Hypnospace Outlaw – Walkthrough

Hypnospace Outlaw - Walkthrough
Hypnospace Outlaw - Walkthrough

Walkthrough that steps through how the clues and answers are worked out.

Case 1: Gumshoe Gooper Content Infringement

You have access to four zones to start with: Hypnospace Central, The Cafe, Goodtime Valley and HSPD Headquarters. HSPD Headquarters just recaps the material from the initial training video, so you never need to visit it.

Search “gooper” and you’ll find 3 pages. Open up Abby’s World and click through to “Gumshoe Gooper Art from my 1st Grade Class” and report at will. You can report almost all the images here, even the drawings, although the “does not play with a dog..” drawing is so bad it isn’t a violation. The more you report the more money you make, but you might not want to just report kids’ drawings! Go back to your search and you’ll also find Gumshoe renders on Sandy 4 Leader! and a scanned comic on Sandy’s Humor Page. You might notice links to Noble Warlock Design Studio on Abby’s page, but there’s no Gumshoe renders there, so nothing to report.

Close the case. Go to Hypnospace central and download HypnoCure Lite – you should have enough HC for this by now. Remember to open the download manager and click to install it; just downloading it won’t do anything.

Case 2: Harassment by ZANE_ROCKS_14

You have a new Zone: Teentopia.

Scroll down and open ZANE_ROCKS_14’s page, helpfully called ZANE ROCKS. There’s nothing much there, but there is a note that he has a “secret page”. Fortunately he didn’t hide it very well. You can see from the page that his favourite band is “seepage”. Search for “seepage” (or click on the tag on the right) and you’ll see his hidden page, Got Game or WAY LAME? (“See-page”, geddit?) Click on this and you’ll find a mock interview with seepage. Scroll down and click “To the main episode selection page”, then on “Episode 2: Corey, ew.” ALL the green text and adjacent images on this page can be reported, as can the “WAY LAME” logo and the text surrounding it. Scroll to the top and flag ZANE_ROCKS_14 for investigation.

But you’re not done yet! He was complaining at “Corey”. Maybe Corey tried to strike back? Go back to Teentopia and enter Corey’s House and scroll to the bottom. Boom! Report “The official Zane Sucks club badge” and the “Zane is a flippin idiot” text next to it. Click on the dead link where the badge was and report everything – the scrolling text, the badge, and the text above and below it. Then scroll to the top and flag ThatBrassyKid.

Done? Nope. These are teens we’re talking about. Corey mentioned having a girlfriend called “Jennifer”. Go back to Teentopia and click on Jennifer the Nerdy Chik. A-ha – she’s also displaying the Zane Sucks badge. Report it. There’s nothing else on her page to report, though. You can check Zane’s girlfriend too if you want – you can easily recognise her because her username is I_LOVE_ZANE, it’s Jessica White’s Page off Teentopia – but she doesn’t have anything to report on it.

Close the case.

Case 3: Capacash Extralegal Commerce

You have a new zone: Open Eyed.

Search for “Capacash” and you’ll find SHERRIHEALS’ page in Open Eyed. Click on “Consult Now” and you’ll find a “Consultation Request” page that asks you to pay 33hc for access to her consultation page. Well, we’re not doing that if we can help it. Instead, search for SHERRIHEALS and you’ll find five identically named pages, one of which is the hidden consultation page. Report all three CapaCash logos – the text above can not be reported.

We’re not done yet. Try a search for “capa cash” instead and you’ll find a page called Goodtime SCAM WATCH. Click through and you’ll notice it talks about a program called Professor Helper which tries to scam you into viewing ads which ask for Capacash. Professor Helper can be found in Open Eyed by clicking on Professor Helper for HypnOS. Rather than installing it, instead use the same trick you used for Sherri – search for the username, which is just ProfessorHelper without a space. You’ll find pages called YOU ARE A WINNER and Professor Helper Ad Director.

Click on “Professor Helper Ad Director”, visit all four of the linked pages and report their CapaCash logos. Note that visiting the “YOU ARE A WINNER” page, or the “Free Cruise and Credit Report” page, will infect your (in-game) computer with the WaveHello virus which makes HypnoSpace Explorer wobble back and forth. Fortunately, you have HypnoCure Lite. Open it up from the launcher and and click on “Cure Me” to get rid of it.

You’ll get a message from Dylan Merchant asking you not to flag ProfessorHelper’s account – if you do, you’ll get a silly message from Adrian Merchant telling you off, but nothing else bad. Close the case.

Annoyingly, you cannot report Professor Helper itself, nor the page that installs WaveHello, for malicious software. You can install Professor Helper if you want; it pops up an annoying character who asks if you need help and sends you to one of the four ad pages if you answer yes; but you can’t uninstall it in this chapter without paying hc for the uninstaller program.

Case 4: “Illegal” Shock Images

Another new zone: Coolpunk Paradise.

This is the first one that requires some real detective work. You’ll get two e-mails with the case – one offering to install “True Tranquility” and another from Dylan warning you not to go to that page. It seems that the virus changes its victims’ Hypnospace pages to show jumpscares and they need to track down which ones have been changed. You can go to the virus page if you want to – it’ll open an “installing” progress bar; you have time to close it before the end, and if you do, you won’t be affected. The virus doesn’t do any harm anyway, and HypnoCure can get rid of it (and, again, you can’t report the page for malicious software. Get it together, MerchantSoft!)

Well, we know that the virus dropper is called “True Tranquility”. Search for “tranquility”. You’ll find two pages, Beyond Twilight and Choose Your Parasite. “Beyond Twilight” contains a link to “Choose Your Parasite”, so that’s where we’re going. You’ll find four images of people who have “experienced true tranquility”. Clicking on the i button will also show you the owner of the page, T1MAGEDDON, who will be giving you rather a lot of trouble later on. (But no, you can’t report him for malicious software either.)

Clicking on each of the four images will lead to a biography of the person who was a victim of True Tranquility, and by exploring the other sites in your open zones, you need to identify who that is. This is really only done by exploring and following the clues.

  • The Rockstar – “Your songs topped the charts in the 80s..”. This is KRUNCHER HOME PAGE in Coolpunk Paradise, led by former star Chowder Man. Visit the page and “skip intro” and you’ll see the scary image of a heart with eyeballs; report it under law 3.
  • The Furniture Salesman – shows a picture of a “graphic design” page showing a wizard. If you paid attention in case 1, you know that this is Noble Warlock Design Studio in Goodtime Valley. Go there and report the scary image.
  • The Lonely Shaman – refers to a divorce and to being in contact with a woman psychic. Who could that be? Perhaps SHERRIHEALS from Case 3? Head to her page in Open Eyed, and click on “read exorcism client testimony here”. Scroll down and you’ll get the client’s name, Gus Parker. Go back to Open Eyed and you’ll spot Gus’s Temple of Serenity, with the username ParkerStudios_1. Bingo! Click through and report the scary.
  • The Biker – you haven’t had to go there yet, but if you’ve actually been reading any of the zones you’ve visited instead of laser-following every case, you’ll have spotted BurninRubber82’s page in Goodtime Valley. Go there and report the scary.

Close the case. Notice that the violation points technically go to the victims, not to T1MAGEDDON. This sucks, but there’s no way around it. It will come up again later.

Chapter 1 – Chapter 2 Transition

You’ll get a message from Dylan asking you to download “Outlaw for HypnOS”. Download it, run it, and click Yes. You can try to play it for a moment if you want, but it’ll almost immediately start glitching and crash HypnOS to a message warning that your headband has been damaged. You’ll be kicked back to the save select screen. Choose your save.

You’ll kick off Chapter 2 with an apology e-mail from Dylan for the damage caused, and an instruction to “mass cleanup” everything that has happened since most Enforcers had their headbands bricked by the Outlaw alpha.

You don’t actually get given any cases here, but they’re created as you find them, so explore. [Note: on my version at this point I had to restart Hypnospace Outlaw – the real game – because the tops of all pages were coming up blank. I don’t know if this is universal but it might be worth being aware of.]

Case 5: Gumshoe Gooper Infringement 2

Start by heading into Goodtime Valley. Uh-oh. Looks like Abby got mad about you flagging the Gumshoe Gooper images. So what did she do? Post a bunch more Gumshoe Gooper images, of course! Click on STAND WITH GOOPER, report all the Gooper images there, then click on the badge at the bottom of the page to search for other supporting pages and report all their Gooper images too, including the “Stand with Gooper” badges. By the end of it, you should have reported 12 violations and be able to flag AbbyWrites58, BurnRubber50, ARLAN_FER_0BBEE and SouthernGentRR.

Case 6: Harassment of DarkTwilightTiff

Open up Beyond Twilight in Teentopia and you’ll find a note saying “Enforcers please do something about these idiots”. Hmm, seems that both Corey and Zane have broken up with their girlfriends and started trying to put the moves on DarkTwilightTiff. Not every image here is reportable, since some are just regular chatting, but “..did your parents teach your manners”, “.. are u a virgin” and “im naked” all are. Notice that as with case 4, DarkTwilightTiff gets the violation points, and you can flag her. There’ll be a message thread sent to you between Samantha and Dylan about how this isn’t very fair.

Case 7: Malicious Software in Starport Castle Dreamstation

This is a right pain in the backside. Visit Starport Castle Dreamstation and you’ll notice that there’s a big falling out going on between the Zone members and Merchantsoft, who merged 5 previous zones to create it. Most also state that they’ve now “moved to SAI”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see what SAI is -Sovereign Alliance of Imagination. Click on that, and then “Come visit and explore the freelands”.

Yes, they’ve tucked a map-based adventure game into Hypnospace Outlaw.

Start by moving north, and you’ll see an icon in the bottom left with the mouse-over text “The trial of axxeleration”. Click on it and you’ll download a video clip. The video clip refers to hidden content in the Freelands, “two east of roddy’s bullring, one north of casper’s rocket” with the instruction “look closely at the borders”.

Look at the label on the Freelands pages and you’ll notice they contain a coordinate as a number and letter. “Roddy’s Bullring” is the page you’re currently on, 5D. You can find “casper’s rocket” by going South, East, East; it’s 7E, thus the number represents east-west and the letter represents north-south. So, two east of the Bullring is 7D, which sure enough is also one north of the rocket. There’s no path there from the rocket, so follow as close as you can get: west, west, north, north, east, south to 6D. As the name says, look closely at the border – on the easterly border there’s a green blob and some dotted lines that aren’t part of a tree. Click on this to find the hidden path to 7D. Click on the cabinet in this room to open it, and download another video clip.

The clue this time is:

  • The father of the freelands (his cybercogian name)+
  • The mother of the freelands (what she shoots in her game)+
  • The # of zones sent to an early grave

You can find all of these by exploring the Freelands, but it’s easier to go back to Starport Castle Dreamstation and open the SAI page again, where it mentions that the person to contact to join the Freelands (and therefore presumably “the father”) is GillScreates. Search for “GillSCreates” and open his home page. Click on The Sanderverse and it’ll mention that his wife (who would be “the mother”) plays a character named “Sarahnia” who is an archer, and that his character is named “SigNull”. That’s all you need! Head back to the Freelands start page and go North, and notice that a spinning sign has now replaced the first video link. Click and you’ll be asked for a password.

  • The father of the freelands, his cybercogian name = SigNull
  • The mother of the freelands, what she shoots in her game = she’s as archer, so Arrows
  • The # of zones sent to an early grave = 5 (as you saw on the front page of Dreamstation)

So the password is SigNullArrows5 (some variants are accepted, like SigNullArcher5).

This will take you to yet ANOTHER quiz on content in the Freelands, but this one is multiple choice and can be restarted. All the answers here can be found by clicking around the Freelands pages.

  • What is the name of the SAI’s special custom made zone? The Freelands
  • What did CasperAirGrafix do before he made amazing fantasy/scifi artwork? Played guitar in a cosmic rock band
  • What are short scary stories involving everyday objects called? Scaries
  • Which popular dragon is an impish prankster and goofball? Maraginnius
  • What are Taurus and Muleta? A humanoid bull and sentient cape
  • What highly valuable CyberCog items give humans superpowers? DataCogs

Boom! You’re finally at the Axxelerator download page. You can download it if you want, but you’ll then want to report the “click here to download axxelerator” link for malicious software. Close the case.

You can run Axxelerator if you want, but it doesn’t speed up page loading all that much, and it does periodically display irritating pop-ups sending you to the donation page.

Case 8: Unauthorized Music Distribution

This one is wide open, and just requires some very specific exploration, although it should be in places you’ve already been if you’ve been actually browsing.

Enter the Cafe, and Hypnos Tech Tips, then click through to the WITW page. Click on HSMs vs AUDs – music files and scroll to the bottom. It mentions that a previous service used for sharing music, digiXChange, was shut down, but it has started up again under the name FLIST or FLST. Search for “FLIST” and you’ll just find the same page again, but search for “FLST” (without the I) and boom – FLIST ACCESS PORTAL. It does require a password. You probably noticed there’s a link called FLIST PASSWORDS HERE!! that appeared in the search, which will sell you an FLIST password for 199hc together with an insulting message from T1MAGEDDON. Don’t bother.

Instead, go back to the WITW front page and click on Picking a Secure Password which gives Gregg’s technique for picking a password – the city you live in, your favourite hobby, and your birth year. The page also tells you that his hobby is “Computers”. Since Gregg is the one who introduced FLIST he presumably has a login for it. Gregg was not silly enough to put the remaining information required to guess his password on his Hypnospace pages. But he forgot that as an Enforcer, you can see it anyway through his user info panel! Click the i to see that he lives in Lexington and he’s 49. It’s 1999 in game, so he was born in 1950. Go back to the FLST page, click to log in, and enter his password: LexingtonComputers1950.

You can now search for FLIST pages by searching for “f” followed by the latter part of the user’s headband ID. Let’s start with the guy who sent us here: GearHeadGregg. Go to any of his pages, click on the i to get his headband ID which is 03465a, and so search for “f03465a”. Always stamp FLIST pages when you find them. There’s some useful content here, but there is no actual music being shared (and no, you can’t report his copy of Axxelerator for being malicious software..)

So, you’re now free to go and hunt through the FLIST directories of all the users you find. If you download and look at the “report” files for the music piracy case, you’ll see that one of the bands pirated is called “Glamocaster”, so search for that. You’ll find a link to a review which tells you that Glamocaster’s music genre is “haze”. Search for “haze” and you’ll find HAZE-O-PEDIA, run by DM_NO1ZPUSH3R. This is your guy. His FLIST path is f80085d. You can report every line on this page, but you won’t get to them all. That’s because DM_NO1ZPUSH3R is actually Dylan Merchant, the developer of HypnoSpace, and when he realises you’re reporting him and just shared his FLIST account with random people on the Enforcement team, he’ll send you a snotty e-mail and kick your Enforcer account, forcing everything to shut down.

Chapter 2 – Chapter 3 Transition

Re-open your save file and you’ll automatically restart on New Year’s Eve, and you’ll see a HypnOS update take place. For this whole section, everything will be glitching constantly. You’ll get an e-mail asking you to find out what to do about “the Year 2000 mindcrash”. Open Teentopia and you’ll see the Mindcrash announcement. Both it and the actual Mindcrash page beyond refer repeatedly to “mother of son of Tim”; and the Mindcrash page has the instruction “If thou art the beloved, accept thy imparted name”.

Oh FFS, it’s Tim again. Open T1MAGEDDON’s page from the Teentopia index. His actual page – which you access by clicking on “leave a message after the beep” when it appears – hides his ID, but on his intro page you can click i to open the panel and get his headband ID, 00928a. Of course he has an FLIST, so search for f00928a and stamp it.

Download mindcrash.htx and open it from the download manager. Note that .htx tells you it’s a text file, not an actual virus. You’ll see a message from Tim saying that Mindcrash isn’t a real thing, just Tim trying to get Tiffany’s attention, and that he addresses her as “Marshmallow”.

Go back to the Teentopia homepage, click on the Mindcrash link, click on the keyboard, and enter Marshmallow as the password. Then click the “Disable Scary Mindcrash Stuff” button and it’ll restore the regular Teentopia. You’ll get a dispatch message that you’ve stopped the Mindcrash, but shortly afterwards, you’ll get another message saying that “Outlaw 0.99.9” is being installed. Sit back and wait as everything glitches like out crazy; there’s nothing you can do, and the whole HypnOS system will collapse.

You’ll then get a much less funny animation, telling you that the failure of the headbands killed a number of HypnoSpace users, and that Tim was blamed for this because of his Mindcrash announcement and sent to jail for 6 years. You’ll be kicked back to the save page.

HypnoSpace Archive Project

Re-open the save and you’ll be in a version of HypnOS 2000 without the glitches, and with the date matching the real life date. You’re now accessing the HypnoSpace Archive Project. Your Enforcer Headband actually kept a backup of much of the data on Hypnospace, even the pages you didn’t browse, and the remaining former users want you to help restore data from it.

Open your e-mails, open the program hapinstall from HAP_Chelsea, and run and install it. You can now access HypnoSpace pages again, but the methods are different.

  • HAP will add an icon to the bottom of Hypnospace Explorer which will allow you to switch between any of the previous dates – Chapters 1 and 2, New Year’s Eve 2000 when the breakdown occurred, and the “HAP Intranet” (which doesn’t have any HypnoSpace content on it, so you’ll have to go back at least one date to see any prior pages).
  • Page stamps do NOT stamp the version they are from, so you’ll still have to choose that manually using the HAP icon when you go to a stamped page.
  • You’ll also no longer get Cases. Instead, there’s the “HAP Lost and Found Page” on the HAP Intranet which now lists tasks to accomplish. These also don’t have to be closed or reported; just visiting a page with the mentioned content will send it to the Archive and trigger an e-mail if it’s one of the targets.
  • You can’t report pages or content any more, because the central servers are down. Fortunately, hc won’t be a problem for anything you need to do.
  • You can play Outlaw 0.99 if you want to. It won’t glitch, but it doesn’t really achieve anything except give you hc very slowly.
  • Clicking “OPEN HAP” at the bottom of the HAP subwindow will give you an overview of all pages you’ve ever visited, even normally unlisted ones, and let you instantly jump to any of them by clicking on them.
  • You can still buy the consultation link from SHERRIHEALS or the FLIST password from T1MAGEDDON even though they shouldn’t be able to send you e-mails when the server is down and Tim is on the HAP project now. Oops! 🙂

LaF 1: Lost “The Chowder Man” Song

Well, you know where Chowder Man’s page was because you pulled TIM’s virus off it; go back to one of the archive pages, open Coolpunk Paradise and the Kruncher Home Page. You can see Chowder Man’s username: RealChowderMan. Click the i to get his headband ID and use it to go to his FLIST: f00088d. Visit this page and you’ll find his lost song: oneleggedman.htx. Download it. A moment later you should get a message from HAP_Artie congratulating you on finding the song.

LaF 2: Lost Early Song Demo Recordings (of now-famous rapper!)

This is remarkably easy for this point in the game. Notice that the archive entry states that someone deleted his message saying it “wasn’t real music because it was Flip-Flop”. Search for “flip-flop” and you’ll find KEVVINN-J FLIP-FLOP. This is all you need! Wait a few moments and you’ll get a message from HAP_Tamara saying that you found the old songs. And yea, they’re terrible. I guess he got better…

LaF 3: Roddy’s Early “Test Pet”

Quite easy with the background you have now. You already know Roddy – it’s RingleaderRoddy of course. Go to any of his pages and click the i to get his headband ID in order to get to his FLIST: f00021d. Use the HAP browser to go back to the very earliest date and you’ll see testpet.pet at the bottom of the file list. Again, just seeing this is enough to trigger a message from HAP_Artie thanking you for finding the pet.

LaF 4: Weird Secret “Eye” Cult?

This is the hardest one of all the missions, as it depends on you exploring an area that’s not really relevant to it (but you should be doing that anyway, right? Right?) The text mentions Adrian Merchant, but you won’t find anything useful on his pages.

Instead, go into Open Eyed and look up Lookout Ministries. Click on The Squisherz Deception and you’ll see a page attacking the Squisherz game for containing a reference to an occult eye symbol – referred to as the Eye of Horus. Search for horus and you’ll find the Children Of Horus Home, but just finding this front page isn’t enough, and clicking on either of the links demands a password.

So, you need an actual, real private password from Adrian Merchant, someone who’s not about to have made the same mistakes GearHeadGregg did. This likely means getting in with actual hackers. And there’s only one you know, sadly. T1MAGEDDON.

Go to T1MAGEDDON’s page in Teentopia and click on the “leave a message..” link. You’ll get a page with the message “only those with true sight may enter”. Huh. What could that be? Well, if you remember going to Tim’s FLIST page earlier – or Roddy’s or Gregg’s, actually – there was a file called 3y3.hex. Eye sounds like a good bet for “Sight”! Go grab it. (What? Seriously? f00928a. Stamp it this time!)

Uh-oh. Problem. When you try to open 3y3 from the download manager, you’ll get an error that it’s encrypted. Search for “decrypt”, and you’ll find a page SamWich Encryption Info. This page will tell you that the file is SamWich encrypted, and there is no official support for decrypting it in HypnOS, but there may be a way to do so. It will also tell you that SanWich encryption was designed “Roddy Wall, who now works at MerchantSoft”. That would be RingleaderRoddy, then. Search for his username, and open Roddy’s Project Diary. Scroll down and you’ll see:

Oh yeah, you SamWich users juuuust might want to download yourself a pet, he he he.

So, so grab a virtual pet. You can buy one from TeenTopia – there are two available on different dates; or use the TestPet you found in Roddy’s old FLIST; or you can grab april.pet from Gregg’s FLIST. Download it, install it, and you’ll have a pet of some kind floating on your desktop. Open Download Manager and click the arrow icon next to 3y3 to move it to the desktop, then drag it onto the pet. Roddy’s hint was telling you that virtual pets act as SamWich decryptors. Wait for a few moments and an unencrypted 3y3 will be dropped onto the page. Run it, and let it install. You’ll be told that “You have been blessed with 2nd sight.”

(Your pet will move around at random and occasionally poop on the desktop; you need to drag the poop into the recycle bin. You can buy food for the pet, but you don’t need to. If it dies, you lose your ability to decrypt SamWich files, but you can just get one of the other three available pets (lovesquid, april, and testpet) and install that instead. Also, it’ll soon be moot.)

Head back to T1MAGEDDON’s inner page with the “true sight” message, run the newly installed program AllSeeing3y3 and move the window so that the eye moves over the red lines on the page. You’ll see a hidden link saying “click to enter”. Go for it.

You’ll find a few interesting links here, including more about how he’s been trying to impress DarkTwilightTiff by writing malware, and also a link to M1NX, a HypnoSpace hacker group. But you don’t actually need to look at that at this stage. Roll time back to Nov 26 using HAP, and you’ll see on that date Tim had posted “T1MAGEDDON’S THANKSGIVING P3SSWORD F3AST”. Click to download this text file and open it, and scroll to the second page. Aha! There’s a couple of ChitChat passwords for several users, including Adrian Merchant! Wonder if they were silly enough to use the same password on Horus?

Head back to the Children of Horus page (by searching for “horus” again), click to log in, and enter Adrian’s password, falcon123. (You might have noticed that one of the other passwords is rarahorus296 – sure enough, he was also a horus member, so that will work too.) You’ll get to.. a competition board where the members compete to hide occult references in innocent content for laughs. Oh well, you still get the message from HAP_Chelsea congratulating you.

Final: Prove that Merchantsoft caused the Mindcrash

If you’ve completed at least two of the previous tasks, you now have messages from MS_Samantha, in which she explains that she is really HAP_Chelsea and is running the HAP in order to find evidence that Merchantsoft themselves, rather than Tim, caused the deaths on New Year’s Eve. She’ll send you a program sam-hammer.hex in an e-mail. Run and install it. It changes your hammer icon to have a new option “Send to Sam” to be used on content relevant to the mission.

Also, when you install samhammer, you’ll get a message that Dylan Merchant has joined the HAP himself. He seems helpful, but he’s keen to say “if you find anything that came from inside Merchantsoft, please send it to me before the rest of the team.” Suspicious much?

You need to have a good handle on some underground parts of HypnoSpace to do this, so if you haven’t done all four of the LaF’s above, in particular LaF 4, do them now.

First step. Go to Hypnospace Central in the most recent archive (Dec 31, 1999) and you’ll see an entry labelled “STOP USING HYPNOSPACE”. Click on it and you’ll see a page.. that’s been almost entirely deleted by other HypnoSpace Enforcers. Oops! Still, you’ll notice the top of the page says “I KNOW I’M KNOWN FOR M1NX” – remember them? They’re the hacker group Tim mentioned. Clicking the i on the page will show you a scrambled ID page with no headset ID, but searching for the username – RE3KONING_INC, will send you to their home page.

Note there’s a blank PROJECTS section. But you know that trick by now, right? Run AllSeeing3y3 again and move it over the projects section. You’ll see it mentions three projects: AllSeeingEye itself, “leakypiping”, and “HS Dreamtoolz” which is in the Freelands.

First, search for “leakypipng” and visit the Merchantsoft’s Leaky Piping page. Make sure you’re accessing the most recent archive. There are four obvious spaces on this page where links can be revealed using AllSeeing3y3. You should read all of them to find out a bunch of interesting background about everything you’ve seen so far, but the one you want is at the very bottom. Scroll to the bottom of that page where there’s a chatlog showing Samantha begging Dylan to not release Outlaw until it’s more stable. Use your upgraded hammer to send it to Sam. Wait a few moments. Sam will thank you and say that she also needs “concrete medical evidence” that HypnoSpace could have been harmful.

Well, we have one more big hurdle to overcome to get there. What about that other project by Re3koning? He mentioned it was “in the freelands”, so enter the Freelands through Starport Castle Dreamstation (you will have to roll back to a previous archive to enter them, since the entry link was taken down by New Year’s Eve as part of the dispute). From the opening page showing the docks, scroll down, and bring up AllSeeing3y3 again. Move it around the area below the docks, and you’ll see a hidden image of a boat. Click that, and you’ll be taken to a hidden island with a saw icon on it. Stamp this page, then click on the saw to download HYPNOS_DREAMTOOLZ, install and run it.

This program has a bunch of options to play with, but there are two that are particularly useful. The first is on the Petz page, clicking “IT’S ALIIVE!” will bring back your virtual pet, in case you need to decrypt anything and it died. Secondly, in the top right of the Debugz page is “DONATE TO THE HAX GODS”. Click on this, and you’ll be asked how much you want to donate with the warning “positive numbers only”. Well, that’s a give away. Enter -9999 and you’ll receive 9999 hc. You’ll also get a message telling you not to steal from the Hax Gods, but nothing will happen (you’re not stealing anything, the servers are down, remember?)

Now, wind through to the Dec 31 archive of the Dreamtoolz page and you’ll notice there’s corrupted text there now. What could that be? Well, if you’ve been browsing you’ve seen it before: it appeared in Open Eyed on the page SteveGuy’s FREE SOUND F.X.. In the later archives you’ll see a new page added by the same user, NETSETTLER SUPPORT NOW!!! which mentions that this corruption is the result of a glitch in HypnOS and can be cured by using Safe Mode in HypnoCure Pro.

HypnoCure Pro is expensive, but since you can make hc on demand now, that’s no problem. Go back to the HypnoCure page in HypnoSpace Central and download HypnoCure Pro (no, you don’t get a discount for having bought Lite. What a rip!) Install it, and a new icon – a warning triangle – will be added to the bar at the top of HypnoSpace Explorer. Go back to SteveGuy’s FREE SOUND F.X. and click the Safe Mode button and you’ll see that all of the text is now readable. It’s time for the last trump.

Go back to Re3koning’s page in the Freelands on the most recent archive and engage Safe Mode. The text will be revealed as “MerchantSoft Clinical Leak Backup.” Click on it. The page tells you to “Use Second Sight”, so fire up AllSeeing3y3 and scroll down, and you’ll see a link to “Click to Download Unreleased HypnoSpace Clinical Study”. You can download this if you wish – it shows a text file and a series of images showing that use of HypnoSpace causes unnatural sleep patterns. But what you need to do is to use your hammer to report it to Sam – you can’t click with the hammer on text visible through AllSeeing3y3, so you’ll have to confirm its position on the page, move the eye out of the way and click in the appropriate position on the page.

Wait a few moments, and you’ll get another set of e-mails, including one from Dylan named “Hello, Samantha”. Click the link in it. It leads to a page in the HAP Intranet, so make sure to have it selected.

Download Outlaw 1.0 and run it. It doesn’t play like any of the previous versions.

Once you’re done, check your Download Manager for a final few messages.


This is a very “direct” solution – there is still a ton of stuff to explore, and a lot of the fun of the game just comes from seeing general things unrelated to the plot. You can find some other interactive adventures built within HypnoSpace; you can see what happened at the Coolpunk festival that caused Coolpunk to be declared “dead” and why Chowder Man wrote a song called “one legged man”; you can find the forum pages of the M1NX hacker group and see what Re3koning thought about Tim. There’s a ton of music to find across multiple FLISTs, and all of it is really playable. And there’s a whole other game, which awards hc, that we haven’t even touched on.

Your actions in the early part of the game can affect what happens later: the number of deaths that occur on New Year’s Eve varies based on your activities in the first two chapters (remember, people who break the rules get banned, and people who were banned won’t be using their headbands on NYE..) There might even be a fifth LaF to find.

If you’re really keen, you can try and get 100% archives by visiting every single page in every archived version – that includes failure pages, unlinked pages, FLISTS, malware pages and so on. I suggest using The Technoviking’s guide to do this! There is no intrinsic plot reward for doing so, but you will get a message from the real-life developers and a few bits of hidden content, plus the ability to Full Text search.

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  1. SPOILER: Endgame LAF4 stuff

    The required password can be found much easier than described here by looking through Adrian’s statuses over the different captures.

  2. I guess they must have changed something since this guide went up — maybe they got complaints that the “weird eye cult” thing was too hard? Anyway, playing the Xbox version as of 9-19-20, in the post-mindcrash phase, Adrian Merchant’s userpage just flat-out says his Horus password in the status message at the top — a security lapse even worse than GearHeadGregg’s — with no need to use the eye or go through Tim’s page or anything. It’s Falcon123.

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