Cave to Kingdom – F.A.Q.

Cave to Kingdom - F.A.Q.
Cave to Kingdom - F.A.Q.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to in the other guides, check out these frequently asked question and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Gold?

The products crafted in your own Kingdom can be sold on the Market. In order to be able to sell them, the products must be first transported to the Stockpile.

You can also exchange CaveCoins for Gold and vice-versa.

How to purchase CaveCoins?

CaveCoins can be bought directly from the Invest menu on the official website, the available methods are Credit Card and Cryptocurrency.

You can also buy CaveCoins from other players (their offers will be displayed in the Buy/Sell CaveCoins thread).

CaveCoin can be sent through the option ”Send Gift” for accounts that have the Verified status.

You can also exchange gold for CaveCoins through the Financial Market.

I have finished all the missions, what to do now?

Once you finished all the missions, how to develop and manage your own kingdom depends on what you prefer to do. You can advance on the economic side, the military side or both.

Why does the price for products change on the Market?

The market price is volatile which means that it is determined by demand and supply. Therefore, for a product whose demand is higher than the supply, the price will rise, while for a product which is not as well bought and the production is high, the price will drop.

How to increase the characters’ energy?

The energy will rise by consuming food. The citizens and soldiers will eat food twice per one day of their life (the equivalent of one hour in reality), at 7 A.M. and 8 P.M. in the Kingdom (meaning minute 17 and 55 in reality). If there aren’t any non-basic food for consumption, the citizens will consume the available basic food on the stock.

Productions seem to have stopped while I was away.

If you haven’t visited your kingdom for more than 48 hours, the citizens will stop working; also the food consumption for your citizens will stop until the next login.

After 7 days of inactivity, your soldiers will also stop defending your territories and consuming food.

How can I change the name of a character?

You can change the name of a character by double-clicking on the name and writing down the desired new name.

How can I create an army?

Once you have at least 5 soldiers trained, you can use the “Create Army” button available on the World Map.

How can I attack another city?

You can attack a city by selecting your army and then clicking on the desired city. Keep in mind that you cannot attack a lower ranked territory.

Why do I pay taxes for materials I have not created in the Lumber Mill?

The sawmiller makes planks from square beams and square beams from round beams. The tax paid when a product is made from another is only for the price difference between the two, to avoid double taxation.

Why does the sawmiller produce items I have not ordered?

When you’re building something new, your builder will overwrite the Lumber Mill settings and will request from the sawmiller what he needs, even if the corresponding material is available in the stockpile.

Can I suspend the activity of my Kingdom while I am away?

After 7 days of inactivity (exclusively in the Client), your account will be considered to be in “Vacation Mode”.

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