The Isle – Beginners Guide

The Basics

This is some information that I’m not sure which category to put into, so here you go.

  • Crouching will hide your tracks. Staying still will also hide your tracks (of course lol). You should also know that the faster you’re moving the more tracks will appear whenever you or someone else sniffs
  • If it’s day you can turn off nightvision to see better. To turn it on and off press N (don’t do it in the middle of day.. trust me). However, some dinos will have better nightvision than others. You’ll read about that soon.
  • Press tab on your keyboard to view player names, and their IDs. Their username and id can be useful for reporting rulebreakers on rule servers. (You will read about this depending on the servers rules that you’re playing on.) You can also add them to your group by pressing the + icon next to their name.
  • Talking in any way will make your dinosaur make a sound, you can recreate it by pressing ‘F’ while in game. Be careful though, as other dinosaurs might hear this and can kill you.
  • Similar to the last one- calling out will enable people to hear you from far away. and when you roar, you cannot bite. just because you cant hear someone after you call doesnt mean theyre not there.
  • Bigger animals take longer to grow. Take apexes as an example. A utah only takes 2 hours whilst a rex 6 and some more minutes.
  • If your thirst and hunger get to below 0, you still have a few minutes left to find either of those resources before you die.
  • If you’re a herbivore and AI spawns close to you then you should leave that area. AI spawns near hungry carnivores, and most carnivores won’t pity a player.. especially a herbivore, juvi or adult.
  • Day and night each last for about 30 minutes irl. Night usually starts at around 6 pm in game, and ends at 6 am. Day starts at 6 am and ends at around 5/6pm. You can check the in game time under the asset location on your character menu. You’ll see it in the picture I attached below.

Here’s a map where you can check your location in game on ISLEV3. I will also link one for thenyaw.

First, I’ll tell you how to do it. Press esc and go to character menu or press insert on your keyboard to open the character menu. You will see asset location in the top right corner- memorize the first 3 numbers of the lat and long, including the – at the start if there is any. Then, go to whichever website you are on and enter the lat and long into the top of the page. You’ll see where it asks for it.


Ah yes, nesting.. the first thing new players want to do when they reach an adult female of any dinosaur- be it a Utah or even an apex. Now to explain it.

Obviously, you can only nest as a female. Subs can nest, if your dinosaur has a sub stage. Just to let you know, only apexes have sub stages. Adults can nest too. You don’t need to be with a male of your species. You can nest asexually.

Eggs on average take about 20 minutes to ready. When one is ready, the next will be on roughly 10% incubation. This means it’ll only take 10 minutes to ready after the current one has been hatched out of/readied.

How do you even place a nest? Well, first make sure it’s in a safe place. If you’re a herbivore I recommend having a herd. It doesn’t matter though as it’s completely your decision. Now, to actually place the nest you just hold B on a flat surface. If it doesn’t work try right clicking. If it still doesn’t work, make sure it’s on a flat surface and it’s further into the grass if not already (if you’re nesting somewhere like on the edge of a lake). To get the eggs ready, just sit on it for the time I said above. Yes you already know how to sit, I hope. You can also place food in your nest, but be aware that this will drain some of your own food bar, meaning you’ll have to go and find AI or a plant again. Maybe even another player if you’re a carnivore. Whatever suits you, I guess-

Now that that’s done, onto the next category- Scenting!


I may have discussed this in the very first part, but I feel it needs a category. I’ll try to make this short as there’s not much difficulty to this..

You can’t sniff when it’s raining. When you sniff, different stuff should come up depending on your diet.

  • If you are a herbivore, there will be green bushes that are nearby highlighted. Yes it’s just green. Herbivores can also sniff ribs, I don’t know why lol but they can. Probably so they can be aware if a carnivore is in the area?
  • If you are a carnivore, ribs will be highlighted as red. Blood from players bleed will also just be highlighted as red stains on the ground.

Now regardless of your diet, water will be highlighted blue. Note that only lakes can be sniffed, not rivers. This would make rivers a better place to grow as you could be on one end of the river and someone else could be on the other, and they won’t even know you’re there. Unless you make noise of course. Salt water cannot be sniffed as it isn’t drinkable.

If you don’t sniff water, then you’re most likely to be near a river at least. If not that then you can always use the Isle v3 map online to find your location. I linked that and how to use it in the very first category.

I’ll attach images below to show what it should look like when youre sniffing. 1st is a lake and river. 2nd is how bushes would appear. Unfortunately I can’t show a picture of how ribs would look but I’m sure you already know.

Leg Breaking

Mm yes, the most annoying part of this game; leg breaking!! Make it whether you’re trying to escape from a rex chasing you as a trice, or you’re just travelling in general, breaking your leg is the most annoying thing that can happen at any time. Why is this feature in the game but not carcass carrying? I don’t know.. why didn’t they actually replace something that everybody hates with something that everybody wants??

Anyways, onto how you can break your leg and how to avoid it. First of all you should know that the bigger your dinosaur is the easier it will break it’s leg- depending on the terrain it may potentially fall and die too. Sorry but that’s how it is. And of course the smaller you are the less chance you will have to break your leg. How to avoid this? Well, instead of going down steep mountains……go around them!!! yeah that was hard to figure. But you guys are probably impatient. So, if you’re about to fall off a cliff and die, try z turning, if that doesn’t work i guess you’ll just have to “@ADMIN PLS HELP IM ABOUT TO DIE ON A CLIFF HELP”. Maybe don’t speak in caps though..

Another way to avoid breaking your leg is to check how steep the place you’re about to go down or up is. Try to find flatter ground that leads up or down the same path.

You can view your leg damage in the character menu, if you hover over the symbol it’ll show the damage. It only takes around 2-5 minutes to heal your leg, so be patient. When your leg is healed the symbol should look like it does in the image i attached below.

That’s probably all i can help you with. Oh, and make sure not to jump down any foolishly high places that you’re sure you will either break your leg or die from. Or, I’m afraid youll have to do the basic @admin tactic.

Popular Places On The Map

Try avoiding major places like twins, titans lake, great falls, gulf pond, etc. These places are very popular and you will most likely die here. I’ll show a more detailed explanation below.

This is basically summarizing where to go and where not to go.

  • Red = Avoid , these are usually populated places and have a high risk of dying.
  • Yellow = Not very popular , good places to grow dinos out , though some places AI might be a struggle to find , and some players pass these areas.
  • Purple = Semi popular , sometimes you go there and players are there , sometimes not, can be good to grow if you dont see any players

Herds / Packs

It’s completely up to you if you want to join a herd or pack. Personally, smaller tier dinosaurs are better off in large packs, like utah. You’ll always see utahs in a pack.

There’s of course cons and pros to being in a group. The pros are:
You will feel safer, have more of a chance of winning in fights, not being lonely, making friends, your pack mates also may know the map so if needed, you can migrate somewhere else, such as hidden or port. Port is VERY popular for utahs, so if you’re a utah your pack may travel there.

The pros to not being in a group are:

Nobody will be talking to you in group chat so your F calls won’t be heard from miles away unless you’re talking in global, You’ll also be somewhat safer as if you’re passing a predator and it doesn’t spot you, then you’re safe as you’re the only one it has to spot, When you’re moving from another place to another you won’t get delayed and you’ll get there quicker.

The cons to being in a group is obviously the opposite of the pros.

So yeah, its either feel safe and die easier or not feel safe and die harder.


Carnivores are my personal favourite things to play as in this game, and they probably will forever be. Why are they so popular? Because you have to kill for what you eat. A lot of players love pvp and this gives them a chance to do it. Depending on your size, you can eat ribs. Different sized ribs exist too.. for example apexes can eat ribs that have come from a deceased apex. They can also eat ribs that come from suchos and around their size. (Although i’m not entirely sure about this- sorry if it’s wrong.) Smaller carnivores will eat any sized ribs. Take utah for an example, even the gore of a taco.. utah can eat it. I guess it’s an exchange for the fact that utah doesn’t give ribs itself after dying.

Now to cut down the main carnivores into their growth times and stuff.

We’ll start with:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – also known as rex: Growth time is 6.3 hours (juvenile to full adult) or 380 minutes. The hatchling stage is 30 minutes long. Rex’s ambush speed is 43.1kmh whilst their normal run is 33.2kmh. Be sure to never waist stamina as a rex, especially during battle as you have to sit down to regen it, and even then it’s slow. There is also a glitch/ shortcut that you can use to regen stamina by walking, you can just press H really quickly while walking and you won’t have to sit down unless you stop walking. I’m not sure if it’ll be patched when you’re reading this though, nor am i sure if it works for other dinosaurs.
  • Giganotosaurus – also known as giga: Growth time is 6.5 hours (juvenile to full adult) or 390 minutes. The hatchling stage is the same as rex- 30 minutes. Giga’s run is 30.6kmh and their ambush is 39.8kmh- this is surprisingly fast as it can outrun the normal speed of an alberto, a theri, an allo, and a lot more! Of course a rex’s ambush is faster than a gigas, but gigas ambush lasts longer, therefore making it better. Giga also regens stamina while walking, so that’s good too. People also say giga is the hardest apex or dinosaur to grow to full adult, as it’s very slow and is only honestly good at full adult.
  • Spinosaurus – also known as spino or spoon: Growth time: 6 hours (hatchling-full adult) or 360 minutes. This is a sandbox dinosaur, so they will have to stay in the nest for the first 3 hours, while the other half is the adult stage. Sandbox dinosaurs mostly only have 2 stages, hatchling and adult. Adult Spinos speed is 29.8kmh while their ambush is 41.3kmh.


Herbivores are the main prey of carnivores, right under AI.. as most of the carnivores are either new or just lazy… or can’t even find you as you’re just sitting in a bush in the middle of nowhere.

Herbivores only eat the bushes they find when they sniff. There’s nothing else to it, really. Except you should hide in a tree until full adult and most importantly- don’t spam call… that’s how juvis die all the time. Yes, I am looking at you juvi trikes… (but srsly if you kill juvi trikes youre evil theyre literally so adorable >:c)

Herbivores should always be in a herd because they’re vunerable to carnivores when they’re on their own. Again it’s your choice. Just don’t spam call.. or call at all.

Now to the growth times and stuff:

  • Triceratops – also known as trike or potato or horned cow: Trikes take 6 hours to grow (juvi to full adult) or 360 minutes. They can actually be tanks if you’re a solo apex, as their stomp hitbox is literally broken. Very broken.. They give a lot of herd too, so if you kill one you’ll likely bleed out if you’re a rex or something unless you sit down quickly. Their speed is 25.3kmh as an adult. They don’t have ambush speed obviously…
  • Shantungosaurus – also known as shant or shantu or land whale or cow: It takes 6 hours to grow (hatchling- full adult as it’s a sandbox dinosaur) or 360 minutes. These are tanks too, like trike. If you’re rex or giga, be careful not to get your head under their stomp… if their stomp stomps your head then you will get one shotted. Their headbutt is strong too but not nearly as strong. The thing is that their stomp can be easily baited, like every dinosaur with a stomp attack. Use it to your advantage. Their speed is 32.5kmh, which can outrun an apex easily most of the time.
  • Therizinosaurus – also known as theri or fluffy-butt or murder turkey or fluffy chicken: They take 5 hours to grow from hatchling to full adult, which is 300 minutes. This is a sandbox dinosaur too so they only have 2 stages. These are actually very fast for a herbivore, and do A LOT of damage. Their speed is 38.2kmh, which outruns allos and a few more dinosaurs! It can also outrun a dilo if it isn’t running in a straight line. Unfortunately, theri has hardly any health- rex 3 shots it. It makes up for it’s insane damage and speed, though. Theri really only has a chance against a rex or giga if it gets behind it.
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