WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a difference between golden stars and the strength of a player?

Answer: The stars represent the level of a player and are more or less the basic value. Normally, this ranges from 1-15, but there are a few more factors, such as the player’s form and whether the player is used in the right position.

And then the real value is determined from that.

How important is a good tactical formation of my team?

Answer: It is very important. Everything is very closely interwoven and there are different tactical settings. There is one screen on which you generally determine the tactical settings for a season, which are actually always the same, and then there is another screen on which you determine the tactics for the next opponent. Then, of course, it also makes a difference which game system I play with.

Does the quality of the talent vary with the scout?

Answer: If you have a good head scout, there are more suggestions and he finds more players. Of course, there is also a higher chance of finding better players with a good scout than, for example, a level 1 scout.

Can I scout everywhere?

Answer: Not in youth leagues, but otherwise in all countries and leagues. You can set where they go, you can also set that you deal with a country yourself and then gain experience.

With every conversation, with every transfer and with every match, you gain personal experience for the individual countries, from which you profit later. Sometimes colleagues also ask, and then there are opportunities to share the work.

What is special about the training in WAF?

Answer: There are a lot of different training sessions, where you can decide week by week what you would like to train. You can create training weeks accordingly, the system is very flexible, so everything can be created automatically with one click, but you also have the possibility to plan each unit yourself with a great degree of detail.

Are there different budgets for transfers and club structure?

Answer: Yes, there are two different budgets: One is the general budget for the infrastructure, the stadium, marketing and more and the second budget then revolves around all the purchases and sales of players.

  • At the beginning of the season, you can propose both budgets to the club’s board.
  • When building the infrastructure, each building has an effect, apart from decorative elements.
  • For example, a team with few training grounds has more injuries than a team with large training grounds or well-built infrastructure.
  • Soccer tennis courts improve the technique of the players. Furthermore, there are also medical buildings that help players get fit again quickly.
  • In the youth area, the players can be brought to boarding school, which is ultimately an advantage for the training of the players.
  • Office buildings are mainly important to give the employees space to work.

In addition, there are very special buildings such as halls, so that the players can train even in bad weather, or the club restaurant, for which you can hire a cook.

Can you pump private budget into the club?

Answer: No, you cannot at the time of release. But you can give the president of the club a mansion to strengthen your popularity in bad times and stay in office for 2-3 games longer.

Are the first and second teams connected?

Anwer: At WAF, you always start as the coach of the first team and then the second team has its own coach.

You have some influence on the second team, but you can’t tell the coach how to set up the team. Nevertheless, small guidelines can be given.

You can move players up from the second team to the first team and vice versa.

Are 2D or 3D simulations planned?

Answer: Yes, for the future. We want to make sure that you can quickly switch between stadiums and see beautiful scenes from the games, and that the end result is a matchday dynamic.

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