Tiny Chaos – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock Archer?

Clear Stage 1 on Hard difficulty

What is Skill Amp?

Skill Amp is a status that used for multiplier for some upgrades or abilities

What if i picked up reload speed for melee characters?

Reload speed will reduce innate ability cooldown for melee characters

When the game will be released?

Hopefully in March 2024

What is the max level for weapon evo?

Lvl 10, and Lvl 5 will grant your character a new abilities

Will there be endless mode?

We still considering it, but it will be more likely implemented if the main update plan is going smoothly

What is the future plan for this game?

We will regularly update this game with more stage, each stage will have 5 difficulty level, unique sets of enemies, new character, and new special upgrades. We also will implement more QoL update that has been stashed, more feature like a Special Shop to buy more Special Upgrades and new extra Characters that not in the main storyline

Will this game available for other platform mobile/switch/console/etc?

It will depends on the demands on this game, we will port it if we are on good condition

Can i help with something?

For the development we will need your feedback, we will continue to improve this game based on your feedback. Also spreading the word about this game is a great help too! especially after we release the demo on Steam. Recommending it to your fav influencer or streamer to play is even greater help.

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