Sally Face – Episode 5: Walkthrough and Achievements

Sally Face - Episode 5: Walkthrough and Achievements
Sally Face - Episode 5: Walkthrough and Achievements

A text walkthrouh of the 5th episode, including how to get all 7 achievements and the explanation behind the solution to various puzzles (while the actual solution will be hidden, I will give the reasoning that led me to the answer as “hints”). There is every conceivable and possible spoiler in this guide, be warned.

Complete Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Note: Credit goes to Laksya


There are, like the 4 previous episodes, 7 achievements to get. Below is a list of them, and throughout the walkthrough I will explain how to get them along the game. They are easier to get than the ones in previous episodes so I really encourage you to give it a shot first.


  • Had all otpional conversations within the ouse in the Void.


  • The last memory of mother. this achievement is obtainable once you’ve found all of the coloured tiles, there are 6 in total. However, take screenshots of them because they don’t get picked up!!

Seeker of Knowledge

  • Read all of the notes in episode 5. There are 6 in total


  • Remembered the correct shed code in episode 5.

The End

  • Finish episode 5.

Escaping Death

  • Didn’t get a single game over. Obviously this means don’t die, while placing the C4 or a the end battles


  • Unlocked the epilogue. To get this achievement, you need to start the episode whith 100% on episodes 1 to 4. It will unlock at the very end, and you can enjoy a “where are they now?” short story.

Blowing Up a Temple

The story starts in the cemetary, where you now control Ash and are litterally surrounded by the graves of friends and family. The first thing you have to do is walk to the left until you find a small weird object on the floor: it is a coloured tile (1/6) with 5 coloured dots on it. Then walk to the right, feel free to read the epitaphs of characters you’ve known for 4 whole episodes (time flies, doesn’t it?), and finally encounter Sal’s grave, his mask laying on top of it.

Ash starts talking and the first flashback takes us to the shared house they live(d) in.

The House

We learn Todd’s escaped from the institution he was put into, so Ash and Neil are planning to very cautiously plan a full-blown caper on the cult HQ. Talk to Neil again, exhaust all dialog options. Interact with the notes (1/6) on the table and go downstairs. If you want, you can go into the first bedroom (which was going to be Larry’s) and look at the photo on the cardboard box, as well as go into Sal’s room and talk to Gizmo the cat. Go into the bathroom, on the left of the sink the is another coloured tile (2/6) on the floor.

Go down to the basement, read the notes (2/6) on the couch and talk to Maple in her tiny Harry Potter cage. Exit to the right to get to the shed. If you type anything at all, Ash will then enter the correct code, but for the achievement you should input the code from last episode: 4035364.

Achievement: Memorized

In the shed, read Todd’s notes (3/6) and grab the package on the countertop. Admire the memorabilia from previous episodes.

The Cemetary tap enter endlessly as Ash talks, tries to resuscitate Sal, fails, and instead tells him about ghost-Larry.

The House

Read Todd’s notes (4/6) on the right of the screen, and take the C-4 from Neil’s backpack on the ground. Go back to the basement: Oh ♥♥♥. Interact with the cage and hear the front door slam shut. Once you’re in the kitchen, read the note on the table and set off alone to destroy a worldwide, insanely powerful devil-worshipping cult, because what could go wrong?

The Temple

Have a look at the map in your inventory, it’s quite useful. I’ll explain the route I took, which seems pretty fast to me, but any path is fine as long as you get to all of the vases.

East hall

After the cultists’ discussion, interact with the coloured tile (3/6) on the floor next to the second pillar. Keep walking right, but careful of the patrolling cultist, wait for him to be out of sight on either side of the doorway to progress (getting caught here counts as a Game Over for the “Escaping Death” achievement). Interact with the first pillar to place the C-4. From the East hall go to the North hall, and from there to the West hall. There is another pillar with vases on this screen, place the C-4. Then enter the Inner West hall , place the C-4 on the pillar to your right ( Ash will say “I better go away fast” or something, but nothing happens so don’t worry). Then go back to the right side of the screen and proceed to the North hall, where you can access the Inner East hall and place the last of the C-4 packs. Go into any doorway and you’ll find yourself magically in the dungeon, where your friends are in a cage.

Travis enters (Sal’s old bully from school!) and proves he’s as bad a cultist as he was a student by dragging Ash out there without even maiming her.

The Cemetary another monologue-focused cutscene.

Parallel Worlds and Raising the Dead

The Void

Sal wakes up in nothingness, phantasmagoric orbs floating above. Talk to the Light and Dark voices and exhaust all dialog options. Exit the screen whichever way you want and keep walking to reach the House-in-the-Void. Enter the house and before taking the stairs, enter both Dark and Light rooms and listen to each voice’s advice. Finally go upstairs and meet your previously-ethereal friend Jim Johnson, Larry’s disappeared dad. Listen to what he has to say and exhaust all dialog options. He creates a door for you, talk to him one last time before you go through it. In the hallway there are a total of 6 doors: 4 are next to you, the first of which leads to the house. If you walk towards the right, past the darkness (subtle metaphor…), you’ll find the 2 remaining doors: one needs a code to unlock it, this is what the coloured tiles are for, and the other is just plain locked. Walk back to where you were and enter door #2, walk into the portal. You see one of Sal’s early memories.

Surprise, you’re a mother-f’ing cartoon!

After the short conversation with good ol’ Jim, read the letter on the kitchen table. Observe your immediate surroundings and notice the microwave is flashing 1:45. Keep exploring the apartment, and in the living room interact with the TV, which will show the number 5023. You need to get upstairs but there is a massive locked door blocking the way. Enter Sal’s room, you can interact with the stereo, which plays weird metal, and towards the right you’ll find another coloured tile (4/6) under Sal’s bed. Go into the bathroom, there is a number written on the mirror: 7842. In the middle room, you’ll find a puzzle that’s somehow linked to the locked door you need to open.


All 3 dials need to be turned so that the arrows point upwards. If you give it a try, you’ll find that dial #1 turns dials 1 and 2, #2 turns 2 and 3, and #3 just turns itself. You need to turn #2 until it’s in the same position as #1. Then, turn #1 until 1 and 2 are in the correct position. Finally, turn #3 until it is in the right position.

Now that the door has unlocked, go and interact with it: ha-ha it’s not over yet! Here is the second part of the puzzle, you need to input a code of unknown digits to open the door.


You’ve found numbers around the apartment, so give them a try: none of them work. Then notice that “+ + +” is written at the top of the keypad. If you add all three numbers, you get 13010. Type in the code and hit E: the door unlocks.

Finally get up the stairs, Sal will automatically pick up the first pyramid.

The Cemetary

Things get weird, go right to find a levitating skeleton over Sal’s grave who can now somewhat communicate with Ash. Once the dialog is over, select the first pyramid (the one glowing). The piece of paper gives you a code for each pyramid, the symbols eerily resembling the halves of each circle on the pyramid’s buttons. Basically each half-circle points you to the corresponding button on the pyramid, very simple. Type in the code and select “place”, the pyramid lights up.

The House-in-the-Void

Once you’re back in the house, enter the Light and Dark rooms again, and speak with the voices. Go upstairs and talk to Jim, exhaust all dialog options and then go back into the hallway and enter door #3, you get another Sal memory.

Surprise, you’re a mother-f’ing bad 3D character!

Once you’re in the middle of the park/woods/whatever, you can walk up and down as well as side-to-side. Go down and left, in front of the earth crater-thingy, you find another coloured tile (5/6) on the ground. Then go right, and interact with the object on the ground labelled “???” (from the place you spawn in, it should be pretty much straight to the right). Awesome, another puzzle! Write down the two sets of tiles, or remember them if you can. From where you are walk down as far as you can and to the right: there should ba single tile on the ground, also labelled “???” (it’s annoying to get to with the trees and stuff but it’s there).


You’ll quickly notice you can change each tile of the 3×3 set, there are 2 options for each. Sun is light and moon is dark, it’s the first configuration from the first tiles you found.

There is another tile to be found, it is located upwards from the place where you spawned, and I think a tiny bit to the right (feel free to correct me if the directions are bad…).


Following exactly the same logic as with the first puzzle, it’s the second configuration from the first tiles you found.

Once you’ve entered both codes correctly, 3 pillars rise up. Go interact with them and yay, another turning puzzle!


Here, dial #1 turns 1 and 3, dial #2 turns 2 and 1, and dial #3 turns 2 and 3. The solution is super easy once again, 1-2-3-1-2-3.

You get the second pyramid!

The Cemetary Select the second glowing pyramid, enter the corresponding code and it lights up.

The House-in-the-Void

Once you’re back in the house, enter the Light and Dark rooms again, and speak with the voices. Go upstairs and talk to Jim and exhaust all dialog options.

Achievement: Vestige

Go back into the hallway and enter door #4, you get another Sal memory.

Surprise, you’re a mother-f’ing Tim Burton character!

Walk all the way to the right to find the last coloured tile (6/6) on the ground. Enter the cave, walk left to meet Tala who enjoys hanging in caves for some reason. Talk to her again and exhaust all dialog options (not necessary but very interesting story-wise). Keep walking left, and go further into the cave. Walk left once again and notice 4 shapes on the wall. Just past them is a clutter of handprints, and a button just underneath. Interact with it to reveal three new dials for yet another dial-turning puzzle.


For this one, dial #1 turns 1 and 2, dial #2 turns 2 and 3, and dial #3 turns 1 and 3. This is the easiest one yet, the solution being 1-2-3-3.

You get the third pyramid!

The Cemetary Select the last pyramid, input the corresponding code and enjoy the heartwarming cutscene that fills you with fuzzy-cuddly feelings.

Kicking Some Cultist

The Void, The Cemetary

As Sal, walk to the right, you’ll encounter 3 memories and watch the new development. As Ash, you can now use the Blade of Osiris (press R) which will kill dark creatures easy-peasy, you’ll be using it at the end of the game. Exit the cemetary.

The Temple

Walk left and enter the West hall, and then from there the Inner West hall. The center chamber is on major lockdown. Interact with the iron blinds and Sal takes over. Once you’re in the much-much-creepier version of the temple, Sal can’t actually open the blinds so go left and instead enter the previously locked wooden door.

Suprise, you’re a mother-f’ing stop-motion character!

Read the notes (5/6), then have a look at the safe: of course you need a code. The code has to be somewhere nearby since we’ve gotten absolutely no additional information in the meantime. The answer is in the notes you just read: 1983, year of initiation (yes, I actually tried all of them and it was the last one). Read the notes (6/6) you find in the safe.

Achievement: Seeker of Knowledge

On the left of the big vat of radioactive sludge is a console, this will open the iron blinds to let you into the Central Chamber. But we’ve got better things to do first, interact with the library and *gasp* enter the passageway. Ah, so that’s what that door was for! Go take a look at door #5 now that we have found all of the coloured tiles.

The House-in-the-Void


This is by far the toughest puzzle of the episode, but oh so very satisfying. Now, you have coloured tiles but they have no numbers on them, they do not change when you push them, so the code is a series of colours. You of course try to input the colours of the tiles you found by order of numbers: blue-purple-white-green-brown-red, but that doesn’t work. Which means that there’s a trick somewhere to change the order of the colours, since arranging the tiles by number seems pretty solid logic-wise. If you go take a good look at those screenshots you’ve taken, you’ll notice the dots have different colours too! These are the colours you should be looking at. You’ll get white-brown-blue-red-green-purple.

Once the door is opened, you get an extra memory that is well worth the effort.

Achievement: DOG

Get back to the secret room, and take a look at the console.


As far as I can tell, this one is just trial-and-error, I haven’t found anything that would give a clue. But even without clues it’s quite easy. You have 3 switches and for each one a slider with 3 notches. The goal is to get the 3 green lights to turn on at the same time. However if you don’t have the patience or the time to give it a go, the solution is 1st lever down, slider on 3; 2nd lever up, slider on 1; 3rd lever down, slider on 2.

The doorway to the Central Chamber is now open, go through to find additional atrocities. This is where the fight sequences will start, there are a lot of them one after the other so stay focused, especially if you’re gunning for the “Escaping Death” achievement (be warned, the “hit esc and reload” solution does not work here, I tried, so if you die it’s back to the beginning of the episode!).

The first fight is a little warm-up for what’s to come. Enemies will come at Ash one by one, from either side, 4 in total. You have a pretty long reach with Ash so this should pose no problem at all.

Back in the Void with Sal, it’s time for an emotional and well-deserved reunion: that’s right, you get your righteous axe back! Time to bring the musical pain.

Fight Sequences

  • Larry: Larry’s power is summoning some weird purple forcefield thing which affects *every* target on the screen. just press R as soon as you see something moving.
  • Ash: Avoid the black hanging thing, walk under it 3 times and it will come down and stick to the floor: go slash it with your glowy arm. It takes 4 times I think, maybe 5.

When Ash is asked whether she wants to detonate or not, it really doesn’t matter what you choose because the bomb isn’t going off anyway.

  • Larry: he’s the easiest character to fight with, just stay in the middle of the screen and punch R whenever the edge of the screen moves.
  • Ash: she will now face the same creepy shadows as Ash, they’re faster than the cultist but for this fight Ash has a really long range and the baddies always come in the same pattern: one from each side. What I found was the easiest way to do this is to stand 3/4 of the screen on one side, facing the edge of the screen. When the baddie came from that side, I’d slash as soon as I heard movement, and then turn around to slash at the one comng up behind me (he’ll take longer to reach you so you don’t have both sides coming at you at the same time).
  • Sal 1: take care of the moving monsters first and don’t worry about the vines, you don’t need to move too much (in fact it’s better if you stay put). Once the monsters are down, you just need to strike the end of the vines when they come down. The vines repeat the same pattern and never ever move elsewhere so just stand in the middle of the screen, right between the places where they come down, and slash at each side until you’ve won.
  • Sal 2: each mouth will open slowly one at a time, and after a second or two will drop a slimy ball. This on is super easy, just focus on one mouth at a time, there is honestly 0% risk on this one if you’ve played any arcade game ever in your life.
  • Sal 3: this is the one I hate. This is the one that sent me back to beginning of the episode three times: fair warning, the commands are iffy. Vines will come at you from every side, including diagonals. You cannot dodge or move, only spin around (careful for the diagonal directions, sometimes it f*cks up and you die).They come in fast so you have to be quick about it. Watch out for the first one, it comes at you from the lower right diagonal and is a b*tch.
  • Sal 4: this is pretty much your classic arcade game, shoot at the eyes as they come at you. It’s okay to let some of them, or a lot, pass by, there is no limit to them and you just have to get a certain number to move on. I basically just stayed in one lane and shot when an eye came at me, easy peasy.
  • Sal 5: The last one! This one is also tricky because when you hit R to make your forcefield, it is not active right away so there is a short window of time when the blobs can still kill you after you’ve hit R. Basicaly, don’t take any risks because it’s infuriating to lose here: do not move from your starting position because the walls will close in on you, and kill the blobs coming at you from the lane you’re in: they will always come in from the right. At a certain point you will need to hit R the second you see something moving on the right, the last one is a b*tch as it appears really close to you already.

Enjoy the (happy?) ending and the epilogue if you started the episode with 100% in eps 1 to 4.

Achievement: Escaping Death

Achievement: The End

Achievement: Epilogue

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