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Djmax Respect V - How to Unlock All Songs (Fast Method)

Created by Axel   ::   Jan 4, 2020    

This guide explains step-by-step on how to unlock all DJMax Respect V songs fast.

Unlocking All Songs

Before We Start

As of the latest patch of DJMax Respect V Air Mode does not save scores anymore. Before this update your scores will be All C's but that isn't the case anymore.

Step 1

First you are gonna want to start the game. and Enter Air Mode.

Step 2

Time to go AFK! But before that there are some steps needed..

  • It does not matter what channel you go to or what button style you play.
  • Just make sure that Auto play is off when going into the song.

Step 3

Now this is an important step as to with all of them...

  • Make sure you go do something else.
  • The best bet is to go to sleep.
  • Or go out to work or something (best is to go to sleep).
  • Do not type, or press F4. When you are ready to exit from afking press ESC then press enter (pressing ESC will also put the game on auto mode but to exit you must press esc then Enter). As long as you don't see the "! Some Rewards cannot be earn with Autoplay." text, you should be fine.

By the time you wake up you should be level 99 and all the songs unlocked.

Created by Axel.