Chrono Ark – Leryn Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Leryn

Leryn isn’t very good as the main healer:

  • Healing Circle has delayed healing, unable to bring allies out of death’s door (except regen line) and very supsceptible to pain damage.
  • If enemy deals more dmg than barrier while ally is on death’s door, they will die whereas a normal heal will prevent death regardless of damage dealt as long as you heal past death’s door.

She is very good as a support healer:

  • Healing Circle gives HGP for 1 turn, and she can apply it extremely easily.
  • Healing Arc can be potentially free or even give you mana back, but the conditions for it are harsh, still probably her best skill overall (gives everyone HGP, refunds mana).
  • Octogon Spiral is a very powerful damage support skill, even if you run a deck without much draw you can still get value from recycles and the 2 draw every turn.
  • It’s damage is further increased by having more draw skills (duh), certain characters such as azar(illusion sword also count) and ilya (a lot of draw options).

Triple Reaction Formula is quite powerful in comps centered around self damage, especially good with let me absorb you as you can easily get someone down to 1 hp to trigger the additional effect of let me absorb you; However it is not very useful in other comps as you’d mostly just use void to give 100% of healing power as healing circle which is worse than other healing skills she has.

Dragon Curve, Accel formula: Meh (Accel formula feels like it’s just worse compared to healing arc).

Infinite Spiral: Seems to be bugged.

Hemisphere: Very good defensive skill, grants a huge amount of barrier/healing across all allies, and can protect Healing Gauge extremely efficiently as any form of damage gives healing circle.

Craft Equipment: Theoretically you can craft most equipments and relics in the entire game in a run if you are crazy enough and play leryn for like 50 runs in a row so that’s pretty cool I guess.

Leryn Combos

Good Character Combos:

  • Ironheart: Absolutely broken.
  • Charon: Attacker with supportive healing, can bring people out of death’s door as needed.
  • Hein: Can set up rage slash for cost reduction/merciless explosion for big damage.
  • Narhan: Barrier synergies, identified allows you to prempt barriers to prevent damage.

Questionable Character Combo:

  • Phoenix: Barrier can prevent damage effectively for him (why though) but he is usually missing some hp making Healing Arc worse
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