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HELLDIVERS - All Bosses Guide (Solo)

Created by Orlandu   ::   Feb 14, 2020    

Covers the essentials for soloing every boss on every map in Helldivers.

Cyborg: Siege Mech

The easiest boss in the game. The popular pub strategy of using anti-tank mines is effective for soloing this boss.


  • Perk: Stratagem Priority, or All Terrain Boots on the snow map.
  • Primary: Trident
  • Stratagems: SH-20 Shield and 3 Anti-tank Mines

Key Points

  • Wear SH-20 Shield to not die to hounds. If you took damage and lost your shield, play defensively until it regens back up.
  • Avoid all of its attacks by running directly away from it. Moving perpendicular across will get you hit.

Illuminate: Great Eye

There are two main strategies for soloing this boss, both involving Thunderer Barrage.

One Cycle Strategy

This is a map and luck dependent strategy. Stand in a corner, drop 4 barrages, and hope that the boss would stand in it long enough and die.


  • Perk: Doesn't matter, or All Terrain Boots on the snow map.
  • Primary: Trident.
  • Stratagems: 4 Thunderer Barrages.

Key Points

  • This strategy is best done on the desert map where the corners are narrow chokepoints.
  • Dying intentionally stops the boss from moving for a few seconds. This increases the viability for this strategy in other maps.
  • Good luck!

Two Cycle Strategy

Unlike the above, this is a more reliable strategy and can be done on any map. Can also be used to solo carry pub games.

This strategy consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Drop barrages in a corner to damage the boss halfway.
  • Phase 2: Run around the map to survive until barrages come off cooldown.
  • Phase 3: Drop barrages again to kill the boss.


  • Perk: Stratagem Priority, or All Terrain Boots on the snow map
  • Primary: Trident
  • Stratagems: SH-20 Shield and 3 Thunderer Barrages

Key Points

  • For phase 1, aim to damage the boss over 60% of the way to better guarantee killing it in phase 3. If you get less than that, consider starting the fight over again.
  • For phase 2, hug the wall when running around the map, aim to have your character model directly touching the wall. That way the orbs would hit the wall and explode away from you, instead of curling towards you.
  • The transition between phase 2 and 3 is the most dangerous part of the fight. Try saving your extra life until then.
  • If you did too much damage during phase 1 for Illusionists to spawn, the strategy remains the same. Run past any Illusionists that are in front of you to make them all chase you from the same direction, and shoot down their orbs if necessary.

Other Strategies

The popular pub strategy of firewall and barrage can also be used to solo the boss, but is slow and map dependent. It is not effective enough compared to the above and will not be covered in this guide.

Bug: Hive Lord

The most difficult boss in the game to solo. Unlike the other two bosses, this is a straight up fight based on skill.


  • Perk: Displacement Field, or All Terrain Boots on the snow map.
  • Primary: Doesn't matter.
  • Stratagems: Ammo, Jump Pack, Rumbler, Static Field.

Key Points

  • ...


Created by Orlandu.