Chrono Ark – General Guide

Chrono Ark - General Guide
Chrono Ark - General Guide

This guide covers everything except for characters and item list.

Basic Guide

Basic Navigation and Lucy Upgrade

Basic Navigation

  1. Click on the “+” of the map to enlarge it. Then click on the land markers to teleport to them.
  2. You can hold shift to walk faster.
  3. You can identify items by using them or reading identify scroll. None of the scrolls have negative effect. Some potions have negative effects. Equipment might be blessed or cursed.
  4. Joey’s passive skill allows him to identify all potions in your bag.
  5. A hidden treasure start appearing from area 2 to area 5. You can use Lifting Scroll, Purification Scroll or Teleport scroll to reveal it. You can use Map Scroll to find its location but you can also guess it out yourself (i recommend getting them after you get the 2 equipment on that area so that you can get rid of curse equipment at the same time).
  6. To revive someone right click on Lucy’s necklace in the item inventory then click that person. You can recharge it at the campfire. However, you can’t recharge it on Expert Difficulty.


  1. You can add more party members with “Request Rescue” before area2 and area4.
  2. You can share food among your party with “Use a camp item”. This allows you to heal everyone and give them all buff (try sharing Herbs, Potato-Looking Equipment and Golden Apple).
  3. You can put relics in the glass display shelf to activate their effects.
  4. You can 1-time save with the book.
  5. You can recharge Lucy’s necklace and relearn a skill at the lamp post.

Lucy’s Necklace Upgrade

  • Increasing health gain once reviving a unit.
  • Gives +1 card draw at the start of a battle.
  • Increasing the charge to 2.

Battle Basic

Skill System

  1. Once your characters learn more than 5 skills, the game will automatically delete your basic skills. However, you can turn this function off in option.
  2. Once you characters learn more than 5 skills, you can delete book skills and basic skills. You can also pass over those skills to other characters.
  3. Some book skills can’t be fixed.

Card Draw

  1. Start Draw (number) and Battle Draw (number) are different.
  2. Default draw for both types are 3.
  3. Buying Lucy necklace upgrade increases the starting draw by 1.
  4. Adding 1 party member increase the starting draw by 1.
  5. Pressel’s (the priest girl) passive ability allows her to draw more cards during battle.
  6. Some attack or healing cards can create even more cards once used.

Battle 101

  1. On the middle top of the screen you can see a cloud icon with numbers. It indicates how many turns you have until the dark fog cover up the whole battle field. Once the fog set in, you can only heal the green parts of your hp bars but you can’t heal the missing gray part of them. You also take extra damage each turn.
  2. Hold your mouse over the enemies to check out their status ailment resistance.
  3. Once the number at the left side of enemy’s hp bar reach 0, that enemy will get to act. Your party speed can affect this number. You can increase your speed with scroll or equipment. Try to avoid using equipment with minus speed if you can. Cards with swiftness do not reduce the number.
  4. You can either switching 1 card or discarding 1 card one time per turn. Discarding a card can also cure off stun.
  5. Enemies with Taunt must be defeated first before you can target other enemies. However, there are attack skill cards and equipment that can ignore Taunt.
  6. It is possible to dodge bosses’ special debuffs.
  7. You can use some negative potions on enemies in battle.

Pain, Damage Over Time (dot)

  1. Burn. The higher attack power Miss Chain has the higher her dot damage. The highest I saw was 80 (6/6).
  2. Poison. I’m not sure which stat can increase its damage but the highest I saw was 20 (2/6) on Intoxicating Gas skill.
  3. Encroach / Bleed. Not enough testing.

Special Battle Dialogues

  1. The Witch VS Pheonix.
  2. Ruby & Sapphire VS Trisha.

Boss Guide

Location Explain

Item shop

You can buy items here. One Key costs 600 gold, one Skill Book costs 300 gold and one Scroll costs 160 gold. If you have leftover gold consider buying item scroll because you may end up with even more gold. It can also give out key equipment and level up orb.

Buildings with Locked Chests

Use keys to unlock the chests.

Fountain of Oblivion

It lets you changed your latest learn skill. I highly recommend changing Lucy’s skill because her default skill is pretty bad.

Mysterious Pot

You can exchange unwanted items for random items or free heal. However, sometimes it doesn’t give anything back. Feeding it a Golden Apple may give out a relic (not enough test).

The Forge

  1. Equipment comes in 5 rarity rankings. White -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Orange.
  2. Relics are always Purple.
  3. Instead of explaining how it works I will just write down my test results.
  • P.Relic + W.Equipment = W.Equipment or P.Relic.
  • P.Relic + P.Relic = P.Relic (Same + Same = Same).
  • W.Equipment + W.Equipment = W.Equipment (Same + Same = Same).
  • W.Equipment + B.Equipment = Gr.Equipment (Average between the two).
  • Gr.Equipment + B.Equipment = B.Equipment.


  1. Use it to enchant your equipment. Adding positive and/or negative stats on your equipment.
    The cost is free for the first time. After that you have to pay 400 gold each time.
  2. Enchant a skill book will give out 3 random Scrolls.
  3. Enchant a Golden Apple will give out 2 – 3 skill books including Lucy’s skill book.

Altar of Greed

You can exchange food for random items. If you are lucky you can do this multiple times.

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