Planetary Dustoff – Items and Drops

Planetary Dustoff - Items and Drops
Planetary Dustoff - Items and Drops

Item Differentiation

The biggest differentiation (in my humble opinion) of pickups in Planetary Dustoff are the following:

  1. Items – These are objects that have positive effects, and generally green (or have a green border).
  2. Anti-Items – These “bad” items have negative effects (some far worse than others), and are generally purple (or have a purple border)
  3. Re-usable Power Ups – Attack-centric items (on a timer) that can be used by hitting the “Q” key.


Since I just started playing this game, I haven’t discovered all the items yet (or I wasn’t keeping track… sorry) – so this is a work in progress. Here are some of the useful items you’ll find along the way:

  • Space Faction Flag – Generate 1 Armor Each Level
  • Pocket Mirror – Reflect Enemy Projectiles While Rolling (Dropped Off 1st Boss)
  • Slime Necklace – Every 3rd Critter Kill Generates 1 Health
  • The Plaster – Ammo Pickups Now Restore .5 Health
  • Extra Pants – Generates +3 Armor When Going Into A Boss Fight
  • Laser Bat – Shoot Faster After Picking Up Laser
  • Laser Crystal – Hitting Enemy With Laser Has A Chance Of Spawning Gas Cloud
  • Short Fuse – Gain Increased Fire Rate After Being Damaged
  • Blazing Boots – Leaving A Burning Trail Behind You, Dealing DMG To Enemies
  • The Digital Love – Spawns Turrets When Convenient
  • The Pizza Slice – Gain 1 armor every 3rd time picking up health.
  • The Coin Sack – +25 Coin
  • The Spacenomicon – Rolling has a chance to summon allies.
  • The Broken Weak Rifle – Chance to spawn bullet on attack.
  • The Plasma Grape Juice – Every 10th kill while wielding a plasma weapon creates a plasma flurry
  • The Shovel – Critter kills gives ammo
  • The Small Extra Magazine – Small reload when rolling
  • The Quick Draw Revolver – Projectile weapons fire additional shots on kill
  • The Ammo Belt Box – LMGs don’t require reloading
  • The Robot Rock – A small rock orbits and protects you.
  • The Winged Boots – Roll is faster
  • The Lightning-Fast Boots – Run faster and burst lightning while wielding a LIGHTNING weapon.
  • The Horseshoe – Firing has a chance of replenishing ammo.
  • The Heart of Gold – +2 Max Health
  • The Sushi Rolls – First shot after rolling deals double damage.
  • The Magnificent Top Hat – Counter attack when multiple enemies are nearby.
  • The Laser Shield – Lose 200 LASER instead of HEALTH.
  • The Heart Starter – Survive lethal damage once.
  • The Somersault Sombrero – Shoot faster after rolling.
  • The Space Cadet’s Guide to the Galaxy – Receive loot when landing on a planet.
  • The Broken Zapper – Chance to electrocute a nearby enemy on kill.
  • The Golden Bullet – Every 5th fired bullet deals double damage and is free.
  • The Friendly Firefly – Attacks nearby enemies.
  • The Undead Shield – Picking up AMMO and HEALTH grants shields.
  • The Raven Tracking Chip A6 – Ammo pickups drop when you kill a critter.
  • The Pistol Holster – Non-automatic pistols do not require reloading.

Anti-Items (“Bad” Items)

First of all, I should address the obvious question: “If these items are “bad” (and/or harmful), why should I even consider picking them up?”

Great question! It’s true – these items can absolutely ruin a potentially great run. However, they can also be a great benefit, because (if you defeat the boss) you can trade your anti-items for good items! After you defeat a boss, you’ll notice the NPC in the picture below:

You can trade as many Anti-Items as you have (no limit) – so if you pick up 3 during your run (god help you), you can trade them to the vendor (that appears when the boss dies) for 3 random, good items.

However… some Anti-items are FAR worse than others, and depending on what you’re trying to do, may make your run a nightmare. See below for some of them:

  • The Raven – Picking Up Weapons Does +2 DMG To You
  • Heartbreak – You Take Double DMG
  • Half Eaten Donut – Ammo Pickups Half Amount
  • Squirrels Tooth – Killing Critters Deals +1 DMG To You
  • Cursed Medallion – Ammo Pickups Deal .5 DMG
  • A Piece of Paper – You Feel Like Paying A Coin Too Little Or Too Much.
  • The Undead Pizza Slice – Lose 1 MAX HEALTH when picking up HEALTH.
  • The Parcel – Creates a deadly laser flurry when AMMO, COIN, or HEALTH are dropped.
  • The Strong Spirit – Reloading uses more ammo
  • The Banner of Heart – Enemies have +1 health

Active/Re-Usable Items

Some items you’ll find are “Active” items (i.e. you have to activate them by hitting the “Q” key). I’ve had 4 at a time (so far), and you can just hit “tab” to cycle between them.

Here are a few:

  • Holographic Projector – Call In Planetary Backup. Drops 3 player clones around your character that don’t move. Lasts maybe 3-5 seconds.
  • Throwing Knives – Throws knives (duh)
  • Knights Shield – Reflects Projectiles For A Short Time
  • The Undead Javelin – Throw a javelin (pretty strong forward attack with quick reload)
  • Plasma Grenade – Throws a single purple grenade. Decent explosion
  • Bomb – Throws 3 bundles of dynamite.
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