Enter the Gungeon – Basic Guide (Characters, Chambers, Bosses)

Enter the Gungeon - Basic Guide (Characters
Enter the Gungeon - Basic Guide (Characters

First off, this guide is directed to players that are either new or struggling with the game. Here we are going to discuss the characters, the chambers, the Bosses, and what to do post-game. I hope that this guide helps you beat Gungeon or at least revive the determination in your heart to do it, and hope you don’t get bored after you beat the Gungeon

Guide to Basics


The Pilot

Heavily based on RNG (Luck). One of his starting items is the Trusty Lockpick, which grants the player a chance to open Chests without using a Key, the downside is that it only has a 50/50 chance in working and if it fails the Chest is locked for good, and a Key won’t be able to open it. His Disarming Personality grants The Pilot with a 15% discount on all shops, including the one on Forge.

The Convict 

Very good in the mid-game, which is around Floor 3. She is one of the few characters to start with an extra side weapon, which is the Sawed-off Shotgun that specializes in closed ranged combat. Her Molotov can help clear an area of smaller enemies (but be careful not to burn yourself) and the enraging photo allows The Convict to instantly reload her gun and deal double damage when damaged.

The Marine

A character that relies on precision. He is the only character that starts with 3 hearts/1 armor which grants him a health advantage over the others. His military training decreases the reload time by 20% and increases accuracy and his supply drop allows him to drop Ammo to his precise location (1-time use only).

The Hunter

Amazing at early game, as she also holds a side weapon, which is the Crossbow. She also holds the best starting item which is the dog, as he often digs the ground to find Keys/Ammo and can detect if a Chest is a Mimic by barking at it.

I prefer to use the Hunter, as she is very well balanced and can help you get a very strong start at the beginning that may help you with the upcoming floors. Although the characters are distinct, they all are affected by Stat changes. Some include curse (which is gained by stealing or using specific items), poison (which is gained by standing in the green goo) and fire (which is gained by standing in it and can be stopped by rolling, just like in real life).


Keep of the lead lord is the first Chamber upon falling to the Gungeon. This one is the easiest of them all, as it poses a little challenge. There is nothing special apart for a room that holds a fireplace, that when put out, reveals a secret room that leads to one of the secret Chambers, called the Oubillete. You can also find a regular shop. Simple

The Gungeon Proper is where the Gungeon begins to get tougher. Here, the player can occasionally find mini-bosses, that when defeated drop minor loot. You can also find trap rooms that often hold no enemies but instead hold a variety of traps. In this Chamber you can also find a secret Chamber called the Abby of the True Gun that can be accessed after putting the Old Crest in a special Shrine, once that is done a secret passage opens, the chamber holds a few different enemies.

In the Black Powder Mines, you will find tougher enemies. Here you have the chance of finding Minecarts that is usable and make the player move. It’s also a lot bigger than previously mentioned Chambers. Here you also have the chance of finding a secret hatch that leads to the Resourceful Rat’s Lair, however, a special key is needed to access this area. Once inside, you will need to bring at least 2-3 blanks.

Hollow is a very tough Chamber. Here you will mostly find ice on the ground that makes the player slip if he is on it. There are many types of undead enemies that take longer to kill than regular ones. Like the other Chambers, this one also contains a secret room that can only be accessed when a Master Round and two other items are given to the Sell Creep.

Forge is incredibly hard. this one doesn’t contain a regular shop, instead, it has a special shop that allows the player to craft the Bullet that can Kill the Past, once all the ingredients that are needed are given to the Blacksmith. This is the last required Chamber to beat if the player wants to beat the past of a specific Character.


In the Keep of the lead lord, you can find three different types of bosses. The first is the Bullet king, he mostly sits on his throne and fires a spread of bullets at all places, the tactic is to try and keep your distance with him, as his spread might hit players that are close to him. The second is the Gattling Gull, he fires projectiles at the player, mostly in a precise location, he might also fire multiple airstrikes at the player. The tactic here is to try to hide behind cover until he stops firing, then you attack. The Trigger Twins are a double boss, meaning that there are two identities to kill. They fire at the player and try to occupy the most area that they can, once you kill one of them, the other heals and becomes more aggressive. The tactic here is to only kill one at a time, so they can cover less area overall

The Gungeon Proper also has three bosses, one of them is the Beholster, which tries to aim at you with multiple projectiles at a time. The tactic is to hide behind cover and when he is not firing, shoot at him. Another one is the Ammoconda, that much like the twins, it will try to keep you in an enclosed space so you have less mobility. The strategy is to aim for the parts of his body that he leaves behind so that later he can’t make himself stronger. The last boss in this Chamber is the Gorgun, that like the King, tries to spread bullets to the whole map, however, she also leaves poison so that she encloses you even more. The strategy is to attack all the time and choose wisely when to dodge roll or just walk past the bullets.

In the Black Powder Mine, you will also find three tough bosses. One is the Cannonblorg, which is a ball that bounces all around the place and constantly fires bullets at you. He can also turn the screen black to try to shoot at you from different locations, without you knowing. You must be able to detect where he is at all times, this can be done by firing bullets at all locations. Another boss is the Mine Flyer, that like some previous bosses, always tries to cover the most ground,this time with mines and tricks. The trick is to always be aware of your surroundings and be able to do quickly dodge his upcoming mines. The last in this chamber is the Treadnaught, which is a tank that fires little, but fast bullets at you. He can also call for support and spawn minor enemies in the area. The trick is to hide behind cover and only shoot when he missed one of his big shots.

Hollow provides with very tough bosses, for example, the Wallmoneger. His boss fight consists of him running at you in one direction. He will always cover one side with bullets, so he can concentrate on one side. The trick is to always be aware of where he is shooting since he has a big hitbox and only moves to one side, your shots should mostly be able to hit him. Another boss is the High Preist, which tries to trick you by sometimes covering the screen black. He always tries to keep distance and not show his exact location. The trick is to stay near him so that you can kill him with close-ranged weapons. The last one is the Kill Pillars, that are four entities that keep you in an enclosed space. The trick is to kill one at a time, as when you kill one they all become stronger and heal.

In Forge, there is only one boss, The Dragoon. He is the second toughest boss in the game. He will always be trying to cover the most area with bullets and keep you in an enclosed space. However, once you lower his health bar enough, he will enter his second phase was he starts trowing you tons of bullets toward you. There aren’t many weaknesses to him. In the first phase, you should always fire at him, even when not looking, as he doesn’t move very much. In his second phase, you will see that he leaves some empty spaces in his attacks, that is where you dodge roll to safety, but beware only to hit him after the bullets are gone, because that is when his heart is shown and is the only time you can deal damage at him.

After defeating the Gungeon you gain access to the Aimless void, which is were the Gun that can Kill the Past is held. From there, if you don’t have the Bullet that can Kill the Past, then you return to the Breach. But if you do have it, then a secret boss for each character is available. You have now conquered the Gungeon! … but there are some post-game things…


This is a list of things that you can do after you beat the Gungeon

Go to bullet hell, that can be accessed after beating the Gungeon again, in here you can find a secret floor which contains the hardest enemies and the hardest boss – the Lich.

  • Try rescuing all the NPC, so that you can get better things.
  • Beat the game without taking any damage (for extra difficulty).
  • Ty Challenges, so that you don’t get bored, like the Rainbow Run.
  • Buy all the weapons in the game.
  • Complete all achievements.
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