in. Again, impatience is your number one enemy!

Third Encounter: Chamber of Suffering

Before we discuss the loadout, there are two things I want to address:

1) As you may know, after standing on the center plate for a while will fully reset its wipe countdown timer, with an audible clanking noise when it’s fully reset. I will refer to that as “locking” the plate. So when I say “lock” the plate, I mean stand on it until you hear that clank noise.

2) My strat requires you to know how to duplicate orbs.If this patched by the time you’re looking at this, I apologize. If you don’t know how to dupe, watch this short and sweet video by Ninja Pups for an easy tutorial. This works in all encounters with orbs, but I only use it for this one.

It might take you a while to get used to it, but don’t worry, you can do it!


  • Top Tree Sentinel with Helm of Saint-14
  • Crimson
  • Loaded Question
  • Wendigo GL3

Yup, you read right: Crimson. Not only is it what I used, but I even consider it essential to my strategy for this encounter. The healing it gives is SO helpful because you’re taking a lot of damage from everything here. Fusion Rifles work well for my strat, and Loaded Question is by far my favorite fusion rifle to use. It is not required however, but I would still recommend using a fusion since they can do good damage from a short to medium range. Wendigo isn’t required either, hell I didn’t even use it in my flawless run, but I had it for insurance in case I had to deal with the Boomer Knights up top. Again, use whatever you want in your heavy slot. If you think it will help you crush this encounter, more power to you!

Start this encounter by clearing and locking the plate. strafe, kill acolytes with Crimson, and use heavy if you need to. Once the plate locks, wait for the Fissure Knight on your left enter the room. Run over to him, chunk his health a bit, and run back to the plate to relock it. Once it’s locked, go back and finish him off.

The reason I do this is in case I take too long to kill the knight. The countdown for the wipe is shorter than you think, so it’s safer to do it this way in my experience. If you think you can delete the knight in one go, be my guest.

Once you have the orb, run back to the plate to relock it once again. Then go up to the bank and dupe it.Don’t pick up the orb yet, but instead place your bubble to where it covers the bank and part of the plate. Pick up the orb and dupe it again. Remember, wait a second or two before picking up the orb, or it will disappear.

After you pick up the orb again, stand on the part of the plate your bubble is covering to relock it. Once it’s locked, dupe the rest of the orbs. Assuming you didn’t mess it up, congratulations! You beat the arguable hardest encounter. If you messed up a dupe, it’s not the end of the world. Quickly dispatch of the boomer knights up top, make sure the plate stays locked, and USE. CRIMSON.

Once your super is back up, do the exact same thing you did in the beginning. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you wipe hear a few times. This was the hardest encounter for me personally.

Fourth Encounter: The Harrow


  • Lion Ramparts
  • Any medium-long range solar weapon

Yeah…not a lot of requirements for this one. The solar weapon makes dealing with the wizards and the occasional shrieker so much easier, as you can just pick them off from a safe distance. Lion Ramparts are very nice, especially if you’re using high lift. However, they are in no way required. But hey, made it this far, might as well play it safe yeah?

Speaking of playing it safe, that is the key to this encounter: Take. Every. Jump. Carefully. If you die here, it’s right back to Necropolis for you.

The initial drop with the spinning pillars and swinging lanterns can be a very frustrating run killer. Just time it right, and land on the edges on the outer rings. Keep doing that until you reach the bottom.

Carefully traverse the chasms, eliminate the wizards, and make your way to the exit. I cannot stress enough how important it is to think about every jump you take. I have lost more runs than I would like to admit in this encounter. Once at the exit, it’s onto the final boss. You’re almost there!

Final Encounter: Zulmak, Instrument of Torment


  • Top Tree Sentinel with Helm of Saint-14
  • Threat Level w/ Grave Robber Trench Barrel
  • Ancient Gospel w/ Outlaw Dragonfly
  • R/W Throne Cleaver with Passive Guard seasonal mod

Basically, you need a high burst damage weapon (Threat Level), a good ad clear hand cannon (Ancient Gospel) and the most important of them all….a sword with Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade. Again, this is just the loadout I used for this encounter, but stick with these weapon types, especially the sword. Make sure you have Passive Guard unlocked and equipped. Make sure Boss Spec is on your sword as well.

Start the encounter by melting the swordbearer on your left. Kill some surrounding adds, pick up the sword, and run up to the knight. Don’t be afraid to use your projectile on the acolytes, you should have plenty of ammo to kill the knight. Remember: 2 swings then block! Kill the knight, pick up the orb, and rotate clockwise to the shrieker bank and dunk the orb there. Why? Zulmak will be next to the knights bank, and can easily kill you if you dunk it there.

Run back to the knights tower, and pick off adds with your hand cannon. Once you think the coast is clear, kill another swordbearer and take out the shrieker. Take its orb to Wizards bank, dunk it, and run to Shrieker to pick off adds.

Do the same thing with the wizard. A good tip for fighting the wizard is to stand outside her room and spam projectiles in. if she starts melting you, dash away from her line of fire. Once she’s dead, kill all the adds you can before dunking the orb at Knight Tower. Once you dunk, it’s dps time.

Drop your bubble right at Zulmaks feet and SPAM left click. As long as you have Armor of Light and Passive Guard active, you should be next to invincible during dps. I managed to chunk two thirds of his health in one phase. But remember! Hubris is your worst enemy. DON’T. GET. GREEDY. If you think you’re gonna die, bail. If he’s charging his giant dps ending explosion, bail. if the bubble disappears, bail. Don’t go for more, play it safe.

Once you finish the first dps phase, do the exact same thing you did at the beginning. Kill the knight, dunk at shrieker and hide at knight. Kill the shrieker, dunk at wizardand hide at shrieker. Kill the wizard, dunk at knight, and do dps. You got this!

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