Cave to Kingdom – Mission Tutorials

Cave to Kingdom - Mission Tutorials
Cave to Kingdom - Mission Tutorials

Take a look at the missions that you will encounter in CaveToKingdom and learn more about how to complete each one of them.

Mission 1: Place Your Stockpile

On this mission, it is very important to take into account the place where all your food and materials will be stocked. Place it into an accessible location.

Keep in mind! At this moment, Reed can only be bought from the Global Market. You can upgrade your stockpile to level 2 and have a second carrier if your account is Verified.

The reward for this mission is 213 Square Beams, 99 Round Beams, 243 Planks, 28 Reeds and 500 pieces of Basic Food.

Mission 2: Build Your Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill is where the Lumberjack stores logs, and the Sawmiller process them into finished goods.

In the Lumber Mill, logs can be made into making Square Beams, Planks and Round Beams.

Keep in mind! Place the Lumber Mill closer to the woods to decrease the Lumberjacks’ working time.

As a reward for completing this mission, you receive a Lumberjack.

Mission 3: Cut the First Tree

In this mission, the Lumberjack will begin his work and cut the first tree. Then he will transport it to the Lumber Mill where it would be processed by the Sawmiller.

The Lumberjack lives in the Lumber Mill and his job is to cut the trees from the forest to provide the Lumber Mill with logs.

Keep in mind! The trees in the forest will be consumed but they will grow back in time.

For completing this mission you will receive a Sawmiller as a reward.

Mission 4: Change the Lumber Mills’ Production Settings

For this mission, you need to select the Lumber Mill and from the Settings to choose the maximum amount of processed products you want to have in the building’s stock.

If the number is the same for all the products, the Sawmiller will first increase the Square Beams, then the Planks, and at last the Square Beams.

Keep in mind! You can prioritize the processed product by setting the others at 0.

Mission 5: Build Your First House

This mission might take longer to finish because it depends on what Raw Materials you have, as well as the distance the Carrier has to walk to bring the necessary materials for construction.

The house will bring you a new citizen once every 24 hours. It can be a woman or a man holding a 50/50 ration. This means that if there are 2 men there will be 2 women to accompany them from a total of 4 places in that house.

Keep in mind! Every level of the house needs different materials. If you don’t have the necessary ones in the stock, the Carrier would not bring the rest of the materials. He will only carry the ones needed for that level.

The reward for this mission is 1 citizen and 3000 gold.

Mission 6: Exchange Gold

This mission might be the easiest one yet. You simply need to exchange Gold for CaveCoins. The value of 1 CaveCoin can vary depending on the supply and demand of the currency.

You can exchange currencies, one for the other, in the Market menu, the Financial Market.

Keep in mind that the value of 1 CaveCoin fluctuates depending on the supply and demand of the currency.

As a reward for this exchange, you will be awarded 5 CaveCoins.

Mission 7: Build the Fishery

To keep your citizens well-fed, you need to have basic food as well as secondary food. To produce basic food, you can use the Fishery.

To start building the Fishery, you must first research how a Fishery is built and how it works. You can research this from the Research menu, Buildings, the Fishery .

Once the research is completed, you can choose to build the Fishery from the Build menu. The Fishery can only be placed near the river, in the marked locations.

After the building is finished, do not forget to assign the job of a Fisherman to one of your citizens so they can start fishing.

The fish can be used for feeding your citizens and any surplus that you have can be transported to the stockpile and sold to the Market.

Keep in mind! The Fishery can only be placed near the river, in the locations marked with green.

The rewards for this mission are 50 fishes.

Mission 8: Build Your First Farm

Similar to the building of the first house, the building time of the farm can be influenced by materials held in stock, as well as the distance traveled by the Carrier.

Once the farm is built, you will need a citizen to give the job as a Farmer using the Task Manager option.

The seed can be bought from the Global Market with CaveCoins.

The Farmer can start sowing as soon as he has one kind of seed. You can choose what kind of seed to use from the farm’s menu.

The Farm will produce Vegetables or Cereals depending on its type. The vegetables are used as non-basic food while the cereals are further processed into other types of products.

Keep in mind! The seeds can only be bought with Cave Coins. You can exchange Gold into CaveCoins using the Financial Market.

You will receive 5 loaves of bread for finishing this mission.

Mission 9: Build Your Barracks

The Barracks is the building where the King’s soldiers train. Once built, 5 soldiers can simultaneously train in it.

To train soldiers you need citizens (that don’t have another job), as well as the armors and weapons necessary for every sort of soldier. You can see the necessary armors and weapons for every soldier in Stockpile -> Army.

Keep in mind! You can have your soldiers be trained automatically by setting the desired number of soldiers and their type in the Settings section of the Barracks.

The reward for this mission consists of 4 sets of armors for light soldiers which you can use to train your first soldiers. These are 4 swords, 4 boots, and 4 shields.

Mission 10: Create Your Army

Once your soldiers have finished their training, they will be transferred on the Global Map, close to your hometown. When you gather a minimum of 5 soldiers, you can create your army.

Open the Global Map and use the “Create an Army” button. Set a name for your army and you are ready to go to battle.

Keep in mind! One of your soldiers will automatically become a general and will lead your army to battle on your orders.

The reward for this mission is 1000 gold.

Mission 11: Conquer a Territory

This mission offers you a good opportunity to use your newly created army.

To attack you need to access the Global Map and select your army. Then choose a location that you want to attack, be it your hometown or a location from a neighboring region and choose the attack type.

Once the battle takes place, if you emerge victoriously, you will be the new owner of that territory and the mission will be completed.

Once you conquer your first territory, your Military Rank will change, depending on the type of Territory you have under your rule. You can expand your influence over Towns, Provinces, Kingdoms, and Empires.

Keep in mind! The more territories you own, the higher the number of subjects you will have, and therefore your earnings in taxes will increase substantially.

The reward is 1000 Gold.

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