Cloudpunk – World Map and Area Maps

This map has been created to make better sense of navigating in Cloudpunk. There is an overall World Map that shows how the tunnels connect to other areas, as well as screenshots of each area map with the exits labeled. Some areas are [SPOILERS] to the story, so click back now if you want to avoid spoilers.

World Map

This is the world map that shows all of the area maps and which tunnels connect to the others.

The layout of this map is upside-down to how the “world” of Cloudpunk is constructed, with the lowest levels on top, and the highest levels on the bottom, in order to more clearly show how the levels connect.

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The Top Levels

Avalon Heights

Mochi District / Albena Majorus

Upper Central

Metro Hub – Midtown – Little China

Lower Central

Gallows Row, Caledon, Ochuba

Lower Levels



The Marrow

Sub Levels


The Ventz

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