Dark Deception – How to Beat Deadly Decadence (Tips and Tricks)

Dark Deception - How to Beat Deadly Decadence (Tips and Tricks)
Dark Deception - How to Beat Deadly Decadence (Tips and Tricks)

This guide will give you all the tips needed to beat easily one of the hardest levels in the game.

Guide to Beating Deadly Decadence


You have the first two levels, Monkey Business and Elementary Evil, that are fairly straightforward. But then the difficulty spike rises when you unlock the next level: Deadly Decadence. This level gives you the teleport which is very important for what comes at you.

  • This level consists of two zones: the maze and the manor.
  • The maze contains just 50 shards however they are all very spread out and there are 3 watchers here. There are also spike traps scattered around the hedge maze.
  • The manor is much tougher with 304 shards and 4 watchers. Once again there’s traps but now there are axes that swing from side to side in certain rooms.
  • You are allowed to die only three times in this level, so be careful of traps that can ruin your run.


One of the newest additions in this level are the traps.

There’s the spikes which you will encounter in both zones that can kill you the most if you don’t pay attention to them and the swinging axes that are only seen in the rooms with either 2 or 4 pathways.

This is where teleport shines as it can bypass these traps easily as well as the gold watchers themselves.

You should always set your teleport to max distance when you plan to go through traps and you should time it right before you go into the trap.

The spikes have set time intervals in which they activate. A second before they activate they will trigger a sound which is very helpful if you want to time a teleport.

The axes basically swing from left to right which you can avoid fairly easily. However there are some rooms where both traps are together which is deadly if a gold watcher stands inside as well. The best way to cross these rooms is by using teleport when you’re in the middle to pass all the traps in front of you.

The Maze (Zone 1)

The first zone of this level introduces you to the spike traps as well as the main enemies of the level: the Gold Watchers. These enemies only move when you look away, which may sound easy at first but you have the traps to pay attention to as well which can make them very challenging.

The best strategy for this zone is to keep 50% of your attention to the watchers and your other 50% to the traps.

For example looking back at the watchers ever so often and checking if you have traps in front.

If you’re waiting for a spike trap in front of you to trigger, stare at the watchers.

Even though one of the death screen tips tell you that the Gold Watchers ‘are faster than your normal running speed’ , this is only true when they are very far away. When they get closer they gradually slow down until they are move at the same speed as your sprint. So looking back when running isn’t necessary at all unless one of them appears from the side.

Once you’ve collected all the shards make your way to the manor. Avoid the traps as they still trigger after the watchers are gone.

The Manor (Zone 2)

This is the section of the level you will most likely struggle with the most because now you have an extra watcher to deal with as well as the axes that can catch you off-guard.

  • What you should always do when you enter the manor or get a game over is leave a shard by the main hall so you can end up at the altar after collecting all shards.
  • Don’t worry if beating this zone takes you hours because it is very hard.
  • You can easily gather all the watchers around you by going into a corner of the rooms with furniture and look down until you see all 4 watchers in front of you. Then you can teleport past all of them (and the furniture) and continue getting the shards.
  • Never teleport when you either have a lamp in front of you or if it’s not perfectly aligned with the door you’re trying to teleport through. Doing this can only put you at the door and ruin your method.
  • Only use speed boost when you know the watchers are far enough because you can end up running into one of them in a doorway.
  • As mentioned before the watchers won’t catch you if you run and don’t look back so always do this when collecting shards. It can also make trap dodging easier.
  • Don’t hesitate to leave shards if there are too many watchers because you can easily come back later.
  • If you see a reveal shard go for it even if you have shards all around you. Seeing where the watchers is very useful.
  • Stun orbs are also useful but only activate them when you have loads of shards you need to get in a certain space.

Once you have got all the shards, keep eye contact on the altar and wait for Malak to come close to you. Then teleport through him and speed boost to the altar. The watchers might be at the stairs for you but you can manage to squeeze past them without dying. If you do die just try it again (dying is easier because the watchers already chasing you will be back at their spawn points so you won’t have to worry about them too).

After collecting the ring piece, go back to where you first entered the manor and start the escape sequence.

Escape Sequence

If you think that you will have to restart all the manor after getting a game over here then don’t worry since you get a checkpoint.

  • As you can notice there’s now fog outside which will be annoying for seeing any watchers at all.
  • First of all go right and run to the very end until you reach the gate and continue running to the next gate.
  • After opening this gate about 5-8 watchers will spawn and Malak be will be with them.
  • To get past all of them run in a straight path to the gate and be prepared to teleport past Malak when he gets close then speed boost.
  • Be careful as there is one watcher standing behind the gate.
  • Just open the gate and keep eye contact until you reach the last gate.
  • Malak will spawn once again and 5 watchers will be blocking the portal.
  • To easily avoid this, run sideways around Malak and measure your teleport so you land right inside the portal.
  • You have an unlimited amount of tries to get this right.


Congrats you have beaten Deadly Decadence! This level is pretty much a pain for anyone who first plays it and it’s only the third level. Chapter 3 is a lot easier with the first level being a lot slower-paced. If you want to S-Rank this level you should first get the chapter 3 powers, the level becomes much easier once you get them.

I hope this guide helps you get through this level and make sure you look at guides on Youtube as well.

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