Circle Empires – Comprehensive Achievement Guide

Circle Empires - Comprehensive Achievement Guide
Circle Empires - Comprehensive Achievement Guide

In this guide you can find all information about how to obtain all achievements in Circle Empires.

How to Obtain All Achievements


To beat the game for 100%, you have to complete all Monster Hunt missions in order to open all necessary leaders.

While the game doesn’t have any kind of story mode, this guide might contain spoilers still, so if you want just to enjoy the game first, go on, and leave this page for a while.

Difficulty: Imperial Conflict

Novice Emperor

  • Win vs AI Players on Easy difficulty on any map.

Imperial Blood

  • Win vs AI Players on Normal difficulty on any map.

Wise Emperor

  • Win vs AI Players on Hard difficulty on any map.

Resilient Emperor

  • Win vs AI Players on Extreme difficulty on any map.

Ultimate Emperor

  • Win vs AI Players on Nightmare difficulty on any map.

While first three achievements are quiet easy to get for any unexperienced player, the two remaining are really rough. I tried many options, but got achievement with this one, which still requires some fast build/development skill and a bit of luck:


  • Don’t forget to create new save file after every succesful step.
  • Start the game with Wyona the Water Queen. I chose her because of hoping that enemy forces would go slowly through water, which would win some time; not sure if it really helped, but here we are.
  • Get as many frogs workers as you can from the start, then just buy Evil Murmaids for food and Wooden Towers for wood. Build only your island.
  • In my case, the enemy group have spawned just on the left one, but haven’t enough courage to attack me, so I just waited and waited, silently deveoping, while he started to attack the only uncovered isle.
  • When he got all his forces busy I took his base. Just buy workers there, don’t build towers; He have another land now, all you need, is to get as many recourses from two island now, and keep build the towers and evil murmaids on first of yours.
  • So there was moment when he hadn’t enough courage to attack my very first island, which was still 2-3k forces worse that his.
  • He reached some inner limit probably or something, and stuck at 5k forces. I’ve waited when I’ll have at least 500-1k more, and started to move my murmaid army from one island to another. This made him also move his forces but with kinda delay.
  • When you’ll have the right timing, while his main army is still on another island, attack the closest one. No matter what, you have to attack all the building first, or you’ll end up with army of dragons which he’ll buy eventually.
  • If you made it right, army of murmaids will crush his building while his army was on another island. Of course they’ll run to help, but murmaids will ready to meet him, along with your towers.
  • You might fail there couple of times – don’t forget to save before and simply reload, and try a bit different rush tactic.
  • Eventually you’ll end with all his main army destroyed, and almost full yours. Just finish the last island shich will have about 500 forces or so.

Difficulty: Full Conquest

Provincial Expander

  • Win Full Conquest mode on Normal difficulty on any map.

Imperial Tactician

  • Win Full Conquest mode on Hard difficulty on any map.

Imperial Expert Tactician

  • Win Full Conquest mode on Extreme difficulty on any map.

Imperial Wizard Tactician

  • Win Full Conquest mode on Nightmare difficulty on any map.

Masterful Strategist

  • Win Full Conquest mode on Impossible difficulty on any map.

These ones aren’t that bad as Imperial Conflict, but the last one is still tricky a bit. I can only advice here not to play on very big map size. The higher the difficulty, the more simultaneous attacks you will get. Might be annoying a bit, but sometimes there’s no reason to react them all: mostly I just left five workers on island and made my army go further. In this mode I don’t use towers at all: better to waste resources on army upgrade or for better units and then just wipe all the enemies from map.

Gold, Gold, Gold

Gold Miner

  • Amass 10 000 gold.

Gold Collector

  • Accumulate 20 000 gold.

Gold Piler

  • Accumulate 50 000 gold.

Gold Hoarder

  • Accumulate 200 000 gold.

The first three or two you will get while Monster Hunt completion, without any special moves. As for remaining ones, while playing on 7×7 map, just leave one island untouched and keep mining resources. Build banks on every of 48 islands (toxic island won’t harm the bank), and keep waiting. Check if all you workers are busy mining gold if there any on island.

Monster Hunt

No need to set very high difficulty, but such as Normal or even Experienced might be boring sometimes. Find you comfortable one.

As for the bosses, just kick their asses one by one, nothing more, nothing else. No need to wipe all the islands, once you’ll kill the boss, the mission will complete. They won’t have some special stuff at all, and usually behave as just bigger versions of other mobs associated with them. You’ll recognize boss by skull icon above his head.

Maugor the Monster

  • Defeated Maugor the Monster.

Sudogar the Sorcerer

  • Defeated Sudogar the Sorcerer.

Arg the Anger Lord

  • Defeated Arg the Anger Lord.

Reeker the Red Dragon

  • Defeated Reeker the Red Dragon.

Ron the Rebel King

  • Defeated Ron the Rebel King.

Geld-Zom the Ghastly

  • Defeated Geld-Zom the Ghastly.

Morgana the Mother of Monsters

  • Defeated Morgana the Mother of Monsters.

Gruff the Goblin General

  • Defeated Gruff the Goblin General.

Voltaire the Vicious Vampire

  • Defeated Voltaire the Vicious Vampire.

Hur the Hungry Dragon

  • Defeated Hur the Hungry Dragon.

Neu-Morg the Master Necromancer

  • Defeated Neu-Morg the Master Necromancer.

Mahu the Mad Dragon

  • Defeated Mahu the Mad Dragon.

Total Score

The game will count all the battles you won or lost into some global stats, these achievements are made for such progress.

Humble Beginnings

  • Achieve a total score of 1000.

Wealth Collection Specialist

  • Achieve a total score of 10 000.

Wild Wealth

  • Achieve a total score of 100 000.

Greed Management Lord

  • Achieve a total score of 1 000 000.

The first three you’l easily get while Monster Hunt completion or maybe a bit later.

For the last one, start 7×7 map, wipe all the island except one. Manage some resources, buy more armies, towers, check if all the workers busy (build pumpkins for islands which ran out of resources). When all done and you feel satisfied, go save the game and wipe last island. Then complete level, load again and win again and… so on. 60-80k of total score will be enough to get this achievement fast.

Resources Stuff

Chief Hoarder

  • Amass 10 000 food.


  • Amass 10 000 wood.

Can be easily got on any 7×7 map.

World Size

World Conqueror

  • Win on a Large map.

The world is not too big for us

  • Win on an Extra Large map.

Easily got while Monster Hunt Completion.

Army Development and Stuff

True Healer

  • Attain the rank of Healer.

I don’t remember if you’ll have this achievement once you buy the healer or once you’ll unlock him. Anyway, this will happen really soon, as this is the first popular achievement made by everyone.

Vampiric Tendencies

  • Have a vampire in your army.

Not that hard, you’ll be able to buy him once you’ll unlock Camp. Camp is unlocked when one on your workers will get higher level, no chance to miss it.

Pumpkin Patience

  • Harvest a max level pumpkin.

Two options: when you’ll conquer new island which have pumpkins, just don’t spawn workers and wait till it’s grow to maxlevel. Or you might spam a lot of them on one of you islands, workers won’t have time to collect them all, and one will grow eventually.

Elite Force Strategy

  • Have 10 or more knights in your army.

Self-explanatory, mkay? While playing on 7×7 islands you’ll have much more, no way to miss.

Dragon Tamer

  • Own your first dragon.

No way to miss it.

Zombie Slayer

  • Kill 50 zombies in a single game.

You’ll get it almost on any 7×7 map.

Chief Economist

  • Own 9 banks.

If you fast enough, you can get it even on 3×3 map.

Worker Army

  • Have 100 workers.

Spam a lot of them before winning the game or play bigger maps.

Military Career

  • Level a swordsman to max level.

The cheapest guys in blue costumes, but they are quiet effective on very first encounters. Gather bigger army of them and rush couple of easy islands, not that difficult.

Great Wall Builder

  • Built 16 or more walls in a single game.

Spam them before completing any 7×7 game.

Wizard War Council

  • Have 3 or more wizards in your army.

Healer Community

  • Have 10 or more healers in your army.

Rainbow Guard

  • Construct 4 types of towers in one circle.

Maximum Size Haunted Pumpkin

  • Get a maximum size haunted pumpkin. Can only be unlocked during the spoooookiest time of the year.

No need to wait for October, the developers released patch recently. Once you’ll find an island populated with funny pumpkin guys, there will be couple of scary pumpkins. Conquer the island, but don’t harvest the pumpkins while they are not max-leveled.

Necromancer Pact

  • Have 3 or more necromancers in your army.


Goblin Hero

  • Have a max level goblin in your army.

Same tactic as for Military Career.

Special Forces Strategy

  • Have 10 or more level 2 horse archers in your army.


Standardised Warfare

  • Have 100 or more swordsmen in your army.

Spam em before winning the match.

Vampire Lord

  • Have a level 4 vampire in your army.

Vampire King

  • Have a level 5 vampire in your army.

Legendary Vampire

  • Have a level 6 vampire in your army.

Pick any Leader you’re comfortable with and who have ability to spawn Vampires, no matter with Camps only or not. Start 7×7 map, get some beginner mixed army, then keep to buying only Vampires. Got this achievement while crushing islands with 30-40 Vampires in total, one of them eventually will get the highest level.

Sharpshooter Army

  • Have 10 or more max level archers in your army.


Undead Army

  • Have 100 or more zombies in your army.

There are few Leaders who can spawn them for food, such as Xee and Xess. You might spam em before the game ends, or whatever. Don’t know if using Necromancer counts.

Be a better brick

  • Research “Masonry” upgrade from the upgrades menu.


Darkness Confronter

  • Kill 10 necro towers in a single game.

Once you’ll get it on some bigger maps.

Rage against the machine

  • Kill 2 enemy catapults.

Killing in the name of..! There are rare islands with 2 or more catapults, cannot be missed during whole game, I think.


  • Acquire all unit upgrades.

You’ll need to buy each upgrade from the second page like for 4 or 5 times, I didn’t count.

Ghost Army

  • Have 20 ghosts or frost ghosts in your army.

They looks like, you know what.

Goblin Army

  • Have 100 or more goblins in your army.

Spawn em with special Leader or Camp buiding.

Ice cold killers

  • Spawn 5 Ice Hunters.

Pretend yourself as The Night King.

Siege master

  • Spawn 10 catapults.

Death Rights Protector

  • Kill 10 necromancers in a single game.

Start the Monster Hunt game against Ne-Morg the Master Necromancer. If you’ll see any tower with pink roof, don’t destroy it, only kill some necromancers and runaway. Repeat N times, profit.

Mushroom Magic

  • Detonate 10 explosive mushrooms.

Build em, shoot em, that’s all. Not sure, maybe you’ll need enemies nearby.

Investment banker

  • Spawn 3 level 3 banks.

On some big map, build three banks in the beggining. Banks will get level as they will produce enough gold. You can see the progress by holding left mouse button on the bank or just clicking on it.

The Flying Axe Strategy

  • Have 100 or more axe throwers in your army.

Dragon slayer

  • Kill 3 enemy dragons in one game (any level).

Ultimate dragon slayer

  • Kill 10 enemy dragons (any level).

You’ll get em closer to the end of Monster Hunt missions.

Greenskin Warmaster

  • Level up 100 goblins.

Same tactic as Vampires-related or Military Career achievements.

Amphibian workforce

  • Spawn 50 frog workers.

Use Wyone the Water Queen as Leader, go on.

Pumpkin Darklord

  • Spawn 10 pumpkin necromancers.

Use Puck the Pumpkin King as Leader, spawn them. I don’t remember how to unlock him, maybe just by completing Monster Hunt, hope someone knows better.


  • Spawn 10 pumpkin-men. 

Quiet tricky, but simple. Once you spawned ten pumpkin necromancers, build a pumpkin close to them. That’s all! They’ll turn a pumpkin into ally, repeat ten times.

Big dragon hunter

  • Kill a diamond dragon.

You’ll get by killing pre-last boss from Monster Hunt missions. If not, you can send low-level meat to any evil dragon on the map, make him uprank and than crush him with real army.

Vampire Slayer

  • Kill 50 vampires in a single game.

Almost same as Death Rights Protector achievement. But this time, try to find towers with skulls and stuff, which means they are more-leveled. They will spawn Vampires sometimes. Don’t destory towers, only kill Vampires, run away, repeat. Might be tough, make sure you have enough army.

School of wizards

  • Spawn 50 wizards.

Start 7×7 map, build many banks from the beginning, you’ll need many gold in the end. Spam em before finishing the level.

Merman special forces

  • Spawn 20 Merman Archers.

Use Wyone the Water Queen as Leader, go on.

Remember Legolas

  • Spawn 30 level 2 Elf Archers.

Pick Swifty the Scavenger Lord as Leader, use tactics from Military Career achievement.

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