Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Money Trade Guide (Early Game on Western Route)

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Money Trade Guide (Early Game on Western Route)
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Money Trade Guide (Early Game on Western Route)

Simple and easy way to trade for a lot of gold at the start of your campaign. Contains all pictures and video.

Guide to Money Trading

Intro, Talents and Prices

Since I don’t like guides that are super long and wont get to the point I’ll just start.

I’ll make around 30-50k an hour doing this run depending on bandits etc. This is with a completely new character though and you’ll make more once you get the hang of it.

Follow the guide to first do your “setup” run so that you can start doing the real trade route efficiently.

I focus on buying these goods, below the prices I’ve written (prices can obviously fluctuate):

  • Aserai (War horse) < 500
  • Desert Horse < 100
  • Fur < 80
  • Mule < 75
  • Sheep < 70
  • Pottery < 50
  • Cotton < 35
  • Wine < 35
  • Oil < 35
  • Hogs < 35
  • Iron ore < 35
  • Date < 30
  • Beer < 30
  • Cheese < 30
  • Wool < 25
  • Olive < 15
  • Hardwood < 14
  • Clay < 12

My prefered talent tree:

Setup 1

Recruit around 10 units to avoid most bandit attacks.

Start by running to the desert and these villages and towns. You’ll buy desert horses for all ducats you can spare.

Setup 2

Then run north to this area, selling horses for a profit in any towns on the way. When you’ve sold the horses you use your profits to buy cheap furs in the villages and town shown in the pictues. Move back to the desert and sell furs in towns along the way.

Setup 3

Do the desert run again, buying desert horses. Then move here and get cheap olives.

Setup 4

Continue north, buying cheap Olives. You can sell most trade goods and horses in Ocs Hall for a good profit.

Setup 5 (Last)

Move to the mountain area, buying cheap clay in the first town and cheap hardwood in the second. Then move back to the desert to buy horses, selling trade goods in towns along the way.

Once you’ve done this you should have capital enough to start with the real trade route.

The Real Trade Route

Once you have the capital for it. Start running this route to make some serious cash. Buy the goods written on the picture at the relevant cities and sell them for a profit wherever you can. I try to sell for at least 150% of what I bought the item for.

You can buy for very good prices in villages and since the price there is set, it wont go up or down depending on how much you sell or buy there. They’re definitely worth visiting along the way.

Video guide

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