Djmax Respect V – How to Unlock Song Plates

Djmax Respect V - How to Unlock Song Plates
Djmax Respect V - How to Unlock Song Plates

Guide explains how you can unlock this awesome plates for your profile.

Unlocking Song Plates

Note: Credit goes to El Zerelito


If you go to collection, you would notice that are 77 plates to unlock, but if you pay atention to the achievements, you can unlock only 10 of them. so… where are the 67 others? The others are hidden. you need to clear 10 patterns from that song to get it. but… what is a pattern?

Learning the Basics

A pattern is what you play when you choose a song.

Let’s pick, for example, “Secret Dejavu” 4 button mode. This are the difficultys this song have.

Each difficulty is a pattern. So, if we need to clear 10 patterns, we need to clear them from other buttons too. the thing is clear 10 patterns of the same song.

Keep in mind that SC patterns doesn’t count to that 10, so you need to clear 10 patterns from Normal / Hard / Maximum only.

There’s some songs like Memory Of Beach that can’t be unlocked like this. and if the song doesn’t have 10 patterns, you’re out of luck.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks you can use:

  • You don’t need to clear them Full Combo / Perfect Play. you can clear them even with a C. the thing is clear the song, not making perfect score.
  • You can clear them in Air Mode too.

Song List

This are the songs that have hidden plates:

  • 2Nite.
  • Beautiful Day.
  • Binary World.
  • BlackCat.
  • BlythE.
  • Brand New Days.
  • Chain of Gravity.
  • Chrono Breakers.
  • Don’t Die.
  • End of Moonlight.
  • Every Morning.
  • Fallen Angel.
  • Far East Princess.
  • For the IKARUS.
  • glory day.
  • Good Bye.
  • HeartBeat.
  • Heavenly.
  • Hello Pinky.
  • Ladymade Star.
  • Lift You Up.
  • Light House.
  • Luv Flow.
  • Memoirs.
  • Memory of Beach.
  • Midnight Blood.
  • Miles.
  • Mulch.
  • Nightmare.
  • Only for you.
  • Out Law.
  • quixotic.
  • Remains Of Doom.
  • Running girl.
  • Ruti’n (GOTH Wild Electro Remix).
  • Secret Dejavu.
  • Seeker.
  • SIN.
  • Sunny Side.
  • Sunset Rider.
  • Syriana.
  • TaekWonBuri.
  • The Obliterator.
  • U.A.D.
  • We’re All Gonna Die.
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