GTA: San Andreas – How to Take a Screenshot

GTA: San Andreas - How to Take a Screenshot
GTA: San Andreas - How to Take a Screenshot

Troubleshooting Steam screenshot problems.

Method #1 – Delete Settings File

Note: Credit goes to manyHats

This method will delete all your custom Control, Audio, Display, and Language settings. Personally, this method never worked for me but has others.

  • Go to “DocumentsGTA San Andreas User Files”
  • Delete gta_sa.set file

Method #2 – Choose Correct Resolution

Make sure you only select x32 color resolutions and not x16 (ea. 1920x1080x32). Personally, this is what worked for me the best.

This might seem obvious but I personally overlooked it at first. For some reason GTA:SA comes with 2 entries for every x32 resolution so if you can’t take a screenshot with your current resolution you need to change it to the next entry of that same resolution in the available resolutions listed, either from the Display Setup > Advanced menu while in-game or from the Device Selection window before you start the game if you have that.


Remember, there are 2 entries of every x32 resolution!

  • Launch Game
  • Select Options > Display Setup > Advanced
  • Go down to Resolution
  • Change it until you see the other resolution that matches your current one.
  • Press Enter to confirm and then try to take a screenshot, if it fails repeat step 4 and make sure you’re not selecting the same exact resolution every time.

Device Selection Window

This is a little easier since you can see more than one resolution at once, but I believe this is only available if you have multi-monitors.

  1. Launch Game
  2. A window titled Device Selection should open
  3. Select the first entry of your desired x32 resolution from the list
  4. Start game and see if you can take a screenshot
  5. If you cannot then return to step 3 but select the next entry down the list that is the same x32 resolution as you last selected

Method #3 – Force 16-bit Color Mode

This method will greatly effect the image quality of your game and may cause weird artifacts at times. It is only recommended to try this if everything else fails.

Personally, this worked but taking screenshots in 16bit color mode makes them look terrible anyway.

  1. Right Click gta_sa.exe in your GTA:SA installation directory and choose Properties
  2. In Properties, Choose the Compatibility tab at the top
  3. In the Settings area of properties check the Reduced color mode box
  4. From the drop down menu under the check box choose 16-bit (65536) color
  5. Apply settings and you’re done.

Or simply select a resolution ending in x16 (ea. 1920x1080x16).

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