Obscure 2 – The Keys to Success Achievement Guide

Obscure 2 - The Keys to Success Achievement Guide
Obscure 2 - The Keys to Success Achievement Guide

A simple guide on how to get the achievement “The keys to success”.


Hello everyone, this is a small guide that should help you to get the more “complex” achievement in this game which is “The keys to success”.

To get this achievement we need to find all the small keys to open every box (this will also give us the achievement “Fully equipped” since you will get all the weapons).

The rest of the achievements are very easy to get so you shouldn’t have any trouble on doing those.

Also i will try to do this without spoiling anything of the game.

First Set


The first set is at the beginning were you play with Kenny and Amy.

  • After breaking the window to get in the building push Amy up in one of the bookcases, the key is there.
  • After finding a girl with blood on her run to the middle of that room and break the glass of the cup display, the key is in there.
  • After in the room with the 2 fast enemies the key is in a closet.
  • Finally the box is on the right corner of that same room.

Second Set


The second set is once after the part when you play with Mei and Sven. Once you take control of Cory and Amy again (After Jun death).

  • The room on the left, the one well you have to do a puzzle, there is one on a locker where you have to push up Amy (like on the first one).
  • Go in the Room 137 (where the one is cross out) and push the bed to find the second key.
  • Now backtrack to the room where you started playing with this pair and find a door with glass, break it and watch the cutscene, when you activate the computer a monster will break a wall, look inside and there is the last key of this set.
  • The Box is on the room where you find the first key of this set.

Third Set


The third set starts after reuniting with everyone.

  • Just after the cutscene where everyone reunite get into the room where you don´t have to push the cart to get in, once there behind the last shelf on a table there is a key.
  • Now go in the room where you did have to push a cart to get in and jump through the broken window, on the left there is table with a key on it.
  • Now go to the doors that are in front of the ones you got in this room and on the right corner of this new room is where the last key should be at.
  • The Box is on the room where you reunited with everyone.

Fourth Set


The fourth set starts after going through the door where Shannon has to breath in the spores.

  • When one of the big enemies breaks a wall to attack you go into the hole and with Stan picklock one of the lockers on the right corner of that room.
  • Once you change characters just do the first puzzle normally and get Cory on the other side of the fence the key is inside that room.
  • Once you finished the puzzle where you have to move the containers, go through the door where Shannon and Stan went to get to this same room. Go the end of the hall (where the wall was broken) and with Cory jump the electrified water to get this key.
  • The Box is behind some breakable wood barriers in the hall after the first door that we have to open breathing in spores.

Fifth Set

Abandoned house:

The fifth set starts when Shannon and Stan get into the house.

  • Next to a window on the left of the dinning hall.
  • On the closet when you reunite with everyone, you will have to bust someone.
  • The last key is through the door that is left to the professor, when you get in on the camera left is the key.
  • The Box is on the room where you reunite with everyone.

Sixth Set


The Sixth set starts when you reunited with everyone.

  • Just after reuniting with everyone walk towards the school, on the left there will be some breakable wood barrier, behind that.
  • After going through the door that goes into the parking, fight the monster that spawn the spiders and you will find the key in a corner.
  • The next one you will get it when you go up on an elevator to the top of the building.
  • The Box is on the room which door is next to the one that leads you outside.

Seventh Set


The seventh set and last one starts when you pass the double door puzzle.

  • Fight the 2 enemies that spawn and you will find the key next to one of the pillars.
  • Once you get in the main room of the fraternity get up the stairs that are closer to you and you will find the key.
  • Finally go to the other side of room and you will find the last one on top of a pillar next to the door.
  • The box is in the room next to the main one were you find one of the discs to complete the puzzle.
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