Never Again – Complete Walkthrough Guide

Never Again - Complete Walkthrough Guide
Never Again - Complete Walkthrough Guide

This guide is about 100% Walkthrough of Never Again the game with all achievements.

Guide to Walkthrough

Note: Credit goes to alphabetsoup

No Death Achievements

  • Very much alive is awarded for not dying the entire game.
  • Your own shadow is awarded for not getting caught in the nightmare section.

When you die, you are sent to the top of a lighthouse and when you exit the lighthouse you are sent back to the nearest checkpoint. From what I noticed, I could force close the game before being sent to the lighthouse and the game wouldn’t count my death.

Alternatively, the save is located in:


And you can backup your save every time the game says “Saved” in the lower corner to keep a deathless save you can fall back on if you make a mistake.

Home (Bedroom)

Notes aren’t required for achievements but I’ve included them. Most are obtained as part of the story anyway.

  • After waking up, look under the bed to find Inhaler 1.
  • Look through the keyhole and open the door. You’ll need a flashlight to continue.
  • Open the toy house and move aside the building blocks that spell “Lock” and look at the numbers 715.
  • Use the code 7 1 5 (VII I V) to open the chest on the floor. Pick up the diary inside. (Memory 1: Ants, Note 1: Cleaning, Note 2: 715)
  • Take the scrunched up paper (Memory 2: A Nightmare) and Inhaler 2 from the chest as well.
  • Open the wardrobe for a short scene and move aside the clothes.
  • Take the teddy bear with you (for an achievement later) and enter the wardrobe. You’ll end up in a cave.


  • Examine the big mirror for Note 3: The mirror in the cave.
  • Walk deeper into the cave towards the metal door and pick up the doll head that drops.
  • Throw the doll head at the big mirror to break it.
  • Pick up the doll head again and carry it across the bridge, placing it somewhere safe.
  • Examine the nearby mirror for Note 4: Mirror riddle.
  • On the floor nearby is Inhaler 3.
  • Return across the bridge and take the mirror piece still stuck on the wall.
  • Cross the bridge again and place the mirror piece in the broken mirror.
  • Rotate the mirror and shine it at the second mirror.
  • Look behind the second mirror for Memory 3: The Lighthouse.
  • Solve the mirror puzzle and pick up the valve deeper in the cave.
  • Pick up the doll head and break the mirror deeper in the cave for Inhaler 4 and Memory 4: My Poor Bear.
  • Cross the bridge again and return to the metal door.

Master the balancing act

  • Overcome the bridge.

  • Open the metal door with the valve.
  • Find the teddy bear you took with you when you first entered the cave and place it near the metal door entrance.
  • Take the flashlight and as you begin to leave the Doll Golem will appear.
  • The golem will now follow you around and you have to solve a puzzle to open the exit, but first there are a few achievements to get.
  • Explore the cave to find red buttons that turn on sirens that distract the golem.
  • The first is near where you start, follow the right wall from where you begin you’ll see in on your left.
  • The second is near the green switchbox. Keep following the outside wall around the cave and you’ll see it on your left again.
  • You need to turn on the siren three times for an achievement.

To throw dust in the eyes

  • Turn on the siren thrice.

  • After getting the achievement, return to the beginning of the area and pick up the teddy bear.
  • Find the golem while holding the teddy bear and it will protect you, killing the Golem and unlocking an achievement in the process.

Confront your fear

  • Kill The Doll Golem.

  • With the golem gone, you are free to solve the puzzle to open the exit. There are three switchboxes you need to turn on, each with their own mini-puzzle.
  • Make sure the switchboxes are off when you solve their mini-puzzles.
  • The easiest one is the yellow box nearest the exit. Follow the sparking cable to a box, turn it off, reattach the cable and switch it back on. Inhaler 5 is also on this box.
  • The blue box requires you to open the box itself and solve a spinning puzzle to join all the parts.
  • The green box (examining it gives Note 5: Electrical Box) is missing a part which can be found where you picked up the flashlight. It’s pinning a doll (Olivia) on the wall. Take it and solve the same puzzle as the blue box.

Young electrician

  • Repair the electrical boxes.

Before leaving, pick up Olivia and throw her through the exit door.

I won’t leave you!

  • Save Olivia.

Finally, pick up the teddy bear and exit with it.

Home Part 1

  • You are back in your room.
  • Scour the room to find 16 toys and put them all in the chest. There’s 12 wooden blocks and 4 toys. We couldn’t do this earlier as we needed Olivia.
  • Packing away all 16 toys will trigger Memory 5: School Vacation to appear in the trash can by your desk.
  • Open the suitcase that’s appeared on your bed for Inhaler 6 and 7, and Memory 6: That Awful Day.
  • Exit your room.

It’s only the beginning

  • Leave the room.

  • Stephan’s room is next door. You can peek in and knock, but it’s locked.
  • The next door leads to the bathroom.
  • Look in the toilet for Memory 7: Men in cornflower blue.
  • Hide in the bathtub for Note 6: My favorite places to hide.
  • The last door in the hallway (parent’s bedroom) can’t be opened either. Look in the keyhole for a surprise.
  • Go downstairs.
  • Check the phone. It’s dead. Look out the front door. Nothing outside.
  • Enter the living room near the telephone. Examine the fireplace for Note 7: Light a fire.
  • The first log just in front of the fireplace. Toss it in.
  • Inhaler 8 and Memory 8: The Wish are on the bookshelves around the fireplace.
  • Pick up the phone for a hint.
  • Turn off your flashlight and follow the illuminated footprints back upstairs to Stephan’s room.
  • Find the batteries under Stephan’s bed.
  • Use the batteries on the toy train set. See II I III on the trains.
  • Use II I III to open the chest on the floor.

Little cracker

  • Open the Stephan’s box.

  • Inside is a pinecone and matches.
  • Search the wardrobe for Memory 9: Stephan’s birthday.
  • Take the log from under Stephan’s bed downstairs and toss it in the fireplace.
  • Enter dining room opposite the living room. Take the newspaper from the table and throw it in the fireplace.
  • Further in the dining room leads to the kitchen.
  • Inhaler 9 is in the cupboards under the kitchen bench.
  • Open the fridge and look in the top compartment for Memory 10: Search.
  • The third log is under the sink. Take it back to the fireplace.
  • Light the fire with the matches.

Discarding all inhibitions

  • Light a fire.

  • Follow the shadow upstairs and into your parent’s room.
  • Look under your parent’s bed for a scene.
  • Look under a second time to find Inhaler 10.
  • Peek inside and enter the en suite bathroom.
  • Examine the mirror for a scene.

Welcome to the Nightmare

  • To go through the looking glass.


  • Follow the narrow corridor and take the screwdriver stuck in the wall when you reach the larger room.
  • Enter 2 4 0 1 into the safe dials.
  • The clue to this code is found by using the screwdriver on the flashlight but that consumes the screwdriver and we need it for a memory later. 

This is what the note says:

Note: Ravens. Two black ravens are soaring above you. Four eyes, there is no scar on their skin. Just stay. It will be only our battle. Don’t give up! We have one chance to win.

  • Inside the safe is Inhaler 11 and a clock face.
  • A tank smashes through the wall. Enter where it came from to find a locked door and a switch.
  • The switch unlocks the door next to the safe. Inside is Memory 11: Queen of Spades, appear!
  • Return to the locked door to find it open now. Approach the mirror inside, turn around, pull away the sheet to put it in your inventory.
  • Face the mirror again and look at the floor to find Inhaler 12.
  • Flip the mirror around and go through.
  • Now begins a long puzzle of mirrors and switches, all while the Queen of Spades is hunting you.

Below is a not-to-scale map of the area:

  • S is where you start.
  • A B C D E are switches. A B C and E open the exit, whereas D opens access to E and is locked behind a padlock.
  • X is the exit.
  • The colourful lines are mirrors (numbered 1 to 6) that act as portals you can travel through. #2, #3 and #5 can be rotated. The queen cannot chase you through mirrors.
  • The dotted lines are gates that need to be opened with a switch in the exit room. Pressing the switch will open one and close the other.
  • Grey lines are barred doors that only the Queen can go though.

  • You start in the red corridor at S.
  • Go around to the wardrobe at A. Inside find Inhaler 13 and flip the red switch.
  • Enter the nearby mirror #1.

  • You are now in the yellow exit room. This is the only safe area where the witch doesn’t roam.
  • Press the button next to the door once.
  • Rotate mirror #2 so it’s blue and enter.

  • Run around to the wardrobe at B and take Inhaler 14 and flip the blue switch inside.
  • Enter the white mirror #4 near B.

  • Run straight ahead and flip the white switch at C.
  • Return the way you came, rotate mirror #5 (so it’s red) and enter.

  • You are where you started. Run around the corridor and enter yellow mirror #1.

  • Press the button next to the door once.
  • Rotate mirror #2 so it’s red (if it isn’t already), run around and re-enter white mirror #6.

  • Immediately turn left and follow the corridor to the locked wardrobe at D.
  • Use IV X VII to open it and flip the switch inside.
  • Go back through mirrors #5 and #1 to the yellow exit room.

  • Press the button next to the door once.
  • Through red mirror #2 and white mirror #6 one last time.

  • Immediately turn around and rotate mirror #5 so it’s blue and enter.

  • Follow the blue corridor around.
  • Rotate mirror #3 so it’s green and enter.

  • Examine the door to receive Note 8: 4107.
  • Open the door and flip the green switch at E.

Lord of four elements

  • Turn on all the buttons with nature elements.

  • Go back through mirror #7.
  • Turn around and flip mirror #3 so it’s yellow and head through.
  • Open the exit door for a scene.

Your own shadow

  • Don’t get caught by Queen of Spades.

Unachievable goal

  • Release Stephan.

  • Back in control, turn around look through the bars ahead to find Memory 12: The Train.
  • Follow the corridor and you’ll be back in your house.

Journey home

  • Escape the looking glass.

Home Part 2

  • Immediately hide around the folding screen on your left as the Queen’s going to appear from the broken mirror.
  • Exit the room and down the stairs. Take a right into your parents room.
  • Erase the stairs symbol from the mirror next to the bed.
  • Quickly run to Stephan’s room and erase the stairs symbol from the mirror.
  • Hide in the bathtub if needed.
  • The final mirror is downstairs next to the front door.

The enemy in the reflection

  • Kill Queen of Spades.

Home Part 3

  • Finally it’s safe.
  • Return to the room at the top of the stairs, pick up Memory 13: Cuckoo from the desk with the sewing machine.
  • Use the sewing machine to release the pants and take the key that was hiding underneath.
  • Head into the dining room and find the cuckoo clock.
  • Repair the clock with the clock face and pinecone.
  • Place a chair under clock and climb up.
  • Spin the clock hand to 12 and push/pull on the pinecones to make it chime.
  • Take the key inside the clock when the small door opens.
  • Open the clock face as well for Memory 14: Uninvited guests.
  • Go to the living room and use the screwdriver on the gramophone for Memory 15: My best Friend, Emma!

Young Sherlock

  • Find all secrets.

  • Use the key you took from the clock to open the door behind the gramophone that leads to your dad’s office.
  • In the office, flip the blackboard for Note 9: Get rid of the rust.
  • Pick up Memory 16: Greetings, my dear friend Joseph! from the desk drawer.
  • Take Inhaler 15 and 16 from the shelf.

Breathe the free air!

  • Get all the inhalers.

  • Take the Zinc chloride (ZnCl₂) from the other shelf.
  • Exit the room and all the books will blast off the shelf revealing Note 10: Diamond Fruit Strudel.
  • Take a chair from the dining room into the kitchen.
  • Open the shelves above the bench and find the baking powder (KC4H5O6). You’ll need to climb on a chair to reach it.
  • Combine the two chemicals in your inventory.
  • Run upstairs to the bathroom and turn on the tap. Use the chemicals on the running water.

Young chemist

  • To make an anti-corrosion solution.

  • Combine the new solution with the rusty key.
  • Open the door at the bottom of the stairs with the key. Go down.


Open the wardrobe and you are now in a new area.

The cranes are flying

  • Get into the forest.

  • All you need to do is follow the path and watch the scenes unfold.
  • Along the way you’ll receive Memory 17: The Stop, Memory 18: Health Examination, and Memory 19: Call to parents.
  • At the end, you’ll need to solve a sliding block puzzle to repair a door. The bottom right slot is the empty one.

The shards of memories

  • Collect the door from tag.

Home Part 4

Run to the small landing between the first and second floors to find Memory 20: This is The End on a small table.

Total recall

  • Collect all the memories.

The last thing to do is to use the key to unlock the front door and exit.

Very much alive

  • Never die.

On returning to the main menu after the ending and credits my game crashed. I booted the game again and unlocked on the main menu:

This is the end

  • Finish the game.

Clean Up

Start a new game and let yourself die 10 times for the final two achievements.

If dying at the beginning of the game doesn’t work, jump off the bridge in the cave. It only unlocked for me when I jumped off the bridge, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I lost count.

I missed you so much!

  • Meet Emma.

In spite of everything

  • Die 10 times.
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