Trine – 100% Achievement Guide

Trine - 100% Achievement Guide
Trine - 100% Achievement Guide

A guide that aims to help players achieve 100% completion on Trine.

Complete Achievement Guide

Note: Credit goes to Cosmos94


All achievements can be obtained there are no buggy or broken. Moreover there are no missable achievements since you can visit every chapter from chapter select so take your time learn the game.



  • Launch the Enchanted Edition of the game.

Start the game and you will earn it.


  • Complete the entire game.

All you have to do is finish the story of the game and it will unlock.

Summer Dip

  • Stay underwater for more than 20 seconds without taking damage.

You can acquire this achievement on the map Crystal Caverns. When you reach the area with water jump on the water and when you go underneath you can see how much breath each character has. Wait untill one of the chars air meter gets low then switch and wait for the other to get lower. If you haven’t got it then change to the 3rd character.

Dead on arrival

  • Complete a level with 25 or more character deaths.

You can get this on any level. You can either die from enemies or fall into traps to die faster. The harder the difficulty is the more damage you take as well. Make sure to finish the level as well so it will unlock.


  • Survive a level other than Astral Academy without any damage.

Choose Academy Hallways map. Use the Bow from the thief class to kill enemies from distance. Try to play as carefully as possible.

The Cool Way

  • In a single level, kill one monster by jumping on it with the Knight, one with the Wizard’s abilities and one with the Thief’s grappling hook kick.

Best map to get it is Academy Hallways. In the beginning where you fight some skeletons. For thief there will be a lodge to use your abillity and all you have to do is kick an enemy until it dies, for hizard try to create a cude and throw it on it’s head. Lastly, for the knight you need to make sure that you are on a high place and when there is an enemy below you jump and land on it’s head the achievement will unlock if done correctly.

Winter Secrets

  • Find the Academic, Bony and Crystalline holiday secret gifts.

For this achievement you need to collect 3 different presents that have been scattered on 3 maps. The first map is Academy Hallways it is quite easy to find you will find it while playing the map. The second gift appears on the Dragon Graveyard map, it is not that hard to find as well. It is near the beginning of the level. The 3rd one can be find on Crystal Caverns. You will most likely find it while playing .

Spring master

  • Complete at least 5 jumps (or 3 in Enchanted Edition) in a row on different skeletons without touching the ground.

On Academy Hallways you will find a spot with 2 closed doors. To advance from there you will have to kill all enemies. Before you kill all of them simple jump on each of these skeletons until you earn it.

Undead have rights, too!

  • Complete a level other than Astral Academy without directly killing any enemies.

Tower of Sarek or Dragon Graveyard for this achievement. As the description mentions you have to beat a level without killing any enemy.

Better Than Developers!

  • Complete Tower of Sarek without any deaths on hardest difficulty (Hardcore mode not required).

This is the hardest achievement of the game. You need to beat this level without any of your characters dying. It’ all about practice and if any of the characters die you need to restart level again.

What’s next?

  • Complete the entire game on hardest difficulty (Hardcore mode not required).

Not as hard as it look like. In fact since hardcore mode is not required you won’t have troubles gaining it.

Treasure Hunter

  • Find all secret items in every level.

Almost all levels have 2 secrets that you need to find. The levels that have these secrets are Academy Hallways, Wolvercote Catacombs, Dragon Graveyard, Crystal Caverns, Crypt of the Damned and Forsaken Dungeons.

Specially Character Achievements

Still no fireball

  • Conjure 200 objects in a single level.

A simple achievement, but can also be a bit boring. Take the Charkter: Amadeus and choose any level. Simply conjure 200 planks or cubes.

What a View!

  • Build a tower with at least 12 Wizard-created objects and stand on top of the tower without collapsing it.

Another achievement with Amadeus! For this it is necessary that you should upgradeall skill points. If you have done this, just go into any level and conjure 7 planks and 5 boxes. Then stand up with amadeus and achievement is yours!


  • Kill 5 monsters (or 3 in Enchanted Edition) with a single physical object drop or throw.

For this you also need to take Amadeus. go to a level with alot of skeletons. Have of them 3, which are close to each other. Conjure a large plank over their heads and then drop them. This plank will then slay the skeletons then. Voila! There you own another Achievement!

Maps Experience

Master Collector

  • Collect all experience in the game.

Compared to the 2nd trine they are quite easy to find so you won’t have problems finding them.

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