Kynseed – South Maps (NPC, Map Stone and Goddess Stone Locations)

Kynseed - South Maps (NPC
Kynseed - South Maps (NPC

I made maps to help players locate NPC’s, map stones, and Goddess stones.

Kynseed Maps – South

Willowdown Farm (2 Map Stones)

Dreamer’s Nook (1 Map Stone)

  • Twig

Druidas Cross (2 Map Stones)

Testy Acres (1 Map Stone)

[Cider Rules House]

  • Worzel Scrumpy
  • Betty Scrumpy
  • Ned Scrumpy
  • Jed Scrumpy

Mosswhisper Ruin (2 Map Stones)

North Gate (2 Map Stones)

[History House]

  • Lucy Arrows

[Spanglefangle Starshed]

  • Herbert Lemon

Candlewych Village (3 Map Stones)

[Anvilla] [Blacksmith]

  • Geoffrey Black
  • Jeremie Smith

[Ale & Hearty] [Tavern]

  • Toby Jugg
  • Melanie Jugg

[The Spice Apple] [Apothecary]

  • Boots Winters
  • Lemmy Sipp

[Halfmoon House] [General Store]

  • Icabod Moon

Candlewych West (2 Map Stones)

[Complaint Lodge]

  • Isiah Green
  • Theresa Green

[The Old Smoke House]

  • Theresa Brown
  • Arthur Brown
  • Ash Brown


  • Edward Teapott
  • Edna Teapott
  • Clay Teapott

[The Boiler House]

  • Ignatius Kettle
  • Holly Kettle
  • Copper Kettle

Candlewych Cottage (2 Map Stones)

  • Mother Hubbard

Crumblechalk Mine (1 Map Stone)

Festival Wood (2 Map Stones)

Cuckoo Wood (4 Map Stones)

[Cuckoo Cabin]

  • John Bows

[Nutts Cattery]

  • Hazel Nutt

Burial Grounds (1 Map Stone)

[Kepper’s Cottage]

  • Old Jacob

[Pebbley Mill]

  • Ginger Nutt

Cowpat Farm (1 Map Stone)

[Bad Manor]

  • Tom Cowe
  • Pat Cowe
  • Billy Cowe
  • Milly Cowe
  • Pappy Cowe

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