WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 – Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for New Players

Player Development

Pay attention to the development of your players during preparation. Players have good and bad years. If you see a player making good progress, seize the opportunity to boost them in training. Younger players benefit more from improvement early on, making them better candidates for substitutions. This speeds up their development further.

It’s crucial to extend contracts as soon as you notice accelerated development, as promotions make contracts significantly more expensive.

Players older than 30 find it tough to develop further. Expect a decline in level every 1-3 years, so opt for short-term extensions to avoid overpaying in salary.

Support and encourage younger players, as it pays off in the long run.

Training Grounds

Ensure your teams always have enough training grounds. Insufficient grounds lead to decreased condition and higher injury risks. Aim for at least three pitches at all times, as warned by HQ.

Difficult Players

Players with special character traits are flagged as “difficult.” Observe their behavior closely and consider selling those causing trouble. Keep track of negative incidents, as difficult players harm team spirit.


Expand the museum after winning 20 or 60 trophies to display surplus trophies instead of storing them in the cellar.


  • Alt + Enter: Switch between full screen and windowed mode
  • ESC: Close the current screen
  • F1 in menus: Access comprehensive help with many articles
  • 1-9 in match: Change view
  • F1 in Match: Cancel current game scene/display

Audio Test

Access the audio test in the options. Enjoy funny sound recordings (voiced by Dag Winderlich, known from Anstoss) without consuming action points.

Cooperation with Colleagues

Accept offers from fellow managers to share scouting information. This boosts popularity and improves scouting networks.

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