People Playground – How to Hold a Gun (for Humans and Androids)

People Playground - How to Hold a Gun (for Humans and Androids)
People Playground - How to Hold a Gun (for Humans and Androids)

A guide on how to use humans and androids to hold a gun.

For the Professionals

I’ll cut to the chase in this section – pause the game, place a suitable gun in the Human or Android’s hand, hover over the hand, then either right click to activate or press F on the hand.

Full Guide

Simply spawn in your human or android.

If you do not know how to do this, there is a small Heart icon at the top left of your game.

Press it and the options for Humans and Androids should be presented.

Next, spawn in your Human or Android, by selecting the one you want to spawn, and then pressing either Q or E.

  • Q will make your subject spawn facing left.
  • E will make your subject spawn facing right.

Next, make sure that the game is running, and not paused.

  • You can pause and unpause the game using the Spacebar key.
  • The game status will be immediately presented at the bottom right corner of the screen, but only temporarily.
  • When the game is unpaused, you will hear the ambient noise of the game in the background.

Once you have spawned your subject, right click on their upper torso, and select the “Freeze” option.

This will keep your subject nice and steady so that you can move their forearm into position.

Now that the subject is still, hover your mouse over to the right hand side of the screen and select the Hand Icon. This will allow you to move your character’s limbs individually.

Now, this is the tricky bit. Make sure that your game is NOT paused whilst positioning your subject’s forearm. Next, grab your character’s forearm by clicking and holding with the mouse. Make sure you do this slowly and carefully to avoid snapping your subject’s arm.

Once their arm is in a relaxed and forward facing manor as shown on the photo, pause the game by pressing SpaceBar.

Quickly let go of the arm once the game is paused, right click on the forearm, and press Freeze.

Now that the arm is in position, you can choose the weapon that you would like to equip your subject with.

Go to the top left corner of the screen and choose either the Melee section or the Firearms section.

Select the weapon that you would like to use, then spawn it on top of the forearm that you would like it to be held in. Make sure that it is facing the correct direction!

Spawn with Q for left facing weapons and E for right facing weapons.

Next, move the weapon so that the grip is hovering behind the subject’s forearm. Hover over the forearm and either press F, or right click and select Activate. This will allow the subject to hold the weapon.

Now, remember, the subject’s arm and torso are still frozen. If you wish for the subject to remain in this position, do not unfreeze the subject. If you do unfreeze the subject, the arm should fall back into its natural position.

As of yet the Humans and Androids have no desire to hold or fire weapons on their own.

Weapons can be fired with F when you hover over them.

This also works with needles, as shown.

Now, have fun out there!

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