Grim Clicker – Starting Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Grim Clicker - Starting Guide (Tips and Tricks)
Grim Clicker - Starting Guide (Tips and Tricks)

A short guide containing the most important info that you need to clear stage 40.

First Reset

When you start the game you will see a guy running towards the right hitting things. There will be some tutorial information but not much. Follow the tutorial when it becomes time to choose talents go into the Wisdom tree.

What you want to do is put 1 point in Wisdom and any remaining points into Blizzard. Starting out Blizzard will pretty much kill everything for you up until level 5 without much trouble. You will also level up before you run out of mana and get full mana. When you feel it starts to get slow do a Ritual to reset.

Early Game

Once you did your first reset it is time to buy sume upgrades in the Black Wax Store.

You got 6 different upgrades to choose from, for now though most of them will be too expensive for you so I would recommend grabbing the following upgrades.

  • 1x Exp From Monster
  • 1x Initial Damage
  • Rest into Value of Rubies

The build you want to go from your second run onwards is to the following.

  • 1 point in Strength
  • 1 Point in Rage of Darkness
  • Rest into Bloodthirstiness

Once you pop Rage of Darkness the energy gain from Bloodthirstiness should sustain you. Keep grinding away and do resets whenever you feel it gets slow. Focus primarily on getting upgrades that increase your experience gain. The Exp From Monster upgrade does get the Experience Gain multiplier applied to it so it is a very worthwile upgrade.

Pushing for First and Second Boss

The first boss is at level 10, when you feel like you no longer get energy starved you can stop going Bloodthirstiness and instead focus on going deeper into the Strength tree.

There are two very important talents further down the tree, the first one is Flame Flow which you can pick up at 3 Strength. This skill is absolutely amazing as a boss killer. Particularly since it keeps adding flames as you get higher level on the skill.

The second skill you want to go for is Mask of Fire at 7 Strength. This skill gives you 10x physical damage bonus for each strength. So with 7 Strength that equals 3500% bonus.

Once you get to Mask of Fire and can use Flame Flow to take out bosses you should be able to beat stage 20+ without much problem.

Pushing for Stage 40

To beat stage 40 we only need to add one more talent to our build, that talent is Nimble Fingers and can be unlocked by investing up to 5 Dexterity.

Once you got that it will synergize with Rage of Darkness to give you a huge damage boost.

When I beat the stage 40 boss for the first time I had the following skills.

  • 10x Rage of Darkness (Strength 1)
  • 5x Bloodthirstiness (Strength 1)
  • 10x Flame Flow (Strength 3)
  • 1x Mask of Fire (Strength 7)
  • 10x Nimble Fingers (Dexterity 5)

With this all you need is to get to the boss with full mana and send out all your Flame Flows and the boss should be pretty much dead.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are a few notes I made about game mechanics that you may find useful.

  • Equipment in your equipment slots haven no effect if it is level 0. So only use equipment that you can afford to level up
  • Autoclickers can be used, I set mine to 25 ms, when combined with Rage of Darkness it makes your character move forward really fast. But it drains energy like crazy so you need sufficient energy regain to do so.
  • When you reach level 40 and reset to the next shard you will lose all your black wax upgrades, as such it is very wise to grind a bit to unlock some more equipment slots before you do the level 40 boss.
  • You can buy one item per reset on the black market, do so, it is the only way to get materials without getting chests.
  • Next to your equipment list at the bottom of your screen on the left is a buy 1x / buy max toggle button. On the right is a button you can toggle to turn off auto upgrade for equipment that has that feature.

Hopefully this should be enough to get you started.

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