Vampyr – All Weapon List (with Max Level Upgrades)

Vampyr - All Weapon List (with Max Level Upgrades)
Vampyr - All Weapon List (with Max Level Upgrades)

A guide to help you compare weapons and pick your Best in Slot items by presenting all weapons at max upgrade levels.

100% List of Weapon at Max Upgrade


I’ve sorted the weapons within each category Best -> Worst with ties being decided arbitrarily.

IMO it is better to have a slow but hard hitting weapon in this game. At least that is what fit my playstyle; get in, hit a couple of times, dodge out of range of their retaliation, repeat. Thus I played with a 2H Mace for most of the game with a blood stealing 1H / Offhand for backup. It only takes 4 hits with a fully upgraded blood stealing offhand to fully restore your blood from empty.

I really only used 3 abilities most of the time; Spring, Autophagy, and Blood Cauldron (tho Abyss is just as viable) Everything else you can dump into passives imo, especially +Endurance.

This setup allowed me to easily defeat the Sewer Beast (Fergal Bansha) which a lot of people seem to have trouble with. I honestly never used the ranged weapons even after upgrading them to chemical / incendiary, but this is your game – play it how you want to.

People usually recommend upgrading the Pump Action Shotgun with Incendiary and Joe’s Semi Auto with Chemical damage (or the Pistol Parabellum if you are doing a Not Even Once run).

2H Melee

Source: (Pembroke) Requires embracing Dr Tippets, his key will unlock the chest in the Morgue’s Basement.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Booth Digby.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Rodney Grader.

Source: (Docks) in the Hideout above / across from Harriet Jones’s room in the Sewer Skal’s Sanctuary.

Source: (Whitechapel) Requires embracing Joe Peterson, his key will unlock the chest in his house which MUST be looted before sleeping.

Source: (Docks) In the hallway just before confronting William Bishop.

Source: (Pembroke) In the sewers accessed during “A Rat in the Hospital” mission in Ch2.

Source: (West End) In the sewers near Louise Teasdale.

1H Melee

Source: (West End) Obtained via the achievement “Bloody Roots”.

Source: (Pembroke) Acquired when embracing Newton Blight.

Source: (West End) Acquired when embracing Louise Teasdale.

Source: (Pembroke) Requires embracing Rakesh Chadana, his key unlocks the chest in his tent.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Seymour Fishburn.

Source: (Pembroke) Acquired when embracing Clay Cox.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Archer Woodbead.

Source: (West End) Acquired when you defeat Doris Fletcher, unmissable.

Source: (Whitechapel) Near the objective of Barret Lewis’ investigation mission.

Source: (Pembroke) On a table just before Dr. Reid’s new office.

Source: (Pembroke) In a locker in Dr. Reid’s new office, DLC required.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when you defeat William Bishop, unmissable.

Source: (Southwark) Very first weapon you acquire, unmissable.

Offhand Weapons

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Giselle Paxton.

Source: (Pembroke) Acquired when embracing Gwyneth Branagan.

Source: (Pembroke) Requires embracing Thoreu Strickland, his key opens one of the cabinets upstairs next to Dr Reid’s new office.

Source: (Whitechapel) Acquired when embracing Cristina Popa.

Source: (Pembroke) Morgue Basement, near the corpse of Samuel Connor.

Source: (West End) On a table upstairs in the Ascalon Club.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Sabrina Cavendish.

Source: (West End) Acquired when embracing Charles Jerome Albright.

Source: (Whitechapel) Acquired when you defeat Vincent Sheen, almost unmissable.

Source: (Whitechapel) On a table in the Priwen headquarters visited during Thelma Howcroft’s investigation mission.

Source: (West End) Reward for completion of Charlotte Ashbury’s investigation mission.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Ichabod Throgmorton.

Source: (Southwark) Very first offhand you acquire, unmissable.

Ranged Weapons

Foreword: Double Barrel Shotguns use 2 shells per shot giving you half as much ammo and only 1 shot per reload while doing the listed amount of damage.

Source: (West End) In one of the houses which you must visit as part of the storyline.

Source: (Docks) Found on the way to confront William Bishop.

Source: (Pembroke) Can be purchased from Milton Hooks, or acquired when embracing him.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Edwina Cox.

Source: (West End) Upstairs in the Temple Garden Shopping area north of the Reid Mansion.

Source: (Whitechapel) Acquired when embracing Harry Peterson, or upon resolution of his investigation mission after embracing Joe Peterson.

Source: (Pembroke) In a locker in Dr Reid’s new office, DLC required.

Source: (West End) Acquired when embracing Clarence Crossley.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when you defeat Jimmy Barlow, unmissable.

Source: (Docks) Acquired when embracing Tom Watts.

Source: (Whitechapel) Acquired when embracing Albert Palmer.

Source: (Southwark) Your very first gun, unmissable.

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