Pavlov VR – Detailed TTT Weapon Guide

Pavlov VR - Detailed TTT Weapon Guide
Pavlov VR - Detailed TTT Weapon Guide

How do the weapons match up for TTT? How do innocent and traitor loadouts differ? How do you use different firearms effectively?

The Basics

In a perfect game, you should have at least 3 weapons; one for long-range, one for close-range, and at least one backup gun. Always having a weapon for long range is good because a large majority of people in this game are terrible at aiming, so, assuming that you yourself are good, you can drastically increase the chances of winning an exchange if it’s medium to long-range.

At close-range, it’s basically impossible to miss, so whoever starts shooting first usually wins. If you start shooting at the same time, it’s more down to what weapon you both have, or RNG.

Additionally, you can almost ALWAYS move yourself further away from someone who wants to shoot you, but you can very rarely move yourself CLOSER to that person. So if you have a choice between a rifle, shotgun, and SMG, and you can only take one – always take the rifle.

Never duel-wield, unless you can only find Uzis for some reason – the Mini Uzi’s recoil is low enough.

Traitor Strategy

Short-range matters more when you’re a traitor because with short-range firearms, usually whoever shoots first wins, and you’re usually that person when you’re a traitor.

But as a traitor, a long-range firearm is still useful if it’s more effective to engage innocents at a distance, or when you’ve already been found out and so can’t approach people. A traitor’s first kill is often an instakill with a deagle, revolver, shotgun, or knife because of this.

Innocent Strategy

Since it’s better for traitors to favour short-range attacks, you should distance yourself more from people, especially the ones with shotguns. Don’t think you’re safe just because you’re in a group of 6 people with the detective, I’ve seen it too many times where a traitor in the group just suddenly starts shooting, usually instakilling the first person he shoots because you’re all huddled together in a group. Being in a group also makes you vulnerable to grenades and C4.

Because of this, you probably shouldn’t take shotguns as an innocent, and opt for rifles for long-range and SMGs for closer targets. “Why not just only use rifles then?” Because SMGs have much higher fire-rates, but are less accurate. Most of them also do the same damage as the rifles (20) against unarmoured targets (and only the detective gets armour). You should choose a rifle over an SMG for long-range because it has better damage and accuracy at longer ranges than SMGs.

Optimal Loadout for Innocents (for Normal Rounds)


Low recoil, good fire-rate, has rifle-tier damage (20) and rifle-tier accuracy/bullet-drop, reloads quickly with a trigger-hand mag-release. Use for long-range as explained above. Also has an invisible trigger-hand bolt release that makes reloading an empty mag even faster.


Does the same base damage (25) as the AK-47 on un-armoured targets (only the detective gets armour). This is also the highest base damage per bullet in the game, minus the slow-firing weapons, like the snipers and the deagle. Good fire-rate but a little slower than most other SMGs. Has an invisible trigger-hand mag-release for fast reloads. Use for close to medium-range. The only thing bad about the UMP is bullet and damage drop at a distance (and no armour-penetration, but that doesn’t matter in TTT as stated before).


Why have a pistol when you can just carry an SMG in your pistol slots?? Has an invisible trigger-hand mag release for fast reloads. Insanely high fire-rate.

How to use them

Default to using the UMP, switch to M4 if you need to fight at a distance, you’ll usually have time to switch. If you don’t, that means that they’re probably close enough to just use the UMP. Use Mini-Uzi as a last resort.

Optimal Loadout for Traitors (for Normal Rounds)


Good for the same reasons it’s good for innocents, and as explained in the traitor strategy section in The Basics.


This is the best close-range weapon because of a good mag size, good damage and a really good fire-rate. Also, it’s a shotgun, so there’s less aiming involved. The SPAS-12, as well as any shotgun also comes partially loaded. So to fully load it, you only need to load a shell, chamber it, then load another shell and you have max mag capacity + 1 in the chamber. The UMP is a good substitution if you can’t find a SPAS as it’s good at close range and none of the other shotguns (minus the Saiga-12) are consistent enough.


Good for traitors for the same reason as innocents. Why have a pistol when you can just carry an SMG in your pistol slots?? Has an invisible trigger-hand mag release. Insanely high fire-rate.

How to use them

Use SPAS-12 for as long as you can, since again, with a shotgun it’s whoever shoots first wins – and that’s usually the traitor. Switch to M4 for long-range if it’s better to start engaging at a distance, or if you’ve already been found out. You should also always open the SPAS-12’s stock, as you can’t use the iron-sights without the stock deployed. Even though it’s a shotgun, it’s usually still way better to use iron-sights. Use Mini-Uzi as a last resort, same as being an innocent.

Other Firearms

And why not to take them over the loadouts above…



It’s just a worse M4A1 in every way besides the damage and mag size, which is the same. It has a slow fire-rate and terrible recoil, it also only has a paddle mag-release, so reloading is slower. Don’t pick this up unless you can’t find anything else, upgrade to the AUG or M4 ASAP.


This is an OK rifle to use if you can’t find an M4A1, or if you personally prefer it. It’s almost identical to it, except that the mag holds an extra 5 rounds, has a three-round burst mode, and a 4x scope. The reason I don’t use it over the M4A1 is that I find that the scope always seems to hinder rather than help; 4x zoom is too much to be useful in most situations, so you spend more time trying to find your target in your scope when the M4’s iron sights would work fine. The extra 5 rounds is also not really enough to make a difference. Even though it is an A2, it has invisible bolt-release and trigger-hand mag-release, making this a much faster firearm to reload than in real life.


If you’re planning on taking an AWP and sitting miles away across the map and sniping the entire game, don’t, it’s not fun for anyone. However if you’re not, it can be useful as a traitor, but it’s very situational, and usually isn’t worth replacing your M4A1 or your SPAS-12 for. It also has an invisible trigger hand mag-release, but strangely, you can’t use the paddle mag-release that’s very obviously on the rifle. If you’re an aiming god, you could use this at medium range to one-shot people with headshots.


ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPECIAL ROUNDS. High damage, slow fire rate, bad recoil, can one-shot headshot through helmets. It may be good on paper, but the slower fire-rate and terrible recoil make this a terrible option versus the M4A1. It also is accurate to life, so you can only use the paddle to drop a mag.


ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPECIAL ROUNDS (most of the time)z. Very situational, but much more usable than the AWP because of the semi-auto high fire-rate and higher magazine size. I still wouldn’t chose it over a regular rifle unless I had no choice as a traitor but to snipe. Or if you’re in a situation where you’re being shot at from a distance and there just happens to be a G3 on the ground that you can use.




There’s basically no reason to get a pistol if you can already find a Mini Uzi.


Does the same base damage as the UMP, but only holds 8+1 rounds – one of the lowest of the pistols. It also has fairly high recoil and high bullet-drop. Because of all of this, its DPS is actually pretty low, even though it does more damage per bullet than all the normal pistols.

Glock 18C

Basically the next best thing to the Mini Uzi because of it’s 3-round burst and good mag capacity of 21+1. If you haven’t found an Uzi yet and you see a Glock, pick it up until you do find one.


The whole thing about this pistol is that it has 100% armour pen when all the normal pistols have 10% – completely useless in TTT since only the detective gets armour.


There’s no reason to take this over a Mini Uzi or Glock 18C.


Same as above. Although this does have the highest mag capacity of all the pistols, with 24+1.

Desert Eagle

The only real use of this in TTT is for traitors to surprise one-shot people at close range, which the SPAS does better and also gives you more freedom, utility and room for error. It has a too low a mag size and fire-rate for anything else that you could just use your rifle for.


Same as above. However, it’s a good choice for the “western” special rounds due to it being semi-auto and good at long-range.



An OK substitute if you can’t find a UMP, and could be down to preference if you’re not as good at aiming. Higher fire-rate and lower damage than the ump, low recoil. You may think that the higher fire-rate makes up for having 20 damage, as opposed to the UMP’s 25 damage, but it really doesn’t. Try playing with the MP5 and UMP with bots in a deathmatch game, and compare how long it takes to kill bots on average. I’ve found that it takes AGES for the MP5 to kill in comparison to the UMP.

PP-19 Bizon-2

Has more armour pen than other SMGs (60% vs 10%) and has less bullet-drop – both of which are useless as only the detective has armour and you’d be using your rifle for longer ranges anyway. Has a very low fire-rate compared to other SMGs, and the second highest mag-size.


OK for the same reason as the MP5, except that it has lower accuracy and a higher mag-size.


(WHY IS THIS AN SMG IN PAVLOV??) There’s no official damage numbers for the FAMAS, but experimenting with it, it seems to have similar fire rate and damage to the MP5-N, while having rifle-type ballistics like the Bizon – there’s definitely less bullet drop at range, but I’m not sure if it also has the increased armour penetration (which doesn’t matter in TTT). From testing it out, it just seems like another bad Bizon, there’s no reason to take it over an MP5 or UMP. It also has terrible iron-sights.


Sawed Off

It might be good for the first two shots, but after that, you’re screwed. The SPAS-12 is overall better because of the mag size and fire-rate, even though the sawed off does 20 base damage over 10 pellets per shell, where the SPAS does 15 damage over 6 pellets. The SPAS still has higher overall DPS, and you can still one-shot people. The sawed off is not consistent enough to be useful.


Bad for the same reasons as the sawed off.


I put this in the normal weapons section because I’ve never seen a special round that spawns M99s, but I have seen maps such as minecraft_b5 have multiple per round. Even though it always insta-kills at any range and any body part hit, it’s pretty much only useful to a traitor, since if you’re sniping, you’re probably a traitor. It’s also best to shoot first with the M99 because it’s single shot only, if someone at mid or close-range suddenly starts shooting you, you’ll probably miss and now you have an empty gun. And again, if you’re shooting first, you’re probably the traitor.


ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPECIAL ROUNDS. Pretty good. The reload speed isn’t actually that bad if you’re experienced. If these appear in a special round, the strat is basically to hold one, and have another on your back. If you run out of bullets and need to reload, it’s better to just drop it and grab the one on your back. Don’t bother duel wielding, the recoil is uncontrollable.


ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPECIAL ROUNDS. Has the same base damage and pellet count as the SPAS-12, but with a much higher-fire rate. It’s also mag-fed so reloads are much faster. Because of this, it’s more viable at medium-range because you can put way more pellets down range. However, a rifle would still do way more at these ranges, and you should only opt for the Saiga if you’re a traitor or if you have no better options.


Grenades may sound like a good idea and really helpful, but never seem to actually ever be useful.
Smoke grenades are completely useless since nobody just stands around in the smoke.

Flashbangs are almost useless because they don’t work properly: your proximity to the grenade when it explodes is actually what determines how much you get flashed, not if you look at it or not. Which means if you throw a flash to a distance where you wouldn’t get flashed, you’d basically have to snipe the flashed players, which isn’t reliable at all since they’ll all be moving around in random directions because they’ve just been flashed. The only real use is for if a traitor secretly throws a flashbang into a group of innocents, who then sometimes get spooked and start randomly shooting and killing each other.

Explosive grenades are the most useful, even though they are very situational. Something to also note is that they may do more damage to detectives than you expect, since explosive grenades have 90% armour penetration.


The optimal loadout is at least three weapons – one for close-range, one long-range, and at least one backup. Grenades and pistols are mostly useless.

Optimal Innocent Loadout

  • M4A1 (if you can’t find one, use an AUG A2)
  • UMP45 (if you can’t find one, use an MP5-N or a P90)
  • Mini Uzi (if you can’t find at least one, use a Glock 18C)

Always keep your distance from everyone as an innocent. Use the UMP by default and switch to your M4 for long-range. The UMP45 does a surprising amount of DPS for its slow fire-rate, don’t underestimate it. Only use your Uzi as a last-resort.

Optimal Traitor Loadout

  • M4A1 (if you can’t find one, use an AUG A2)
  • SPAS-12 (if you can’t find one, use a UMP45)
  • Mini Uzi (if you can’t find at least one, use a Glock 18C)

It’s usually best to initially engage targets at close range with your SPAS-12 and switch to your M4 if engaging at range is better, or if they already know you’re a traitor. There’s nothing the sawed off shotgun can do that the SPAS-12 can do more consistently. Only use your Uzi as a last-resort.

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