Cloudpunk – 100% Achievement Guide

Cloudpunk - 100% Achievement Guide
Cloudpunk - 100% Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide with locations, notification about missable achievements.

General Information

Manual Saving of the Game aka Backing Up Save Files

Cloudpunk has only one save slot and working with autosave. The game is saved every time you parking, enter your HOVA again, traveled to another zone, or after you progressed with your quest.

No manual saving is one of the biggest problems of the game, as players like to return to liked conversations to experience it again without replaying the whole game until to that part, or just to choose one different solution for a quest.

The game is saved to:

  • C:usersusernameAppDataLocalLowION LANDS Cloudpunkslot0.sav

Username is different for everyone, it is based on what username you added during windows install.

Just copy that save file for whatever saving you want to “save” manually, and whenever you want to return to that point just copy it back to that location. Don’t forget to create a backup save for your new save file too, as this method will overwrite your newer save.

Highly Missable and Exclusive / Non Story Related Achievements

The perfect run
Complete the game without repair

Do not repair. At all. Your HOVA can’t be destroyed, I tried for 15mins to bump to everything. It became damaged, slower, but no game over because of that.

You can land at repair stations, you can talk with engineers, you can go to Emit (as quest related) you can buy upgrades, just never click on HOVA repair, never click on the field marked on this picture:

It is still easy to get to the end without damages, you can just travel above all traffics. After zoning there are always heavy traffic generated to the location where you land, so just push F button to go right so you can leave the highway fast.

No Pressure
Successfully complete all time sensitive deliveries

There are 4 times events in the game. One of it is awarded with Outrun achievement and not count to this one i think. The 3 “delivery” required for this:

  • When you pick up Huxley at Gallows Row, you need to escape a signal. This is the one usually everyone miss, as you need go always to Caledon area on the same map segment, but before the escape event start you get a NAV point, which leads far away. If you start to follow that NAV point you won’t be able to get back to the required location.
  • When you with Huxley and Pastha some event will happen, which i don’t want to spoil here. Get Huxley to the location in time, enough time, so you shouldn’t have any issue.
  • The third is the only real delivery for this achievemet. You need to deliver a printed heart for Lifecorp. Timer starts once you pick up the delivery, more than enough time to finish the delivery.

Achievements for Storyline in Chronological Order, but Some Missable

Because of decisions on quests some storyline achievement missable or exclusive. This topic goes through of all of them in the order you should get them, or when you need to make a decision for them.

First Delivery
Complete your first delivery job


Tastier than maggot pizza
Get something to eat

You will have a quest to buy some food. Theoretically missable I think, but doubt anyone would avoid that quest as you automatically consume a food you purchase while this quest is active.

Nothing to see here
Pass a CorpSec security check


Old Friends
Activate Camus in your vehicle


Two roads diverged
Make a decision

You will decide if you want to trash the box which is ticking or deliver it to the metro. Unmissable, no exclusive achievement for different decisions.

His hands are dirty
Get to know Lomo


He was never slow
Make a decision that saves Never Slow Joe’s life

Missable, when delivering to Never Slow Joe then sell the item you get from Joe instead of delivering to Emit. When you done this, then the achievement will be unlocked, but only around the end of the game when you need to go to Emit again.

Radio Free Nivalis
Discover the radio with Camus


Trading up
Get a new HOVA model


Wanted for crimes against businessocracy
Flee from CorpSec


Null Gate
Pass a Null Gate


Talk to CORA


Deliver to a CEO


Go through with the prank

MISSABLE, exclusive. When you delivered the order to the CEO, when you about to leave the area Camus will suggest a prank. Do it, before you leaving the area.

Charity lightens the soul
Deliver emergency rations


Pick up Huxley


Mr. Anderson
Get to know the Andersons


Good Rabbit
We are become death, destroyer of worlds

Missable, exclusive. When delivering for Rubrick you have an option to deliver it or trash it. Choosing the delivery solution for the quest award this achievement.

Swallowed by the Seas
… as they complain across a thousand shores

Missable, exclusive. when delivering for Rubrick you have an option to deliver it or trash it. Choosing the solution which trash the delivery to the ocean award this achievement.

Dogs and Automata
Discuss friendship and life with Camus


Save the life of the life saver
Save the life of a Doctor

Missable, when you need to rescue 3 NPC from the quarantineed zone, then make sure one of them will be the female doctor.

We’re a taxi service now
Hi, my name is Rania. I’m a delivery driver. I normally don’t take passengers.


Decide Dolly’s fate

Unmissable, 2 ways to finish the quest, but no achievement affected by the decision.

Customer Feedback

Unmissable, but you will speak with different NPC based on the decisions you made.

Don’t drink from the faucet
Buy water for Pashta

You will have a quest to go back to Pashta, and you will also get an optional quest during that, which asks you to buy 5 waters for her. Do it before getting to Pashta. Achievement unlock once the waters are bought.

Escape the Undernet Pulse

While at Pastha Control will ask you to leave the area. Not sure if it is missable or not, plenty avaiable time to do so. Unlocks for sure if you not fail the timer.

William’s Fate
Decide what happens to William

Unmissable. Quest have 2 solutions, no matter which you select.

Neo Cupid
Deliver a printed heart

Deliver the printed heart. Timed delivery, not sure if it is awarded if you runs out of time. Time is more than enough, so you shouldnt fail. If you does, its fail the no pressure achievement.

Above the Clouds
Enter a Spire above the clouds

Unmissable since 28th April ~2-3am (GMT+1), before that patch the achievement was bugged. Now the problem with this, that if you played the game before this time and you finished the game then you can’t enter the Spire again. It might unlock when you visit the CEO, if it does please let me know. I’ll post a message on developers discord, that they should players allow to revisit area after game finished to earn the achievement without replaying the whole game again.

Decision above the Clouds


No more accidents


A Song about Home
Complete the game


Avalon Heights Map

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. Not sure I’m cut out for this
  • 2. Can I quote you?
  • 3. Postbox of love
  • 4. Summer 76
  • 5. Le Grille

Not sure I’m cut out for this
Meet the Engineer again

Talk with the engineer for the second time, this time at Diamond Hills.

Can I quote you?
Talk to Donn Vee, the reporter for the Inquirer

After you leaving the Spire area, once you delivered to the CEO, for the CEO achievement, down at the elevator you can speak with Donn. Do it for the achievement.

Postbox of love
Bring Douglas the Dating Agency flyer

One of the loots you can gather while exploring is a dating agency flyer. Once you have it speak with Douglas at the marked location.

Summer 76
Return the memory card to Janet Mortaim

Once you found the memory card loot, bring it back to Janet. All the random loot visible on map, I’am not sure where it was but for nivalis exploration it is highly suggested to loot up everything anyway.

Le Grille
Find the Le Grille restaurant

Location marked on the map, you will need a Corpsec Flyer to enter the area.

Midtown Map

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. Toxic Loudcaster
  • 2. BlockFourOh
  • 3. Joe Ham, Noodle Man
  • 4. Memory Collector + Second Chances
  • 5. Have a safe word
  • 6. Teko’s first location
  • 7. Verbal Martial Artist
  • 8 Metropol Building

Toxic Loudcaster
Get interviewed by the Undernet’s hottest loudcast

Talk with Rory Alpha, at the end of the conversation the achievement is yours.

Run into a street gang

Next to the Cloudpunk HQ talk with the gang members.

Joe Ham, Noodle Man
Help Joe Ham

The famous Gorgonthoa scene, talk with Joe Ham at the location, he will give you a quest. From there the quest mark will guide you.

Memory Collector
Find 20 Punch Cards

Not tied exactly to the location, but you need punch Cards for Evelin, who is next to your apartment. Once you collected 20 punch cards this achievement will unlock.

Second Chances
Restore Evelin’s memories

Evelin is next to your apartment. Collect 3*20 Punch Cards for her to restore his memories.

Have a safe word
Meet Molly

Talk with Molly at the marked location.

Verbal Martial Artist
Have a debate with Glen Bo

You can get to Glen Bo through a closed portal/gate. To open it you need a corpsec flyer, what can be found as looting marked ground loots.

Metropol Building
Find the Metropol Building

Fly close to the building at the location.

Mochi District Map

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. Neural Mods
  • 2. Sunstone Terrace
  • 3. Speed Racers
  • 4. In a min, Theremin
  • 5. Nihon Outlook Point
  • 6. Easy Money

Neural Mods
Talk to Susie Hark, the Extravert

Talk to Susie at the marked location.

Sunstone Terrace
Discover the Sunstone Terrace in Mochi District

Go to the location marked on the map. Once you parked with your HOVA head to right. Go through the gate to get to the 2nd level, then use the elevator to the third level. The area is where the drug dealer is located:

Speed Racers
Give Mala the trading card

Give the trading card to Maia at the location. Now for this i don’t remember if it was a ground loot or received from the Not So Slow storyline npc.

In a min, Theremin
Sell old instruments to Sabra

As ground loot you can find some musical instrument or CD to Sabra. You need to sell only one for the acheivemement.

Nihon Outlook Point
Discover the Nihon Outlook Point

You can reach the area with the elevator.

Easy Money
Find a holocash keycard

You can find the holocash keycard at the marked location. You will get a quest once looted, any solution of the quest unlocks the achievement.

Oldtown Map

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. Lost and Found
  • 2. Load “” Enter
  • 3. Flirt
  • 4. Braver than I thought
  • 5. Norman
  • 6. Investment Offer
  • 7. Irony or something

Lost and Found
Return a suspicious item to CorpSec

In the same area one of the ground loot is a detonator. Upon looting it you will get a quest with loc info, deliver it to corpsec NPC.

Load “” Enter
Sell ancient computer games to Danya

There are 3 ground loots around the game which can be used on Danya at the location to turn in video games for money. The first time you do this, you will get an achievements.

Have a flirty conversation

Main quest will send you to take a coffee. Talk with the NPC there (not the guy which selling the coffee) to get this achievement.

Braver than I thought
Buy a piece of Cherry Pie

Buy a Cherry Pie from cherry pie vendor. Make sure you buy an extra as you need it for another achievement.

Meet Norman the falcon

Just talk with Norman at the location.

Investment Offer
Meet Jimmy Roll-High

Talk with Jimmy Roll-High at the marked location.

Irony or something
Give Haldo a candy bar

Buy a candy bar from a merchant and then talk with Haldo at the location marked on map.

The Marrow Map

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. I’m an Engineer
  • 2. Grow a thicker skin
  • 3. He’s a robot Andy knows it + Tempus fugit
  • 4. I prefer tarte tatin

I’m an Engineer
Find the Engineer

Talk with the engineer at the marked location.

Grow a thicker skin
Help the Patchwork Man

The Patchwork man (location is on the map) will give you a quest. You just need to buy an item from an NPC close to the Patchwork. Finish it for the achievement.

He’s a robot Andy knows it
Have a meaningful conversation with Andy

Talk with Andy at the location.

Tempus fugit
Learn about Teko’s past

You need to speak Teko 3 times. This is the last location.

  • First: Midtown map, number 6
  • Second: Mercantile District map, number 3
  • Third: this map (Marrows) number 3

I prefer tarte tatin
Sell a piece of cherry pie to Trixie Dio

Buy a cherry pie on Oldtown map, number 4 then bring one to Trixie.

Waterside Map

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. Hiss Club
  • 2. Cardinal communication
  • 3. Can’t stop, won’t stop
  • 4. A Lead
  • 5. Forbidden Types
  • 6. Erasera

Hiss Club
Discover the Hiss Club

Go to the marked location.

Cardinal communication
Get screamed at by a mad street preacher

Talk with the preacher at the marked location.

Can’t stop, won’t stop
Meet the rapping android

Talk with Comrade Bop at the marked location.

A Lead
Talk to Raguan

Once you talked with Comrade Bop you will get a quest, so you can talk with Raguan. Do it for the achievement.

Forbidden Types
Make a delivery for Rotriv

Rotric location can be found on map. He will ask you to deliver a package, finish the quest to get this achievement.

Receive a lecture from Suto Dore

Speak with Suto Dore at the location marked on map. You need to deliver him to another place. Once arrived, achievement unlocks.

Mercantile District

Click on the map picture to see in an bigger size so you can see numbered locations easier.

  • 1. Handy!
  • 2. I quit
  • 3. Teko’s second location

Return Artyom’s ring

During your adventure, when you picking up the loots scattered all around (which is also required so you enter all area for all area unlock achievement) you will find an arm. Once you have it go to Artyom and talk to him.

I quit
Meet the Engineer a third time

Talk with the engineer for a third time, this time at Gallow’s Row.

Misc Achievements

Refuel your vehicle

Just Refuel your HOVA at any gas station. Achievement unlocks if you fill up your HOVA to max.

Running Clean
Install a Speedbooster

Buy a speedbooster at any garage once it is unlocked.

Use a Holocash machine

It could be added as storyline achievement too, because during Huxley quest you need to use holocash terminal, but you can get this before already, as you can find “bankcard” with codes in it or you can get a code during charity achievement quest. Just go to a holocash terminal, use the code, withdrawn money from the associated account and this will unlock.

HOVA Enthusiast
Install all available vehicle upgrades

Purchase all available upgrades (except the cheap color ones) at a garage. Be careful, dont purchase repair accidently.

Almost like Home
Purchase all available apartment upgrades

The achievement was bugged and fixed by a patch on 28th April ~3am (GMT+1). You can get it on your old save if you purchased already everything. Just get back to your aparment and open the tab where you can purchase upgrades. The achievement will unlock at that time.

Nivalis Tourist
Discover all unlockable locations

  • 1. Explore the ground areas carefully.
  • 2. Go through of all roads.

Once done you probably will still miss two locations:

  • 1. Lucille’s Garage. The repair station north from Mercantile Station. Please keep in mind you need to land to explore this location.
  • 2. In Midtown, fly up high at the bund, then follow the railway to north. This will unlock the Ash Lane location.

After this you should have the achievement, I think there wasnt any other easy to miss location which not linked to achievements, i unlocked the achievement by exploring ground areas, going through all roads and going to that two location.

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