The Isle – How to Survive a Carnotaurus!

The Isle - How to Survive a Carnotaurus!
The Isle - How to Survive a Carnotaurus!

If you ever fall prey to one of these lightning speed dinosaurs, there’s surely no way you can outrun them… or can you?

First Things First…

Note: Credit goes to cats528

In general, your best chances of survival would be as a galli. Swift, agile, and is able to run pretty fast. If your not one of those you might have a harder time with the “running” aspect.

So You’re on the Run…

So you heard a sound and all of a sudden you have a Carnotaurus on your tail. Everyone’s first instinct is to run like there’s no tomorrow (if you get caught then there really is no tomorrow…) Remember if you think it really is the end, take some breaths and make sure not to throw your PC out the window. And now with that said, within that pleasant surge of adrenaline rushing through your blood stream you might do something smart or something really stupid. Allow me to list on what NOT to do when your trying your best not to die…

What Not to Do…

  • Running in an open plain.
  • Running up hill.
  • Walking.
  • Spamming chat for mercy (It’s not gonna happen).
  • Spamming chat after you die (I’ve had my entire herd wiped out by one of these things just take breaths it’ll be okay).
  • Turning around (if you are not already facing the carno exposing you side which you cant defend is not the best idea…
  • And lastly, having a heart attack while trying to figure out what’s going on.

Ok, Now That You Know This…

Let me explain some of my reasoning behind my “what notto do”:

  • Running up hill does not increase your chance of survival, your just running uphill. And who knows maybe you’ll accidently run off a cliff or something.
  • Running in an open plain is the WORST thing you can do. This allow’s the predator to easily maneuver around and catch you.
  • Staying calm is very important, never raise your hopes too high or you’ll end up heart-broken if you end up loosing your dino.
  • This game is different and fun! nothing wrong with a bit of D.I.Y lessons from your neighborhood predator.

What to Do When Being Chased…

  • Running in the woods.
  • Running in a rocky/wooded area.
  • Making sharp turns.
  • Practice calm breathing while being chased.
  • If you end up dying, be a champ about it. (Unless they broke rules then go ahead and do the right thing).
  • If your corned or your out of stam, face them and do your best to attack.
  • 3-calling or doing your best to seem intimidating.
  • If the carnotaurus is running straight at you, run back. Most often predators don’t expect you to run directly towards them so there’s a chance you can give’em a spook.
  • Remember, your sacrifice was not made in vain. (Again, if this person is a koser, then sadly it was… but don’t let them ruin your spirit!)

If Running is Out of the Equation…

Fighting is gonna be your second and last chance of survival. Do your best to attack a Carno from the sides as although they have great speed their turning isn’t the best. Hense why sharp turns are quite important.

If You’re Not a Galli…

Remember, all dinos have different stats. Some do more damage, some are larger, others are much smaller. If your’e a dryo, hiding in your burrow would be the safest thing to do, till either the predator gets hungry enough to leave or you get hungry/thirsty and have to exit your burrow for food or water. (I’ve been camped before i know the feeling) And even if your another carnivore, take what power and speed you have and get it to the woods. I’ve personally tested that Carnos tend to hit trees, logs, and rocks while running full speed in some heavy shrubbery. And just being a Galli, being a fast juvi-killing chicken does not guarantee that you will survive.

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