The Treasure of the Dragon – Beginners Guide

The Treasure of the Dragon - Beginners Guide
The Treasure of the Dragon - Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Campaign: enter the map selection interface. Currently, there are 6 maps for players to choose.

With regard to map selection:

  • All bronze classes only correspond to three primary maps.
  • Advanced silver profession corresponds to intermediate level two maps.
  • Advanced gold profession corresponds to the last map.

About the campaign process

The maximum number of players in the primary map is 5. Players who choose the same map within 30 seconds will enter the same battlefield. If there is no other player to join in 30 seconds, the system will join the AI to participate in the war. After entering the map, select the red birth point in order.

Single card size: dragon > hero > knight > priest > archer>guard

Camp: the icon in the upper left corner is the camp. Players will be assigned to different camps in order when entering the map. 5 * N cards and 4 dragon cards will be put into each map. N is the number of camp. It is suggested that the same forces should be selected as much as possible for the dragon killer team. If it is possible to put dragon cards into the initial random card group, the camp force can be divided into the dragon nationality or the Dragon hunting team.

The following deck G represents dragon, A, B, C, D represents different professions, X represents any profession.

Card deck size:

  • Arrogant destroying dragon — G * 4 + X (direct win)
  • Trump team — AAAAA
  • Elite dragon killing team – five professions in the same camp
  • Dragon bron — GGGAA
  • Fierce dragon Team — GGGAB
  • Expert team AAAAX
  • Dragon hunting team — AAABB / AAAGB / AAAGG
  • Dragon killer team: five professions of different camps
  • the elite servant of Double Dragons — GGAAX
  • Double dragon servant — GGABC
  • the unique servant of a lone Dragon– GAABB
  • the servant of the Dragon elite– GAABC
  • One dragon servant — GABCD
  • Veteran team –AAABC
  • Tough team –AABBC
  • Recruit team — AABCD


  • Every time a dragon is killed in the dragon killer team, it will be upgraded to add stars, and the four-star dragon killer team will directly win. However, the previous upgrade after the other card groups are changed to form the dragon killer team is invalid. The one with more players eliminated before the dragon killer team is the advantage card group. If the players are not eliminated, the size will be calculated by the same camp number.
  • Recruit, tough and Veteran teams will be eliminated if they encounter dragon cards during the movement.
  • The B card in AAABB can be replaced by the long card in the long card hunting group, and the size is equal to aabbb. If another long card is found to be the AAAGG card group sequence, it is larger than AAABB.

As for the card group, the first card of each player is the basic fixed card, which can only be changed through the transfer system. It can’t be replaced in the process of exploration and battle. At first, it defaults to infantry. After winning, you can open the treasure chest to get the transfer scroll to transfer at the barracks.

The transfer system is also based on the single card from small to large, and it is irreversible, but it has nothing to do with the career level. The bronze level can be transferred. After the transfer completes the new career, it defaults to bronze, and will not inherit the previous career level.

Advanced system will put the suit of corresponding profession into the item box of the barracks UI, and click advanced to finish. Advanced can only be bronze advanced silver advanced gold level, not jump level.

About map operation:

After entering the map, take turns to choose the red birth point for adventure. The selected birth point can’t be selected again, and then take turns according to the path.

Action – new cards or materials may be found when moving to a new no. Materials will be directly stored in the item column. New cards can be replaced or ignored. Click the first handshake button of the four buttons at the bottom right, and then click the unnecessary cards to complete the replacement. The replaced cards will remain on the node. If you don’t need to replace it, click the pocket watch button to complete this round, and the control will be given to the next player.

Engagement – if other players move to a nearby unit’s node, you can click the second engagement button to engage when it’s your turn to control the turn. If the small card group is eliminated, you can also choose to move.

Death card – all the people encountered by the long nationality card group


  • Eliminate all players to win.
  • Collect four Dragon cards to win.
  • The Dragon killer team can win by upgrading to four stars.

Treasure chest – after winning, you will get the treasure chest. Each treasure chest has five random props. You can get pocket gold coins (100), intermediate materials and transfer scroll in the primary chest; Middle level treasure chest can obtain mid bag of gold coins (300), advanced materials, silver equipment, transfer scroll. Advanced treasure chest can obtain big bag of gold coins (800),dragon bone, gold equipment and transfer scroll

Preparation: enter the town to finish the sorting, storage, trading, equipment fabricating, transfer, promotion and auction functions of the spoils


Enter town

Bank – to store items, you can open the deposit button and click the item to deposit, or drag it directly to the bank box. You can spend the game currency to upgrade and expand the capacity, and the upgrade amount will gradually increase.


  • Put the materials in the processing window according to the list prompts, click the fabricating button to spend the game money to process the spare parts of each class, and six spare parts of the same class are combined into each class suit.
  • Disassembled equipment parts become raw materials.

Auction house

Auction or purchase of goods (after the auction is successful, the game currency will be directly charged into the game currency account, with an email prompt, and the system will charge 10% of the handling fee.)


  • 1. Use the transfer scroll to change careers.
  • 2. Put it into the professional suit advanced professional level.

Other functions:

  • Check in: the gem flashing at the hilt of the sword in the upper right corner refreshes once a day. The common people get 500 game coins every day, and the senior title check-in gets more game coins.
  • Sell button. After opening, click the item to directly sell the item to the system in exchange for game currency. Right click to close.
  • Open the button to open the treasure chest.
  • Discard the button and directly discard the items.
  • The first information icon in the four icons in the lower right corner informs auction house information or system information.
  • The third of the four icons in the lower right corner opens and closes the music window mode switch language.
  • About purchase in app – the golden plus button beside the game currency is the internal purchase channel of the game. There are four levels of internal purchase. Only the first purchase in different categories will give you the title and professional goods reward. Later repeated purchase will not upgrade the title or the goods will only get the game currency. Purchase of higher-level internal purchase types will still get the corresponding title and the first purchase reward.
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